Visiting Saturday: Vickie McDonough and Catherine Stang

Yeehaw! Two guests for the price of one!

This is going to be a ringtailed Saturday for sure. Vickie McDonough and Catherine Stang will be back in Wildflower Junction and looking to entertain all you fine ladies.

Miss Vickie is going to be sharing Yule Tide traditions and promoting her new anthology which just happens to be a Christmas book. Ah know it’ll be interesting.

Miss Catherine will talk about medicine in the old West and make us really glad we didn’t live back then. That would’ve been a hard dose to swallow. In addition, she’ll give us a peek inside her new book called The Bargain.

Shake your bustle and saddle our horse, whatever it takes to be right here come Saturday. You won’t want to miss it. Both ladies are toting prizes. So get your name in the hat and learn something new at the same time. We’ll miss you if you’re not here.


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