Two Fillies Win Honorable Mention!

2008lwrhonmentionVoting is over for the Best Western Romance of 2008 that was sponsored by the Love Western Romances website and the results are:

StaceyKayne for Maverick Wild — Honorable Mention

Linda Broday for the Give Me a Texan anthology — Honorable Mention

Yay, for these two Fillies!! We’re pleased as all get-out for them. 🙂

And the #1 Best 2008 Western Romance prize goes to one of our guest bloggers here on P&P — Kathryn Albright for “The Rebel and the Lady!”

Big congratulations for all these ladies! And many, many thanks to all our visitors who went over to Love Western Romances and cast your vote. We hollered and you came running to help us out. We owe you.

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7 thoughts on “Two Fillies Win Honorable Mention!”

  1. I’ve read both books so I agree that they should
    be on the winning list. Congratulations, Stacy
    and Linda!

    Pat Cochran

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