Some Snowman Humor

One week to Christmas!  So, is everyone ready?

Today marks the end of semester finals for my boys and school bus duties for me–wooohooo!!!  I love it when my boys are out of school for Christmas break. We have some serious hustling and bustling to do over the next week–sad to say, but we still need a tree!  We had hoped to be moving back home into our remodeled house this weekend, but a big snaffu with kitchen cabinets has dashed those hopes, so it’s time to deck the halls we’ve got while painting the ones where we’re not 😉   We plan to find time to head up the mountain while my boys are out of school for a day in the snow, and of course, build snowmen.  We don’t live in the snow but we can see it–the mountains are beautiful!!  Anyone have any winter activities planned?  Or plans on staying inside where it’s cozy and warm?  Am I the only one still Christmas shopping? 

For those still in need of a stocking stuffer–I’ll be giving away a copy  of THE GUNSLINGER’S UNTAMED BRIDE and a beaded dragonfly clip to one lucky poster today!

Hope you enjoy these snowman funnies…the first one is so fitting for my guys…





The Gunslinger’s Untamed Bride (Harlequin Historical Series)

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50 thoughts on “Some Snowman Humor”

  1. LOL! I love the Calvin and Hobbes one! Doesn’t that bring back memories! LOL

    Sorry you weren’t able to get into your house before the holidays. Any sign of getting in there before New Year’s? That would be a great way to start 2009! :o)

    Our winter plans is the get together this weekend with hubby’s mom’s side of the family of course, if I’m still not feeling well, I’ll be tucked away here at home instead attempting to get better before Christmas.

    After that, Monday night we plan to take the kids riding around to see Christmas lights and then grab pizza on the way home. Christmas Eve it’s breakfast and presents with hubby’s dad’s side and then Christmas Day with my family here at home along with hubby’s mom and her husband.

    As for the rest of the holiday? Not sure. Hoping my best friend and her hubby are able to make the trip down here on New Year’s Day for a visit.

    All my cards are mailed (fingers crossed I don’t get an unexpected one and need to send one out in return.) Done shopping, though we still have one present for a nephew to wrap. It’s money, but my husband thinks it will be hilarious to disguise it in a DVD case with a fake cover, so I’m waiting on him to do that. We have that to wrap and then the other presents in my closet that need to be wrapped Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed.

    I’m sick with a head cold or something, so I’m tickled we have almost everything done. Now the only thing left for me is the cooking. I host Christmas here- so I have a lot of cooking to do, not to mention I’m making a honey bun cake and a turtle pumpkin pie. Maybe my pineapple surprise dessert too. Not sure yet. Will depend on how I feel.

    Hope you have a wonderful time hunting for you tree and decorating!

  2. Hi Stacey! Loved the snowmen! That started my day off on just the right note. All my cards have been mailed and the last of my packages will go out in the mail today. I waited until today so I could include goodies from the cookie swap I attended last night. I sure didn’t want all those cookies hanging around here calling *my* name! LOL

    Sending you, and everyone here, wishes for a healthy, happy, beautiful holiday!


  3. Hi Stacey!!
    1st-let me say that I got my tree ornament and my beaded dragonfly clip-thank you so much! I hung the ornament on my tree as soon as I got it!!!

    As for staying out of the cold-I would do that,if it were cold here!! LOL Our high today is suppose to be 72 degrees!!! Its not usually like this in SC…hopefully it will be cold for Christmas!

    Going up the mountain sounds really fun!

    I already have both of the prizes you are giving away today-so dont enter me!

    I hope you have a very wonderful Christmas!

