Spend Saturday With Joanne Sundell

Hello Darlings,

Do we have a treat for you this Saturday with Miss Joanne Sundell.

She’s a dear lady with a heart of gold. Miss Joanne is going to be giving away two hardcover copies of her newest book, The Parlor House Daughter. Yep, you heard right!

Get your horse saddled and ride on over here. You can’t get your name in the pot if you don’t come.

While you’re here you can learn about prostitution in the Old West. It’s the kind of life we don’t want for ourselves but we like hearing about. Yessireee. Miss Joanne has done a powerful lot of research on the subject for her book and will share the ins and outs.

So shake the wrinkles out your bustle and get movin’! There’s lots of reasons to. 

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2 thoughts on “Spend Saturday With Joanne Sundell”

  1. Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for a great trip “up and down the line.” What a difficult life this was for so many of its practitioners! The relatively few who found marriage or another means out of the life, were the lucky ones. Madams were another lot to find a way somewhat out of the life, some being able to chose their way and others finding it the only choice left them.
    Good luck with your engaging book! Arletta

  2. Ms. Joanne,
    You certainly did your research on the fascinating history of parlor house daughters, my dear. In “Leadville Lady,” I discovered info on its Stillborn Alley, a hapless area in the 1880s, and included it in the book. Can’t wait to read of your strong heroine and her overcoming.
    Best of luck with your new release!!
    Leslee Breene
    and the CRW of Denver/Brighton, CO

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