Our Jolly Snowman Family …



Our neighbors say it isn’t Christmas until our Snowmen go up!  My father-in-law made this family of snowmen years ago, when my hubby was a boy.  My mother-in-law painted them and we inhertited them when they moved.  The only problem is that the snowman family had another family member, a girl. Which would have depicted our family perfectly, one boy, one girl and their parents, but in the move, that little girl was somehow left behind. How sad. My husband had gone in search of girl but we couldn’t find her!

At night, the snowman famiy are lit and can be seen as soon as you turn the corner on our street.  They always put a smile on my face and have become somewhat of a tradition in our neighborhood!


Here’s our Apple-Cheeked Santa given to me years ago. He is always our centerpiece on the dining room table.  He’s holding his list of good little boys and girls.  And below are some ornaments from my collection. Every time we go someplace special we get a Christmas ornament.  My daughter gave me the Sienna Villa from Italy (from her honeymoon) and the one from Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. The trolley is from San Francisco and the cactus from Phoenix, Arizona.  They have come to mean so much to us, reminding us of fun trips we’ve taken.



 And Last but not least, here’s a ornament my hubby surprised me with a few years ago with my mother and father’s wedding picture. They are always with us.  


                                         Happy New Year Everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Our Jolly Snowman Family …”

  1. I enjoyed your pics, I really enjoyed that Santa he is so cute. I have been reading your chapters all week just haven’t been commenting. It has been a great read. Thanks ladies for taking the time to share with us. I know its been a very busy week.

  2. I especially like your ornaments – I’ve been collecting them for 40 years – the one of your parents is priceless!

  3. Where you collect Christmas Ornaments when you go places or have people get them for you. I collect thimbles from different places. I haven’t been collecting long so I only have a few. My brother in law brought me one from Italia and one from Holland. I charish both of these.

  4. The picture of your family is beautiful. And your hubby gets an A + for getting that ornament of your parents that is priceless.Where did he get that made? Love the snowmen family.

  5. Happy Holidays everyone!

    To answer some questions,
    We prefer to get the ornaments to places we’ve been, but I won’t refuse an ornament from a family member who has been to an amazing location and has thought of us in their travels. We’ve just started our collection, so we’ll be adding more and more to our tree in the coming years.

    My hubby made the ornament himself. He had the picture of my parents sized down and found the perfect ornament to place it in. It was really special to open the box and see it as though custom made, which of course, it was…by him!

    Thanks for all the comments on the pictures. I’m blessed to have a lovely family!

  6. Charlene how interesting about the ornament very good job on that it is very beautiful I blow up the picture to get a better look, and I can see you in the red ornament next to that one you are taking the picture. So now you are on an ornament. LOL

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