Extraordinary Men


Why is it that romance novels outsell any other genre in the bookstore? For that matter, why do women love chick flicks?

It’s all about the men.  klondike-fever-web-image

We’re fascinated by them. We like to think we understand them, but in truth, we have no clue what most of them will do next.

We love to discover how other women met the love of their lives. Whether it’s fact or fiction, we’re hooked by a good story. The more inappropriate the two seem at first, the more we love the tale.

I think our curiosity has been going on for centuries. Don’t you agree? When women bond at a dinner party, the conversation always turns to the same question:

“So how did you two meet?”

I think that question was asked (grunted) by the very first cavewoman to the second cavewoman, as they were standing over the fire eating their hunk of meat and admiring their hairy men.

Don’t you know how your mom met your dad, your sister met her man, and how your best friend wound up living with the guy next door? Women love to talk about, dissect and analyze relationships.

In novels and in movies, we want realism in our stories. Maybe not always on the outside—fantasy is fun—but down deep, where it matters. The core values of the fictional hero are what we, and the heroine, fall in love with. It’s that part of him that listens to her problems, the part that understands that life is hard and he wants to share her burdens as well as her riches, and mostly, the part of the hero that sees through her defense mechanisms in pushing him away and loves her for them anyway.

When I’m critiquing an unpublished work, I’ll sometimes see these parts of the hero omitted. And if you’ve ever sat through a romantic comedy in the movie theater and thought ‘this is lame,’ you know what I mean. Here’s what’s missing: What is it about the man the heroine truly admires? What does she have that he can’t find in anyone else? What do they overcome in their inner journey in order to be together?

When you pick up your favorite romance novel, or watch your favorite movie for the nth time, it’s that big sigh at the end that sums it all up. We want an emotional journey that proves these two people can’t live without each other.

So…how did you and your partner meet? Are you complete opposites or do you have the same approach to life? Know any juicy stories about how other couples met?   

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I blogged about the novel two weeks ago—the hero is a veterinarian surgeon with the Mounties. In case you missed it, the blog was titled ‘Do You Know Where Your Hairy Creature Came From?’ and it’s filed under the category of Medicine.





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43 thoughts on “Extraordinary Men”

  1. My hub & I met in college 23 years ago. We lived on the same floor in the dorms. It was love at first sight. We did the will they/won’t they/just best friends dance for a couple months to ratchet up the tension, but bottom line is we had to be together. So here were are 23 years, 2 children, 1 house, several cats, dogs, and fish later, still wildly in love. I feel very blessed.

  2. As of right now I’m single and I’m not really looking for a guy right now either.

    By the way, I love the cover of Klondike Wedding! It’s so pretty!

  3. Hi Lori! LOL on the best friends dance. And you lived on the same FLOOR? Oh my goodness, I thought co-ed dorms was every other floor male/female. That’s very cozy! 🙂 Congratulations on all those years together!

  4. Hi Danielle! You sound happy just the way you are. 🙂 Thank you for the comment on the cover! It’s very eye-catching with the big wedding dress–you can’t miss it, LOL.

  5. Okay, here’s my own story. Just like you, Lori, my hubby and I met in college. I was living in an apt with my friend, and she had a huge crush on him. So every time he came over, I would leave the two together! It wasn’t until weeks later I knew he was coming over to visit me, LOL. But I didn’t want to hurt my roommate’s feelings, so I told her I wouldn’t go out with him. About 2 weeks later she softened up and said, “Ohhhhh….go ahead.” 🙂

  6. My hubby and I met through an online dating site. I was 26, living back at home with my parents and sister and I had seen my share of relationships, so I didn’t think anything would come of me putting an ad on that site. To be honest- I was bored and thought, what the hay! I’ll just create a profile since its free.

    A couple of weeks later, I get this email from a guy who sounded truly genuine. He was a single father who had joint custody of his 2 year old son and worked a lot and was tired of dating women who weren’t real- who pretended to be one thing when they met, but showed their true colors after he had begun dating them.

    So we started chatting nearly everyday in emails for a while and then through IM and finally, on the phone. We would send each other ecards that played music, poems, hopes and dreams and by the time we spoke on the phone, 2 months later, I felt I was already in love with a man I had never met.(I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You by Savage Garden fit us to a tee) The first time he called, he told me he loved me as we were getting off the phone. It caught me off guard, but I smiled and felt all warm and fuzzy and I said it back.

    Still, when he finally drove up to meet me, I knew I’d know for sure once I got to see him in person, to see if it was just an infatuation with this “dream” of a man, or if real feelings had grown over those few months.

