The Ballad of Ten Fillies




Welcome to our front porch!  Come on over, put your feet up and sit a spell while we tell you a story….



THE BALLAD OF TEN FILLIES   written by Kate Bridges


Ten pretty gals rode in one day

Their legend was heard for miles away

With Miss Pam as their founder, they forged their town

A place for their stories, to write them all down

Some worked in the library, local paper, saloon

The church, the ranches, some wrote by the moon

With quills in hand and heroes to test

Romantic writers of the Wild West


They were known as the Fillies and word soon spread

Their tales about love, sacrifice and villains to dread

By the swish of a petticoat and glint of a gun

At Wildflower Junction they’re all for one

They comfort their animals, share coffee with friends

They nurture their children and dance with their men

With quills in hand and heroes to test

Romantic writers of the Wild West


Miss Pam, Cheryl, Linda and Pat

Always put out a welcome mat

Miss Mary, Elizabeth, Stacey and Karen

Weaving their tales, sometimes funny or quite daring

Miss Charlene, Kate, and Felicia with her charm

The fastest penslingers to give outlaws alarm

With quills in hand and heroes to test

Romantic writers of the Wild West


*     *     *     *    


Hope you enjoyed the poem! I’m proud to be a part of Petticoats and Pistols for all the fun and entertainment it provides us, the writers, hopefully as well as you, our friends and readers.  

Thank you to everyone who’s dropped by this week to help us celebrate our first anniversary and how far we’ve come. We couldn’t have done any of this without YOU! The number of visitors we get each day continues to amaze us. To our surprise and delight, several of our blogs have been picked up by the media, such as USA TODAY, Reuters and the Chicago Sun Times. Which just goes to show, you never know who’s reading!

How did you first discover our website–who told you about it?  And what elements of Petticoats and Pistols do you enjoy the most? Do you visit any other pages on the site, or do you usually stick to the current day’s blog?

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43 thoughts on “The Ballad of Ten Fillies”

  1. Good Morning All

    I can’t remember how I found this website but I am glad I did.

    I really enjoy all the elements ya’ll provide, the latest book release in the library, the games in the saloon, the guest authors are great (I visit there websites), and of course the great info and fun that is shared here.

    I feel like family when I visit here (ok maybe the black sheep, (lol)).

    Have a great day, I will finish out the day with you later.

  2. Wonderful poem! I enjoy the humor, the discussion of books, the educational articles, and the prizes. It’s a friendly, entertaining spot to visit. Like I said before, you famous authors ain’t stuck up or nothin’!

  3. Love the poem.

    I found P&P via two different routes I believe. First was through Stacey’s newsletter. The second through Devon Matthews list of favorite blogs. I believe I saw it through both on the same day and I was like, What’s this?

    After having seen the link twice, I had to come check it out and boy was I glad I did! I don’t necessarily write western historical romance (at least I haven’t tried my hand at it- yet) but I do love to read them.

    I love this place cause everyone is so welcoming and informative and funny.

  4. I found P&P by simply typing in “western romance” on Google one day! I saw it and immediately fell in love!!!

    I do usually stick to reading the daily blogs…however, sometimes I venture out and navigate through some of the other fun stuff!

    I too am so in love with P&P…and I would just be devastated if I couldnt come here and hang out with all you beautiful fillies!

  5. Great poem! I am a weekly visitor to Cheryl’s website and that is where I found out about this great new blog! This past year I have enjoyed all of the great topics about westerns and I’ve especially enjoyed learning more about all of your great books!

  6. Since I know three of the fillies, up close and personal 😉 I’m pretty sure that I tagged along on the excitement of a year ago when the Junction first welcomed us all.

    I so enjoy all the information ya’ll share with us–I’m a glutton for learning. And I’ve gained some tidbits for my own writing as well.

    P&P is on my daily jaunt around the internet. I do spend most of my time on the blog and love reading the comments as well. So I’m a repeat visitor every day. 🙂

    And the poem? Way cool!

  7. I first heard about P & P from Mary C on a writers loop that we’re both on. I’ve enjoyed reading about all the books you prolific gals publish, but I like the historical information the most.

    I do sometimes visit the links y’all provide. Keep the great blogs coming!


