My Darling Daughter’s “Elopement”

Good Morning!

I thought I’d take a break — a very brief break — from Native American lore to bring you news and pictures of my darling daugher’s recent “elopement.”

Originally she and her fiance were going to get married in the Islands in May.  However, due to the recent financial problems in this Nation and the $700 billion economic burden that has just been foisted off on the American people, both she and her fiance decided to give their families a break by eloping.  Except that they let us all know that they were eloping, and so of course both families were in attendance at their elopement.  Also their best friends were there.

They were married in Vermont (my ex and I raised both our children in Vermont) on October 20th.  Currently I’m in Florida on a course at my church and so I hopped in my car and drove the 1500 miles or so to Vermont — a beautiful drive, by the way, as I went by way of Highway 81,  up through Virginia and Pennsylvania.  In this picture, the bride is in the middle and my eldest daughter is on the left.  I’m on the right in black — as we all were getting ready for the wedding.

Vermont was beautiful at this time of year.  The trees were alive and screaming with color.  The yellows and golds were as bright as the sun.  In one place, I got lost and ended up at the Ethan Allen statue, and I was presented with color as bright as any day — and the trees lined the streets — I was entranced.   The reds of the maples, the oranges and greens and browns literally scremed at you with color.  Wow!

The ceremony was performed in the courthouse — it was a civil ceremony.  And though it wasn’t the kind of ceremony one normally thinks of as a wedding, it was still beautiful.  Made more so by our children’s concern for their families.  My father was a judge and I well remember couples coming to our house in the middle of the night to be married.  This reminded me of those times — but only sightly.  Here is the bride and groom.

T&TIt was cool in Vermont at this time of year.  The first morning I was there, I awoke to go out and run and went out into a 21 degree morning.  It was invigorating, to say the least.  Here is the bride and groom, coming out of the courthouse as we clapped and congratulated them.  Note the bride’s high waisted wrap –doesn’t it remind you of a Jane Austin novel?  So romantic. 

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel — which was a Weston Hotel resort — and had a wonderful meal provided by the bride’us father (me ex) and his wife.  A grand piano was also provided in the private room, since we all play the piano.  But no one wanted to play — we all said we were out of practice.  So I started it out, by playing rather badly  I mst admit — with my right hand still healing from its earlier break in May — I found much to my chrigrin that I couldn’t even reach an octave with my right hand.  But it broke the ice and my eldest daughter played, providing the bride and groom with the opportnity to dance.  First it was father and bride and groom and mother dancing, but then it was the bride and groom.  It ended with a beautiful round of piano playing by my ex, who brought us all to tears by playing Pacobelle’s Cannon.  Again, please excuse the misspelling.

Here is the bride and groom.  Aren’t they beautiful?  One thing I must say.  Since my darling daughter has been with this man, her life has been filled with happiness.  After boyfriends who brought her to tears, or invalidated her or made her wrong, she met this man, who has brought her nothing but happiness.  I think you can see that from her glow.  I was also impressed with the speech by his mother, who said that since he has met my daughter, his entire life has gotten better, that she has never seen him happier.  And I think that this is a very most important factor in marriage.  Does one contribute to the other and make them better.  Or does the relationship detract?  In this case, they both compliment each other, so that together, they are more than if they were apart.

And did I mention that I am now a very proud step-grandmother?  What a thrill!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed my sharing this, a very important occasion in my life, with you.  Yes, it was a sort of elopement, yes, it was a civil ceremony, but it was still a very beautiful ceremony, and a very beautiful day.  And the bride and groom are to be congratulated on their empathy with their families, in this unstable environment of economical concern.  I hope you’ll share with me many well wishes for the couple.  I’d love to hear your thoughts. 


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45 thoughts on “My Darling Daughter’s “Elopement””

  1. Good Morning Kay

    What a beautiful couple, the last photo could be used for a cover. And what a beautiful step grandchild you have, she will be bring alot of joy.

    Best wishes to the couple and congratulations to you, looks like you have obtained a son as well.

  2. Awww…they are a beautiful couple and they look so happy. It looks like a wonderful occasion and congrats to you and your daughter and your entire family.

    I was married in a courthouse- as were my parents (they’re still together after almost 35 years).

    I wish your daughter and family all the best. They definitely compliment each other wonderfully and your new step-granddaughter is just a doll!

  3. What a great looking couple!
    And your new granddaughter is absolutely beautiful! Congrats on the additions to you family.

  4. I’m happy for you and your family, Kay.

    So, you’re going to have to coin a new phrase – maybe something like…they had a ‘civil elopement’ or something, LOL so that you don’t have to spend so much time explaining in the future, eh?

    Prayers going out for the newlyweds.