  4. Hi Stacey! You are not alone in the frenzy this week. We live in Phoenix and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas here without the cold and snow that I’m used to. (We moved here from Denver 2 years ago) I was shocked when I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized Christmas is already next week! I haven’t finished my shopping…I haven’t wrapped everything… I still don’t feel like I’ve recovered from Thanksgiving – I’m definitely not ready for Christmas. We do have our little 3 ft tree set up though. It’s pretty cute… We had to set it up on top of the table so our 2-year-old couldn’t take the ornaments off and run around with them. I think if there were presents under the tree they would be open and scattered all over the house right now. =)

    Those snowman funnies were hilarious. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. I love the snowmen funnies!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing them. I sense a theme we could use everyday.
    Santa funnies.
    Christmas Trees
    Hibernating bears
    Cold people
    Pine cone jokes

    I’ll bet we could fill a blog a day all winter.

    I love Calvin and Hobbes. When that comic stripped stopped I was heartbroken. We had all his books, too.

  6. Hugs on the cold, Taryn! Hope you’re feeling all better soon 🙂 As for moving home…It was a disapponted evening last night when we finally got to the house and unwrapped some of the cabinets which were to be installed today. Wrong finish, wrong construction…they have to be redone. No kitchen for at least another month 🙁 So…we well be staying put 😉

    Cheers on getting those cards mailed!! Your plan sound fantastic and fun 😀 Thanks for sharing, Taryn!!

  7. Stacey,
    My boys went out and just got me a tree day before yesterday… cards got finished yesterday… but today I’m working on our remodeled kitchen up at the other place and nothing Christmassy will get done here today! Love the snowman cartoons…

  8. Hi Stephanie! Glad you liked the funnies 🙂 I remember those precaroius toddler tree days 😀 FUN and exhausting memories *lol*. I sooo agree about the “still recovering from Thanksgiving” thing. Glad I’m not alone 😉

    Sending COOL and cozy Christmas wishes to AZ 🙂

  9. Hi Carol! Cheers on the getting the cards mailed. I’m a card-slacker this year. I’m gonna have to do extra special cards next year 😉

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a speedy remodel!!

  10. Thanks so much for the giggles today, Stacey! Today’s the last day of school so there’s all kinds of party madness and that sort of thing to do. Aaack! 😉 I’ve got some more cards to address and haven’t started the wrapping yet… I’ve got time, right? ;p

    (Don’t enter me–thanks so much!)

  11. Loved the snowmen!
    I have two gifts to buy yet but they are easy to pick up. we are going to our son’s for Christmas so I haven’t even set up an indoor tree. Have one that is easy to set up if we cannot go. The weather has been nasty here in Nebraska.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  12. Hi Stacey,
    I loved it when my kids were off school. We stayed in and slept more and just vegged. Good times.

    Hugs on the kitchen snafu. I could tell you kitchen cabinet horror stories, when we remodeled but I won’t since it’s Christmas and we need to be jolly. 🙂

    Loved the snowmen funnies!

  13. Sorry to say that I’m still not through shopping!
    There are still a few items to pick up over the

    Loved the snowmen! Good luck on finishing the home
    remodelling! I know you are so looking forward to
    getting back into your home!

    Pat Cochran

  14. Oh I love these funnies! My favorite is the fake boobs one. It’s hilarious! Thanks for the laughs. Hope you find the perfect tree up the mountain. Just enjoy the outing.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Oh too funny, Stacey. The making the baby one cracked me up big-time. I am not ready for Christmas…grandbaby is spending today with us and we’re already semi-frantic about our daughter’s upcoming nuptials so I have to catch up somehow. Whew. But we’ve had cold weather and the local mountains are covered in snow. Our version of White Christmas. I live on the coast so seeing the Pacific with a backdrop of snowy mountains is lovely.

    Hugs and merry Christmas to you and your fam!

  16. I so miss Calvin and Hobbs! Those were funny! I still have shopping to do and everything needs wrapped. I did have my tree trimming party so the tree is up – collecting ornaments has been something I’ve done for 40 years and my two girls do it too. My daughter got married this year so when the tree comes down she gets to take hers with her. I may have to go for a smaller tree next year lol.

