Lyn Cote and the Colt .45

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I’m just about done writing my new historical series, “Texas Star of Destiny.” This series covers the years 1821-1847 in of course TEXAS! I’ve always felt a connection with Texas, probably because I was born in El Paso. My dad was a West Texan and my stepdad was from East Texas. My mom evidently had a “thing” for Texans!

Anyway, the books in this series are The Desires of Her Heart, Her Inheritance Forever, and Her Abundant Joy. Each book covers a generation of the Quinn family and an historic Texas event: The beginning of the Austin settlement, the Texas Revolution and the Mexican-American War.


I’ve always been fascinated by the effect of war on civilization. Wars are often called the locomotives of history. Under the pressure of war, men become very creative. And the truth is that the army with the best weapons wins. The Mexican American was won by the Colt 45. And I’m going to let my hero Carson Quinn explain to Niven, a young American officer who has attached himself to the Texas Rangers who scouted for General Zachary Taylor.

Amidst the cover of low bushes and high grass, Carson sat cross-legged under a popple tree and began cleaning his guns. First the rifle, then the two Colts—as he thought over all that had happened tonight and over this year.

Niven lumbered over, looking saddle-sore and exhausted.

“How do you like being a Ranger?” Carson murmured.

“Not much.” Niven leaned against the tree, looking as if after riding sixteen hours a day for days, he didn’t dare sit down. “How long have you been at this?”

“Six years.”

“Is the pay good?”

“We get paid sometimes. When Texas could afford to.”

Niven stared at him. Finally, he said, “I’ve never seen pistols like those. What are they?”

Carson went on reloading. “Only a few of us have these. We could use more. These are Walker Colt 45’s. Samuel Colt designed the first one. Our own Ranger Walker saw that it was just what we needed here in Texas, but it required a few changes to be more practical. So a few years ago, Walker went back east, found Samuel Colt and showed him what we needed.”

Carson held the gun in his palm. “See before, I would have had to take the gun apart to reload, the trigger kept disappearing into the gun and the pistol was too clumsy to get out easy.”

Wobbly, Niven leaned over, inspecting the gun. “Why haven’t I heard of such a weapon?”

Carson shrugged. “It’s been a life saver for us. Before we got these, we were at a disadvantage fighting the Comanche. We had single-shot rifles or pistols to their arrows. And a Comanche can shoot a full quiver of arrows into a man while he tries to reload.”

“You wear a bow and have a quiver,” Niven pointed out.

“Yes, I’m good with a bow.” I’m good at most ways of killing men. This thought shriveled inside him. “And I use a bow sometimes if the raid goes on where I need to reload and don’t have time.”

“I have a lot to learn. And I want one of those Colts. How do I get one?”

“Well, why not ask Taylor?”

“I will.” Niven wavered on his feet.

“You better go lay down before you fall down.”

Niven nodded and then staggered a few feet away. As soon as his head touched his blanket, he fell asleep facedown.



So Niven asks Taylor to order some Colts. He orders 1,000 and that’s how the Colt won the Mexican American War!

BTW, my December release is, Her Captain’s Heart, my first Love Inspired Historical and the first in my “Gabriel Sisters” series about three Quaker Sisters who are up to any challenge!


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  1. Good morning Lyn!
    Even though I’ve never been there I love reading about Texas. The history of the state is fascinating.

  2. Hello Lyn! Nice to have you here blogging at P&P!! Thanks for the fascinating history on the Colt.45! I love reading about Texas also and your books sound really good! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. Good Morning Lyn

    Thanks for the information on the Colt it is very fascinating.

    Texas has always been a favorite read of mine. I can’t wait to get my hands on your books.

  4. Hi Lyn, I also love books about Texas. I have been reading them for years, so you play right into my reading habits. I love the excerpt and glad you came to petticoats a pistols today.

  5. Welcome Lyn

    what very interesting information on the Colt 45. I have never been to Texas my daughter went last year and told me some very interesting things. Love reading about it.

  6. Thanks for all the kind welcomes and comments. This is my first Western series but I’m really enjoying doing the research. I’ve read several firsthand accounts of the 3 history-changing events in TX history. It’s been an eye-opener for me. And I hope to write many more Westerns.
    Thanks for having me blog on Petticoats & Pistols!

  7. Wonderful post and the book (and series) sounds great!

    And your Love Inspired Historical sounds wonderful as well. I really enjoy that line of books and look forward to reading yours.

  8. Hi Lyn, I enjoyed your post! A gun says a lot about a western hero. When I’m working on something new, I ask my husband about what kind of weapon I should give my outlaw, lawman, rancher, etc.. It’s the one part of writing he really gets : )

    Can’t wait for your LIH!

  9. Hey Lyn, happy to see you over here at P&P.

    I love LI’s but I thrive on LIH’s so it’s great to see you coming out with some.

    You have an interesting post there – thanks for the info on the Colt.

  10. Hi Lyn, I enjoyed the info on the colt. I can’t wait to get your book it sounds great! I love Texas wish we lived there but we’re stuck here in California!

  11. Hello Lyn, Have seen your books and will have to add them to my list. Enjoyed the information given to us about the colt.

  12. Hi Lyn! Thank you for the information on the Colt .45. A friend of mine used to collect guns. I’m not sure if he had the Colt.45, though. Your books sound great. I look forward to reading them. Thank you for blogging here today at P&P!

  13. welcome Lyn,Glad to have you here,I was taught by my daddy to shoot when I was a kid,so I was interested in what you had to say ,thanks for the info

  14. Hey, Lyn! Thank you for giving us your Saturday and blogging for us here at Petticoats & Pistols.

    It was great seeing you at the HQ Digital Workshop in San Francisco!

  15. Hi, Lyn! I’ve enjoyed some of your other Love Inspireds and look forward to reading this new historical! I still haven’t visited Texas but love reading about it 🙂 Maybe someday…

  16. I love living in Texas, even after spending 13 days
    in the dark and in the summer heat following a visit
    from Hurricane Ike!!! This has been the family’s
    second contact with a historic hurricane. Honey’s
    grandfather survived the 1900 Galveston hurricane!!

    Thanks, Lyn, for your information concerning the
    Colt .45.

    Pat Cochran

  17. Hi Lyn! Fascinating post! I’ve never been to Texas but I enjoy reading about it. Thanks for the info on the Colt.45.

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