Birthdays and the New Year

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE . . . New Year’s Day is always my fondest holiday. Perhaps because it’s also my birthday. Yes, I admit to being a New Years baby.
My entry into the world, however, was not auspicious. I just missed being an income deduction and compounded that failure by being the second baby born in Sioux City, Iowa. The first won any number of fine gifts and products.
But that being as it may, I’ve always loved celebrating the New Year and my birthday together. Most people have to do it separately. Me, I really get to celebrate.   I think New Year’s Day was created just for me.
Last year, I celebrated by completing one of the many adventures on my bucket list, things I want to do while I’m able to do them. I went to Pasadena for the Rose Parade. It was a terrific adventure and I recommend it to all.   Television just doesn’t do it justice.
But this year  a more sedate New Year’s Eve was in order.    I’m late on a book and  worked most of the night. I stopped stop long enough to  watch the ball fall in New York and drink a glass of champagne.   Or two.  (Should be a very interesting scene).
Sound dull? Not at all. I’m writing what I really want to write: a western. It’s taking me on new adventures and I’m relishing every moment of the ride.
It’s a great way to finish one year and start a new one.

Wishing you all terrific adventures this year, both in reading and in your own life.    Thanks for being a part of the Petticoat and Pistols community.   We value each one of you.


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6 thoughts on “Birthdays and the New Year”

  1. Happy birthday and Happy New Year Pat! Looking forward to reading your next.
    My husband and I had a quiet New Years, We watched some tv and played on the computers. At about 12:03 we noticed that the new year had sneaked up on us. A quick new year’s kiss and we went back to what we were doing.

  2. Patricia,

    Happy belated birthday!

    I think you have a very cool birthday. Our only child is a New Years baby. Like you, she loves her special holiday birthday and the fact that much of the world celebrates with her. It’s hard for me to believe but eighteen years have passed since my husband and I welcomed our gal into the world and forever turned New Years Day into a doubly delightful celebration.

    All the best to you in your new year and happy writing.

  3. Just bopped back in to say I kept my word and read “Relentless.” It was great – I love a good redemption story!

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