  17. Hi Charlene! I’m looking forward to that SLEEPING and VEGGING *ggg* Ack!! on the kitchen cabinet horror!! Remodeling is such a funny thing…you start to think everyone is on track…and then no one shows up for two days or they come with the wrong equipment–or no equipment, and they’re off again *LOL* And I thought writing was a crazy business 😉

  18. Scenery sounds GORGEOUS, Tanya! Enjoy that grandbaby 😀 Those little ones grow way too fast! I’m sure those numptials will be fantastic 😀

    Merry Christmas Wishes!!

  19. Hi, Stacey! Thanks for the laughs! Loved the cartoons! I’m done shopping but I still need to wrap everything. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!

  20. Hi Stacey!

    I love the snowman humor! I’m done decorating and shopping, but I have only wrapped a few gifts. I literally have a gift mountain in my closet lol. Tomorrow, I’m going in! Wish me luck. 😉

    Merry Christmas!

  21. Hi Stacey,
    Love you snowman cartoons. The snow on our California desert mountains make the Christmas week the best, this year. The white cleanses all the dust away and makes the air chilly with the hope of better things to come in the New Year.
    Best wishes for a Happy Yule.

  22. I loved these Stacey! Gosh how you find these! LOL. I’m not good at all finding the things I want to find online when I’m researching around! I’ll be sending my hubby here to read these. He loves comics!

    Thanks for the laughter Stacey!!! It does wonders!

  23. Stacy! I love your sense of humor these are funny. I sure needed a good laugh and these did it love it. The horror one I really enjoy more too funny what people can do with snow *g*

    No you are not the only one still Christmas shopping yikes and it’s just around the corner.


  24. Mary, I missed your post on Friday. Musta got caught up in the Spam filter—funny how that spam filter is partial to Filly posts *lol*

    Having a comic post day would be fun 😉

  25. Hi Zara!! So, how’d it go? Hope you had a good day tackling your gift mountain 🙂 I dropped my boy off at a friend’s Christmas party–the other worked with dad, and I did my FIRST round of Christmas shopping. It went really well–one more outting tomorrow and I should be done 🙂 Our family decided to have a Charlie Brown Christmas this year and we’re headed out to night to find the saddest, skinniest tree and give it a cheerful home 😀

    Now if I can just remember which box I packed the stockings in….

  26. Hi MaryJ! So glad you enjoyed the toons 🙂 Oooh, snowy desert mountians–sounds beautiful. You are so right about the cold moisture clearing the dust–we can’t aways see the highest mountains due to polution, but right now the view is crystal clear–just stunning 🙂

  27. Hi Caffey! I confess…I stared at the screen for hours and hours trying to think of an interesting and iformative post…to ease the grinding wheels in my brain I started googling Chritmasy pictures and came across the funny with the snomman and women with the rabbit–I laughed and googled Snowman Funnies–and that was that 😉 Glad you enjoyed the snowman humor!!

  28. Hi LindaH! Hey, thanks for the Chritmas banners you sent me–Wowsa 😀

    Happy to hear the snowmen could spread some cheer! I can hardly believe Christmas Eve is THREE DAYS away–aaaack!!! The family fun will be worth the mad-dash, last-minute craziness 😉 Things always fall haphazardly into place *lol*

    Last night I was trying to find fancy shirts for my boys to wear to church on Christmas Eve…they are so different in style and neither likes to dress up (of course) but I found this black shirt with sliver studs going down the front at Hot Topic for my oldest–his eyes lit up when he saw it–that rarely happens with clothes, unless there’s skulls on it–no skulls for Christmas, thank you ;o) I picked up a grey and black striped shirt for my younger son with a faded black vest and bingo—they were both happy. I’m going to drag them to a portrait center now that they have semi-fancy *g* clothes they actually like *GGG*

  29. I love your site! Just happened on it today! Merry Christmas and may your New Year be full of smiles, laughter, happiness.

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