Kate’s Winners!


Congratulations to   


and Wanda Sue!

You’ve each won a copy of KLONDIKE WEDDING!


Please contact me on my website www.katebridges.com with your name and address, and I’ll mail them off to you this week!

Thanks to everyone for dropping by today and telling me about your personal stories. It was fascinating to find out how you met your guys.

Ho Ho Ho!


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3 thoughts on “Kate’s Winners!”

  1. Hi Karen Kay, from another Karen Kay!

    I knew you were out there….I’m so glad to finally find you. I love that you are a caring and philanthropic person. Must be something in the name, perhaps my tiny bit of Choctaw & Cherokee blood, but I truly see a kindred spirit here. I will look up your books… admit I have not yet read. I must! May your Christmas wish come true!

    Karen Kay
    Jackson, MS

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