    I waited impatiently on the front porch, pacing back and forth, waiting and watching for him to arrive at my parents on that Sunday morning a week after the 4th of July. When he parked the truck in the driveway, my heart hammered in my chest, but when he stepped out, I just knew. I ran down the stepping stones and right into his arms and kissed him.

    I didn’t doubt my love for him. Nor his for me. Two months later I moved here, we got married, had a daughter and we’re still together- 7 years later.

    We’ve had ups and downs, but still…we’ve made it through those rough times and though it seems there were times that could have put us asunder, we’ve worked through it and come out better, stronger, in the long run.

  7. Well, I don’t have a great story to tell b/c I am still single 🙁 But, it is true that “how did you meet?” question is very intriguing to find out about. Wish I had a great story to tell!

  8. Taryn, what a beautiful story! I was riveted. 🙂 It sounds like you gave it a lot of time to work and you knew each other well before meeting face to face. Congratulations on the 7 years!

  9. My husband is an extraordinary man…very sensitive and sentimental…he once gave me a rock and said, “My love is like this rock, strong, solid and there’s not another one like it in the world.” 🙂

  10. Beautiful post, Kate!! Hubby and I were love-struck in high school. We were just talking the other day about our first date…and me sitting on his bicyle handlebars *g* Scary to think my oldest son is fifteen–the same age we were when we started dating! 😉 Funny, but we didn’t seem so YOUNG at the time *ggg*

  11. My husband and I were best friends, we ran around together in high school. I resisted dating him for quite a while because I knew it wouldn’t work out. How could it at that age? And I’d lose my best friend.

    We met when we were eighth graders and started dating at the end of our junior year.

    Now, whenever we watch a movie with a stalker, my husband says, “Stalking isn’t all bad you know. That’s how I got you to marry me.”

  12. I have not met my other half yet… but I am a sucker for romance… give me laughs, make me cry, give me a great read anytime!!! 😀

  13. My husband and I met on a blind date was I was 21. I had never dated before. As soon as I met him I knew we where so mates. We have been married 21 years now.

  14. Mary, you’ve got Stacey beat! Eighth graders. That’s a very strong bond. 🙂 I would’ve loved to have a boyfriend back then, but never really dated till much later in high school. No one ever asked!

  15. Kate,

    I love the developing relationship between the H/H when he treats her like she’s the most precious possession in the world even when he’s so angry at her that he wants to strangle her. That’s true love in my book. If the hero doesn’t show the heroine that kind of attention the story falls short.

    We all want to know that we’re really worth something to another person. My husband made me feel like a princess. Oh he was mad enough to swallow a horned toad backwards a lot of times but he still treated me with love and respect. And that made me respect him.

    We met when I was waitressing in a restaurant. He used to come in and ask to sit in my section. He had a deep voice that made me feel warm all over. I fell in love with him from the start and knew I wanted to make a life with him and it wasn’t the fact that he was a good tipper either. 🙂

    I loved Klondike Wedding! Genevieve and Luke made the perfect couple. He was every inch a hero in his Mountie uniform and out of it. (sigh)

  16. Over eleven years ago …

    I had been divorced about a year when, on a whim, I took up the local newspaper’s “Possibilities” section, circled a few “possibilities,” and finally settled on one particular one (I still remember it, word for word – he loved the outdoors, camping, sailing, animals, reading, art museums, was a blue-collar welder, same religion, etc). I thought, “This guy is perfect!”

    I was getting ready to call and leave my message … when I noticed the words “uses wheelchair.”

    I put the phone down again.

    Rats! He’d been so perfect! Except for THAT.

    But then I thought … If he’d been so perfect before I saw the word “wheelchair,” why wouldn’t he be perfect AFTER seeing it?

    So I called, left my message … and he called, we talked, laughed, and met at a Starbucks-like shop . It was love at first sight. He is my love forever, and then some.

    And to this day, like my first reading of his ad, I still don’t see the wheelchair.

  17. I met my husband in high school. I just turned 16 and he turned 18. He was the new kid on the block who had traveled the world (air force brat) and I had never gone anywhere. We are total opposites lol but next year we’ll be married 40 years.

  18. Oh Kate,
    I love these how we met stories.
    Taryn and Wanda Sue, you sure made my heart warm with your stories.

    I would see my husband from afar in junior high school and think he was so cute. He had his locker two over from mine and I’d try to time it that we’d both be at the locker at the same time. He was older, so it wasn’t fun for me after he graduated, but I never forgot him. Then one day while in high school, he walked up to me to ask to me a Halloween party, his club was hosting for our club. We each had to have a date. That was Oct 24th and we’ve celebrated the anniversary of our first date ever since!

