It started with a tree . . .



Of all my Christmas decorations, I treasure my All Through the House (Dept. 56) collection the most.   Each piece is colorful, wonderfully detailed and represents a house and family as they would’ve lived in the Victorian era during the holiday season.

It all started about ten years ago when a member of my critique group gave me the Christmas tree as a gift.  It was her intention to add pieces for me as time when on, but I didn’t want to wait that long–and besides, she moved!  During the next several years, I fashioned the set to represent my own family.   Four little girls, mama and papa, a kitchen wing and parlor, complete with an overstuffed chair.

Ironically, two of the girl figures have the same name as two of my daughters.  The family is centered around that Christmas tree and decorating it in anticipation of Christmas morning.

My sofa table reigns supreme with that Christmas scene.  It’s the first thing anyone sees as they walk into our living room.  Here, I caught my little granddaughter standing quietly, studying each piece in fascination.  It truly warmed my heart.

Ah, Christmas through the eyes of a child!


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8 thoughts on “It started with a tree . . .”

  1. Your granddaughter is such a doll. It’s plain to see that she’s the apple of your eye and for good reason.

    Yes, I love seeing the joy and excitement of Christmas through a child’s eyes. They notice a lot of things adults miss. They’re truly special.

  2. I have a village that started when my daughter who is 22 was young. After Christmas one year, she bought two village pieces on sale. They became Mother’s Day, Birthday gifts, etc. and from there grew a family tradition. Every year a piece or two and figures were added to the village as pieces were found on sale. These are plaster pieces that were painted by both my daughters and my husband helped on figures. I treasure this village because not one piece is in it that wasn’t a gift from my girls. Now they are grown and away from home but that gift keeps on blessing me.

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