It’s New Year’s Eve!



I’ve never been big on going out for New Year’s Eve.  I’d much rather stay home with family and friends. This year we’re hosting a dinner party and playing euchre. We’re big card-players on both sides of the family, and love to include the kids and cousins and grandparents.  

You know what’s so great about playing cards?

You can have a decent conversation while you’re doing it! Sometimes the art of conversation is lost around me–getting through dinner, carpooling kids to school, helping with homework, and running a thousand other errands. When I play cards, I spend hours talking and listening and enjoying everyone’s company.

Of course, this means I’ll be getting out my candles for tonight’s event. Yes, I’m one of those candle people. Firelight calms my spirit, brings the conversation lower (important with noisy kids in the background) and just conveys an intimate mood. I can’t handle the scented ones, though, they give me a headache!

Below is my favorite corner of the kitchen that we always decorate for the holidays in some different way.  Stained glass cabinets that I designed, and when they light up they remind me of a fireplace. It’s sort of a joke around here that it reminds us so much of a fireplace, we hang Christmas stockings off the knobs!

So what are your plans for the evening?


 Be safe tonight and enjoy your plans, whatever they may be!



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6 thoughts on “It’s New Year’s Eve!”

  1. I love those cabinets! Staying home and spending a quiet evening with my hubby. Just don’t care ffor the noise of large crowds anymore!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Kate and everyone at P&P Happy New Years!
    Oh I just fell asleep right after midnight. I had a quiet evening at home with my hubby and son. I chatted with reader friends online and joined in the new year that way. It was a blast.

    Wow, the cabinet doors are so beautiful!! I’d so love to learn to do that! I did paint alot in HS and after some (watercolor, acrylics..mostly of still life and outside scenery). Your decorations so blend beautifully in. I sadly didn’t put a tree up this year and all (long story) but I was so happy to be with my children and hubby here! Have a fun and safe day!

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