  19. Linda, what wonderful memories of your husband coming into the diner and asking to sit in your section. LOL on being a big tipper. I bet he was! 🙂

    Thanks again for the lovely comment on Kl. Wedding! It was a hoot to write that one!

  20. Pamela, I agree about these wonderful stories!

    Wanda Sue, what a touching love story! You’re remarkable and thanks for bringing a smile to all of our faces. Congratulations to you both on 11 years!

  21. Jeanne, oh those new boys on the block, LOL. 40 years-WOW!!

    Charlene, your locker story made me smile. I wonder if guys do that kind of thing, too, trying to time things as carefully as us girls. I guess he had a secret crush on you, too, huh? 🙂

  22. My husband and I met 15 years before we became romantically involved. We were both married to someone else.
    We have been msrried for 19 years.

  23. Kate I meet my husband when I was 11 and we are going to celebrate our 25 anniversary in March. I was in love with him the first time I meet him, he acted like he didn’t know me at all. As a matter of fact I thought he was deaf he was working for some deaf people at the time so I thought he was. Well it has been a great life with him he is very caring and I am very spoiled!!
    He is from the old school he opens and holds doors for people, he gets my seat when I sit down and when we have dinner he waits me to get my food and then he will eat. He always worries about me.
    It is funny how when I was 16 my parents moved me to Alabama to get away my hubby, it didn’t work they had me calling him to see if we could get us back here to live again. I was only gone 6 months and I was back here six months and he asked me to marry him. It was the happiest day of my life. We have to grown daughters one 23 and one 22, and one beautiful grandbaby.
    I love the cover of your new book I can’t wait to read it. Can’t wait to get it.

  24. I love the pictures wish I lived out there instead of the city here!
    The book sounds great.
    Merry Christmas!

  25. My hubby and I met while still in high school in towns 10 miles apart when you cold buy a dollars worth of gas and drive all over on it. This was 48 years ago. So many times the hero in the book I am reading will remind me of him and why I fell in love with him in the first place. Sometimes it makes me remember to tell him how much I appreciate him.
    I am looking forward to reading your book and like everyone else, I love the cover.

  26. Estella, congratulations on 19 years! Your meeting sounds like there’s a great story there.

    Brenda, 11 sounds so young! But I can totally understand, and obviously you were meant to be together. He sounds great–very polite. I like old school, too. 🙂

    Penney–thanks for your comments! Merry Christmas to you, too!

    Connie, I remember how much $10 of gas could buy. Also, 10 bucks of groceries would be the week’s bill for my parents and 3 kids. That’s nice that you’re reminded of your husband when you sometimes read a lovely story. Thanks for the comment on my cover!

  27. Hi Kate! My sister’s husband told me there was a guy he knew that I just had to meet. I was skeptical but agreed to meet him. One date and I knew he was the one. We’ve been married now for 44 years.

  28. anon1001–hi! Thank you! 🙂

    Margie–that’s amazing that you knew in one date. Actually, that seems to be a theme here today–how many of us knew that our hubbys were the one, all within a short period of time.

  29. Hi Kat 🙂
    I read a couple of the Klondike books and savored them! I did miss some in between 🙁 But awesome to see more coming out! I’m going to have to get the membership with the Harlequin historicals. I never get to the stores on time!

    I met my hubby, in college at lunch! It was an awkward time coming as a deaf person to a deaf college without knowing much sign language since I was mainstreamed. So I spent time figuring out where to even go to eat! A friend on the floor I lived with waved me down to join his table and at the ‘head’ of the table was my future hubby! He was was just so humorous and too so nice. The ice of me just melted after the rest left and we sat there chatting after for an hour. I haven’t left his side since and we had our 25th anniversary recent June. He still makes me smile as I write this too! Thanks for asking!

  30. My husband and I met while I was working at Wheelers. Actually we knew of each other before, as we both had the same circle of friends, but we never seemed to make a connection until I was working at the store and he was friends with a guy that I worked with. Silly midwestern romance, I guess, but there it is. We now have 3 children still live in the same town and he still has the same job. Sorry ladies, no juicy stories there. I probably have some, but I just couldn’t tell them to ya all out loud!!!

  31. I haven’t met my one “true love” yet so no great story to tell. But it is fascinating to read all of the “How did you meet?” stories!

    Thanks for the blog, Kate. Klondike Wedding sounds wonderful and the cover is gorgeous!

  32. Hi Caffey! Thanks for reading a few of the Klondike stories! Your first meet with your hubby sounds romantic. 🙂

    Amy–LOL on not being able to tell us the juicy stories out loud. You know we’d understand–we’re romance writers and readers.

    Deborah–Thank you for the compliments! Glad you’ve enjoyed the stories. I’m enjoying reading them, too.

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