Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!



Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in Canada!

Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on the second Monday of October. In the U.S. it’s the fourth Thursday of November. I’m not sure why the difference in dates–from my research, I note it’s a parliamentary thing. Although the dates are different, we celebrate the same things.

Thanksgiving originated as a special time for giving thanks for a rich harvest and our many bountiful blessings. Hooray for the day!  We celebrate with turkey dinners and family get-togethers. There’s usually lots of driving involved. It’s my day to blog, and in honor of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d do something that centered around food or drinks. See the above post!


A photo of my local grocery store, taken yesterday. The pumpkins are also out for Halloween!

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14 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!”

  1. Kate I didn’t realize you were from Canada where have I been??
    My daughter took a trip there a couple summers ago and stayed a month she learned a ton of things about it, I guess she forgot to tell me about Thanksgiving being now there. How neat, do you guys celebrate again in November? Have you always lived in Canada? Are there any other holidays that are different from the US? I am going to hit up my daughter for some more information.
    Have a great Thanks Giving today..

  2. Hi Brenda! Thanks for your message and the warm wishes! Yes, I’ve always lived in Canada. I grew up on a farm in the Niagara area, then as a young adult lived in Alberta, now I’m settled in Toronto.

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving again in Nov–although it would be nice! We do have other holidays you guys don’t–there’s Queen Victoria’s birthday in May for instance. Some of your presidential holidays are not ours. And your independence day is July 4th–ours is July 1st. It’s a lot of fun keeping track of it all. My agent and editor are in NY, so I always have to check the calendar before calling to make sure their office is open, and they do the same.

    Where do you live? Where is it raining?

  3. Beautiful fall photo, Kate! I just love Thanksgiving and autumn. Yesterday we took the grandbaby via historic train to pumpkin patch. Oh, such fun.

    We’re having lots of wind and low humidity lately. Here in Southern California, this is our hottest, driest part of the year.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Are their traditional dishes (e.g. our turkey and cranberries) on the menu?

  4. Thanks for the good wishes, everyone–Connie and Jeanne!

    Tanya–yup, we’ve got the traditional turkey dinners and cranberries on the menu. Your historic train ride sounds like great fun! I saw on the news there’s a fire north of L.A. Hope it’s not too big of one–I didn’t realize this was your hottest driest part of the year. Take care!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Kate! I didn’t know Canadians celebrated the day like we do. I’m always learning something. Hope you don’t eat too much. I always say I’m not but I always end up with a bulging stomach. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the warm wishes, all–Pat and Estella! 🙂

    Linda, it’s too late about not eating too much, LOL! On the radio they were giving tips on what to do if you overeat this weekend. Number 1 suggestion is to drink lots of water to flush it all out. Especially since most weight gain is water retention. So I’m drinking away.

    Pam, hi! The day for blogging isn’t too bad to squeeze in. Yesterday was my big day for cooking, luckily. We went out of town to visit hubby’s side of the family and I made the big meal. His dad is a widower. It was fun to do the cooking in someone else’s home–no prep time cleaning up, and everyone else takes care of dishes. Today is a quiet day for family activity. It’s 80 degrees out and sunny, so we just took a 5-hour break to go hiking in a conservation area not too far from here. The leaves are turning color and it’s pretty. We had to walk UP a ski slope to get to the woods. I felt like the Von Trapp family! My thighs are killing me, but we made it!

    And…still more eating next week. My side of the family is having turkey on Sat at my mom’s house. (timing didn’t work for all of us this weekend, so we staggered it) She’ll be cooking, though, so I can relax. 🙂

  7. Kate thanks for the information I will have to read up more on Canada and pump my daughter for info.
    Sorry it took me a while to get back today I was out with the new grand baby she was born last Tuesday and so it is pretty exciting. First grand baby too.
    I live in Omaha Nebraska where Cheryl lives. I am glad that it only rained for the morning it is hardd taking a baby in and out of a car to shop. LOL

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