Christmas with the Fillies…and a special Western tale…


We’re very excited here at Wildflower Junction.  Company’s coming!  YOU!

We’ve decorated our saddles,  polished up the silver and have the fireplace roasting.  You’re invited to join us for the next fun-filled two weeks for holidays jam-packed with  surprises, and incredible storytelling by our very own Miss Patricia Potter. 

Her story is called SHOWDOWN. Set in Texas, it’s an exciting tale about a man in a gunfight who’s about to draw his weapon, debating about all the things he’s done in his life to get to this desperate point, and what he’s going to do about the woman he loves. The whole story takes place in six heart-stopping minutes. That’s right, only six, and you’ll be amazed how Pat weaves the story seamlessly together and keeps us guessing minute by minute what Jared Walker will do next.  

Here’s how Pat describes her inspiration: “SHOWDOWN first appeared in a short story collection, IN OUR DREAMS, published by Kensington.  Other participants included Linda Lael Miller, Mary Jo Putney, Susan Wiggs, Barbara Cummings, Ruth Glick and Mary Kirk.  The theme  was Heartthrobs, Hunks and Heroes.  We each took a favorite hero from movies and television.  Mine was inspired by Paden (played by Kevin Kline) in Silverado.  He epitomized the reluctant hero, my favorite western theme.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  We’re honored that Pat is sharing her story with us!

Starting early tomorrow, we’ll be posting a new chapter each morning, Monday to Friday, so please stop by for another riveting installment. And don’t forget our guest author next weekend.

We’d also like to invite you into our homes and show you what special things we’re doing for Christmas and the New Year, sharing our photos, recipes and traditions. Each afternoon, a new Filly will share something special to her.  So pour yourselves an eggnog, give the kids something to distract ’em, put your feet up and stay a while.

During these next two weeks, the Fillies are taking a holiday break away from our computers.  But just like you, as we’re visiting family and spending time with friends, we’ll be stopping by to read Pat’s story, each other’s blogs, and all the wonderful messages you leave for us. So please do continue to post your thoughts and messages, for we  appreciate each one.

Enjoy the holiday season, don’t let your feet get too sore from running around, and drop by anytime to relax at Petticoats and Pistols!


The Fillies are sending each of you our very best wishes for a loving holiday season.

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  1. This sounds lovely! I do enjoy my moments of peace to check in on favorite blogs–and enjoy short stories during this time of rushing very much! 🙂

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