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I’m always glad for the chance to connect with readers, and participating in this blog is no exception. As I find myself just a few pages from finishing the first book in a new series, I thought it would be fun to tell you a bit about what’s coming up.


Song of Alaska is a new series that will debut in the fall of 2009 with book one, DAWN’S PRELUDE. This will be a 3 book series, but with a twist. This series will be generational, rather than focusing on the same time period. The setting will remain the same – Sitka, Alaska.


Why did I choose Sitka? The place is absolutely amazing. Under Russian rule it was the capital, and even after the transfer to American hands in 1867 it remained the capital until 1912. The history of this now 4th largest city in Alaska – population just under 9,000 – is quite rich. From the Native Alaskans (the Tlingits) who lived there first, to the Russians and finally Americans, this town is very proud of its history.


All of these pictures were ones I took while there. You can see how spectacular it is.


We have visited several times for research material and to speak with the locals, and have never been disappointed. The people there are friendly and proud-quite happy to share their history. That’s why it seemed the perfect setting for a new series.

Book one, DAWN’S PRELUDE, will pick up three years after the transfer from the Russians to Americans. I wanted to show the town with its many flavors, while spinning a tale about a completely fictional set of characters. The next book in the series will pick up in the 1890s, and book three will be around 1912.

Readers often ask me how I choose the locations of my stories, and often it comes from visiting or reading about a place. Sometimes, by what seems an accidental encounter, I fall in love with a setting and just know that it will make a great backdrop for my story.

Setting has always been important whether I’m writing about Philadelphia in the 1850s or Montana in the late 1800s. Setting is so very vital to a story and for me; the setting and history become a valuable secondary character for any series. I want to bring the story alive for the reader who might never get a chance to travel to these places, and I want to help keep the history of times gone by. What’s so incredible about what I do is that I get a chance to share the hope I have in Christ, while sharing the history and travel I so love.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new series when it arrives, but in the meantime, I have a fun and quirky Montana series with book one, A PROMISE TO BELIEVE IN, just out in bookstores now. Book 2, A LOVE TO LAST FOREVER, comes in April 2009, and book 3, A DREAM TO CALL MY OWN, in Summer 2009. I hope you look for them.

What places have you visited that call to your soul?

I’m giving away five copies of A Promise to Believe In to five people who leave a comment. Get your name in the hat!

God Bless, Tracie Peterson

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30 thoughts on “Tracie Peterson In Love With Alaska”

  1. Hi Tracie!

    I went to Germany in 2005 with my high school german club and I LOVED it! I would love to go back one day it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to!

    By the way I love the cover of “A Promise To Believe In”

  2. My favorite place :Glacier National Park in Montana. I loved the timeless beauty, the peacefulness, the majesty WOW!! Second favorite: Olympic National Park near Port Angeles, Washington. Love the view overlooking the Straight of Juan de Fuca and the other overlooking the glacier.
    We camped at both parks, hiked with swimsuit top & shorts in snow!! Loved it!!

  3. I love the cover of your book, I have never been anywhere that special thanks for sharing some of your pictures. I have read some books set in Alaska and it sounds beautiful.

  4. I moved from PA in 1941 when I was 6 months old but always love to go back to the mountains. So much family history on both sides is there going back to before the Revolutionary war.

  5. Good morning Tracie – Gorgeous photos. We went to visit friends in the Yukon back in the early ’80s and ended up buying some land. I’d never seen such big trees before! And the whole territory is open range for cattle because they have to let them graze wherever they can. The whole time there, I felt this overwelming sense of history. The only other place I’ve felt this is British Columbia (BC).

    I’ve lived in or visited most provinces and a few states and the place that calls me is BC. From the mountains to the shores of Vancouver Island. Whether it’s walking among starfish on Gabriola Island or standing amongst the ruins of a gold mining ghost town, BC is where I really want to be.

  6. Hi, Tracie. Thanks for being a guest on Petticoats and Pistols.
    I had two adventures that left a real mark on me.
    Carlsbad Cavern and Lake itasca at the headwaters of the Mississippi. I haven’t done all that much traveling so I don’t have much to compare it to, but these places just captured my imagination.
    I could FEEL how the first explorers must have felt, that huge, dark hole in the ground in Carlsbad Cavern, endless, treacherous, pitch dark, spectacular if you could see it, to think of catching glimpses of those magnificent rock formations, and the floor, brittled and thin as a potato chip in places, breaking through. Just stunning to me. I loved that place.

    And Lake Itasca in just buried deep, deep, deep in these rugged woods in Northern Minnesota. There’s a road to it, but it winds through these woods, so close on both sides and I looked into those woods, thick with underbrush and broken trees and dense forest and the ground so broken no one could have ever walked through it, a solid wall, so forbidding. I felt transported to the first settlers, even the vikings and Indians who would have seen that land, so full of life but also, so impenetrable.
    Loved those places. I want to go back but I’m almost afraid it won’t be so magnificent the second time. I hate to lose that feeling.
    Really powerful experiences

  7. Hi Tracie!
    I do want to travel to Alaska someday and I loved your pictures. Although I haven’t traveled far there have been places that I have been to that I have enjoyed being in that spot at that moment. Looking down upon New York and New Jersey from the Empire State Building is amazing and then there is a state park in Pennsylvania called Rickett’s Glen that has the most beautiful waterfalls and wooded areas.

  8. Hi Tracie!
    What a wonderful and fascinating post today. I love the cover and your photos are great.
    A place that impressed me beyond anything was The Canadian Rockies, Moraine Lake, Peto Lake, and that entire area was uplifting and memorable. Gorgeous and majestic.

  9. Hi Tracie, One place that calls out to me, especially every fall, is the North Park area of Colorado. We have camped in the mountains above Camp Creek Lake several times. North Park is a valley with mountains all around it. I feel so close to nature and the Lord in the quietness and awesome beauty.