  5. What a beautiful couple, Kay. And your daughter is stunning. I love unconventional weddings (my own daughter was married on a California beach on Halloween). Your daughter’s ceremony looks just perfect! Congratulations and best wishes.

  6. Hi Taryn!

    Wow, you and your husband were married in a courthouse — and your parents, also? Wow! It was a beautiful occasion. Thanks for your well-wishes.

  7. Karen what a beautiful Bride & Groom I am glad she finally meet someone who treats her right it is hard finding the right peron. My daughter is going through the same thing right now and she just had a baby and it is so hard to watch all of this going on. So I am happy to hear there is hope for her.
    There is nothing wrong with having a civil elopement I was married at my cousin house (in March it will be 25 years ago) and I still love the man just like I did when I said I do.
    I step grandkid that is so neat I am sure you will enjoy that, I have the new grand baby and can’t get enough of her.
    PS I am happy to hear the whole family was able to get along so well it is hard for families that have parted to be able to do that.
    I wish the Bride and Groom very many happy years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Kay,

    Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. What a beautiful couple! I know you’re brimming with joy seeing your daughter so happy and content. And congratulations on becoming a step-grandmother! She’s adorable. Bet you have a good time spoiling her rotten. lol

  9. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!! Your daughter is beautiful, as is your new son-in-law and granddaughter-in-law. How fun!

    Congratulations to you and your family.
    I’m glad you stepped up to the plate and played the piano first. I love playing reguardless if it is perfect or not. I wish I could play.

  10. Hi Kay, what a great story and beautiful pictures. I absolutely love both weddings and fall in Vermont. Both are glorious times!

    Best wishes and lots of hugs to the beautiful bride and groom. And congrats also: there’s nothing like being a gramma!

  11. Karen. . .
    How perfectly lovely they are. And what a great blog to start the day writing romance. Thanks so much for sharing a beautiful story.

  12. Karen, what a beautiful blog today. You described your mother-of-the-bride experience so eloquently, I felt like I was right there! Treasured family moments like these are so rare. Hold them tight in your heart.

    Be sure to extend the newlyweds my heartfelt congratulations!

  13. Hi Brenda!

    Isn’t it hard to witness when your daughter and her boyfriends just don’t get along. I am so happy that my daughter found this wonderful man.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful thoughts, also. Nice to know that a civil ceremony goes a long way.

    Sending you a bunch of love right back.

  14. Thank you so much, Caroline and thanks for your vote of thanks on the piano playing. At one time, I could play pretty well, but I certainly didn’t this time around. But the others played so well and her dad played so well it brought tears to our eyes.

    It was wonderful!

  15. Thanks so much Tanya. Vermont was, indeed, a fairyland at this time of year. It reminded me of how much I loved Vermont. I’ll have to go back more often. : )

  16. Congrats to your daughter and your family, Kay! What a beautiful day to celebrate the joining of your families 🙂 May they have a lifetime of equally beautiful and loving days!

  17. Just think of all the stress she saved you too lol. Everything looks and sounds like it was so very lovely.
    My daughter just got married this past July and it too turned out lovely (married in a gazebo and the reception at a historical hotel). Originally they were going to do the destination wedding but it got complicated with passports and all and she didn’t want her grandma to miss it (my mom’s 86). I tried to get her to go simple but she made the final decision. As long as they are happy it doesn’t matter how they get married! Congratulations on becoming a grandma too:)

  18. Hi Jeanne,

    Isn’t that interesting. A similar thing happened with my daughter and my new son-in-law. They too decided to do something different than what they had originally planned.

    Your daughter’s wedding sounds lovely. Simply lovely.

  19. Congratulations! I enjoyed reading about your daughter’s unusual elopement. I’m sure there was a lot less stress this way. They are a beautiful couple.

  20. Oh how romantic!! I wish i wasn’t a day late but maybe i’ll get lucky and you read this. Your daughter made a beautiful bride!! how could she not with you as her mother? They make a sweet couple! and your step granddaughter-in-law is cute as she can be.
    I think that made the wedding very personal sharing with the people you love. We had a small wedding, at 7:00 at night and only direct family were invited out of the large church i think 2 rows ere filled and that’s the way we wanted it. Which i found later my husband put away a beer or 2 before hand, he has issues being in front of people I thought our wedding was sweet. I’m so happy for you and wish them all the happiness, they both look very happy !
    Take care, love ya, Lori

  21. Congratulations, Karen! Your daughter is beautiful, and the day sounds like it was absolutely lovely! What a wonderful man to add to your family–someone who makes your daughter so happy. Best wishes to all. 🙂

  22. Congratulations! Your daughter looked so beautiful! What a wonderful time of year to get married. Thank you for sharing with us your story.

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