Cozying Up to a Fire

Nothing quite means Christmas like a warm fire in the fireplace and family gathered round. And for children, a fireplace symbolizes St. Nick since that’s his mode for sneaking into people’s houses.

For me though, a lit fireplace means safety and security. The warmth floods my soul and wraps around my heart. There’s nothing more relaxing or pleasurable than sitting in front of a fire with my feet propped up, a book in my hands, and the nice fragrance of hot coffee wafting in the air.

Ahhhhh, pure heaven!


This is a photo of the fireplace in my home and I’m happy to share this glimpse of me. Now imagine I’m sitting in front of it in my pajamas, sipping on a cup of hot mulled cider or hot chocolate, listening to Elvis singing Blue Christmas in the background. This is one of the ways I celebrate the holidays.

When I was growing up in a very small town in New Mexico, I didn’t know the enjoyment of a fireplace. We were poor as church mice and were lucky to have a roof over us. In fact, I lived in a tent for the first part of my life without running water or heat. Those were bad times but they taught me to be grateful for the things I had and not to waste time dreaming of foolish things. My most treasured possession was love for my family. My parents, my brother, and my sisters knew that wealth didn’t pertain solely to money. Our love sustained us during those trying times, through the deaths of my parents, and now when we’re so lucky to have each other.

And so, I give you my fireplace, all decorated and with a fire lit to dispel the cold that nips at my toes like a frisky puppy while I wait for jolly St. Nick to arrive in a few hours. I hope he visits your home too and leaves lots of goodies under the tree.

I wish each of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! 

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4 thoughts on “Cozying Up to a Fire”

  1. I don’t have a fireplace but sure would love one. I am just thankful to have emergency propane this winter. I had forgotten what it was like to be warm. This house gets so cold when it is windy and there has been no way to keep it warm as I had not been able to afford propane. Still wouldn’t have it had I not qualified for assistance. I loved your fireplace and your home looks so homey.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. We couldn’t budge our youngest from in front of the fire today! We finally forced her out with us to tour the Cristmas lights in the city. LOL

    Christmas blessings to you, Linda!

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