    I absolutely love the covers of this book and the second in this series. My family asked me for a Christmas list and your books were the first thing I put on it.

  10. Hi Tracie, first off let me say I love the cover of your book.

    I have not traveled a lot, but I do love the ocean. I live in KY and to me it is a beautiful state and has some great sites to visit. So I guess my home state calls out to me. There is no place like home.

  11. Hi Tracie!
    I enjoyed your post today greatly. Fabulous pics and an interesting background which was lovely. I haven’t travelled a great deal but the beauty of Colorado, the mountains, wide open spaces, and limitless horizon was unforgettable. I especially loved Leadville and the continental divide area. Moved me and was amazing scenery.

  12. My parents went to Alaska and said how beautiful it was… they brought back pics and I agree. But my heart and soul love Delaware… I used to visit all of the time, because my grandparents lived there… but since their deaths I have not been back…

  13. Hi Tracie
    Good to read your post today which rang true to my heart. Settings are always an important ingredient in any novel that I read and when I read about one that I have been to it is even more so. My first ever international trip was a business trip to Italy. I was totally transformed by this country. What an experience to be exposed to the beauty and culture that I had only dreamed of. My entire life and outlook was dramatically changed.

  14. Hi Tracie,

    A big welcome to P&P. We’re thrilled to have you as a guest.

    Alaska is really beautiful and it’s on my places-to-see-before-I-die list. I hope I get to make the trek up there. I can see from the pictures why it calls to your soul. It’s so serene and breathtaking.

    The mountains of Colorado do that to me. The air smells so crisp and fresh and the scenery is so gorgeous. I go every chance I get.

    Enjoy your day and come back again soon!

  15. Welcome to P&P, Tracie! What a beautiful post 🙂 I hope to visit Alaska some day–even more so now.

    I think I’m called to the wild in general *g* — the deserts of Utah and Arizona makes my heart flutter, as does the mountainous terrain and wide blue skies of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Australia has a definite rugged appeal to my wild heart 😀

  16. Hi Tracie. Gorgeous photos. Your book sounds good. I love the cover.
    The Smokey Mountains in Tennessee call to me.

  17. Hi Tracie, what gorgeous pictures! I can see why you love it and set your books there. And a generational saga is totally cool. Best of luck!

    Although I am totally in love with the West, right now New England really calls to me. I love the history and the setting that is so different from where I live and grew up. (Southern California.)

    Thanks for the wonderful post.

  18. I fell in love with the Island of Maui when I visited in 1983.
    Your Alaska series sounds very good. I will be looking for it.

  19. I Love the cover of your book!! and the pictures you included
    The places that I love the most is the Coast and Mountains. Grand Father Mountain walking out on the mile high bridge (Which i still can’t beleive i done) the view is breath taking. The coast is a special place to me just the power in the ocean and the way the water and sky meet is just beautiful. Whenever we would take the boat out i would always be overwhelmed with feeling i was given a special gift being able to see the sun go down while out in the water. I know when we retire we will have our place at the water(hopefully) I would love my name in the hat for your drawing. Thanks

  20. Hi Tracie! Beautiful pictures! Your series sounds wonderful! My home state of PA calls to me. I love to go back there and visit every year.

  21. Hi, Tracie! Gorgeous photos–thanks for sharing! I had the chance to tour a few parts of China with my family and there were so many places that are amazingly beautiful. They do call for me to revisit 🙂

  22. Hi Tracie! Welcome!
    One of the reasons I read books is because I get to “visit” new places I have never heard of or been to. Thanks for sharing the information about Sitka! Gorgeous pictures! I hope to be able to visit Alaska one day, but for now, I’ll settle on reading about it 🙂

  23. Tracie, nice to meet you! I haven’t had the joy to read you yet, but I have to change that soon! I have an uncle that lived in Alaska for years and used to come and visit us during the holidays and so wondered about there and really hope to go visit some day! I’m not much of a traveler. I don’t like being on a plane so the only trips I took were to a day conference and once, for a week to Washington D. C. for a conference, but I did get to visit around in some bus trips but too took the subway with a friend and we got off at the park where we ended up near Lincoln’s statue (I’m so bad with the names of this all!) and it was so neat that we were lost! We kept finding more walking through there and surprised we weren’t picked up for being lost, LOL. We neared some area where we did wave down a taxi but it was the most fun! As long as I’m lost with someone else, I love it, LOL. I do want to go to Scotland some day! I so love the medieval settings books and would so love to visit there and get lost too! Other place I do want to go is to see all the areas now that I read in these Regency romance books too! A favorite!

  24. My favorite spot in the world is a small lake in the Sierra Nevada. (This place is at 10,000 feet elevation.) A place to sit and meditate and also fish. Actually anywhere in the Eastern Sierra of California is the greatest.
    Alaska is great, but the lower 48 has some wonderful spots, too.

  25. I don’t think I can name any one place. I seem to fall in love with all the places I’ve visited and I like where I live in Southwest Pa (well except by the end of winter).

  26. Welcome to our site, Tracie! Your new cover is stunning! Your photos are really interesting. I have some upcoming books set in Alaska, too, and went there to research. I visited Skagway, drove through parts of Alaska and onto the Yukon. It’s a gorgeous area. Your setting and its history sound intriguing!

  27. Hi Tracie! I love the cover of your book! Your pics are gorgeous. Maybe someday I’ll visit Alaska. Of the places I have visited, the history and beauty of the Adirondacks in upstate New York call to me.

  28. Tracie apologizes to everyone that she’s unable to respond to comments due to a medical emergency. She’s immensely grateful for each person who took time to post. She’s still giving away the five books to five lucky people so check back later in the day for that.

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