  8. Good morning, everyone! Your comments have made me smile, and my day is getting off to a great start. 🙂 How interesting how you all came to be here–we’re so glad you discovered us!

    Thanks for the compliment on the poem! The Fillies know I was working away on it for a few days when I should’ve been working on a deadline–all distractions are welcome at that stage. 🙂

  9. Any readers out there interested in a prize–all you have to do is leave a comment today and your name will be entered in the draw giveaways. We’ve been keeping track of each and every post this week. Good luck to all, but mostly, thank you for dropping in to warm our hearts!

  10. I found Petticoats and Pistols through Cheryl St. John’s blog.
    What a great poem. 🙂
    I like the historical posts, the posts about the authors’ books, the guest posts and the contests.

  11. Hi Kate,

    Your poem put a much needed smile on my face this morning-thank you.

    I think initially I was on the Love Western Romances site got directed to Stacy’s site (Maverick Wild was coming out) then from her site to Petticoats and Pistols and now I’m here to stay. Since then I have discovered so many wonderful authors and great stories so thank you!!!

    I definitely do visit the other links when time permits but even if I don’t post I’m here daily because I love to learn and there is always something informative and/or funny on this site.

    So, congratulations to all of you on your success and best wishes for another great year!!!

  12. Great poem. I don’t remember how I found P&P, but have come everyday since finding. I love is site beacause I have found so many new authors to read, you always have great guests, blog about the most interesting things, and have great prizes. Happy first anniversary, hope there will be many more to come.

  13. I enjoyed the poem. Your site has brought me great fun and pleasure. The way I found it was through Charlene Sands website. I will visit and continue to love the authors, books and great information that is always available. thanks for this lovely place.

  14. Wonderful poem! I always enjoy visiting your site. You have such interesting and informative blogs and great guest authors. I found your site through Stacey Kayne’s website. I’m certainly glad I did! Thank you for providing such an entertaining place to visit!

  15. I found this blog through Cheryl St. John and I am so happy she has showed me so many other wonderful authors like all of you.
    I loved the poem that was so nice of you to do that.
    Was that really your porch Kate? It is so beautiful.

  16. Great poem, I found your site through one of you ladies newsletter. I am just not sure which one. I get a lot of newsletters. It is my favorite blog to visit.

  17. Wow, lots of people discovering P&P through author websites. Love those referrals!

    Brenda–it is a beautiful porch, isn’t it? Unfortunately it’s not my own. But I took the picture a few weeks ago–it’s from that historical village I blogged about last week. The porch belonged to the town doctor, 1860s. But we Fillies decided to move in and take over! 🙂 We got the house for a real bargain because the doctor was building himself a new one down the street, he’s so successful.

    Sometimes I feel like Wildflower Junction is a real place!

  18. Wildflower Junction feels like a real place to me, too. Have you ladies every thought of doing a book series together based off the blog?

    I’ve thought quite often how cool it would be if you shared a Petticoats and Pistols series, with each novel being set in Wildflower Junction. You already have a library, a saloon and a news office 😀 – so right there could be three main settings to build around and fill with various characters.

    Just wondered if that had ever come up?

  19. I learned about your site from Stacey Kayne
    I love the categories everything in it. This site is great so much info.
    Thank you

  20. Kate, congrats on the delightful poem! Any musicians out there who can set it so music? Some harmonica, fiddle. Guitar?

    Charlene invited me to visit the Junction and I am so glad I did. It’s just about my favorite place. I enjoy every topic and I do visit the other pages of the site also. I love Taryn’s idea about setting some books here.

    And I’m happy to be invited as a blogger. Thanks very much to all of you. I love you guys. Whoops. Fillies.

  21. Love the poem, Kate!!! And that front porch…makes me wanna kick off my sandles and sip some iced tea 😉

    I’m so glad each and every one of you found your way to Petticaots & Pistols 🙂 It’s the interaction with all our visitors that makes Wildflower Junction so much fun 😀

  22. Kate I knew I had seen the porch before I just couldn’t remember where.
    I am with Stacy it make me want to sit there with some tea and a good book and read.

  23. I don’t remember how i found P&P. I have learned so much from these ladies in their post they write. Each one has it’s one special quality. Love the Poem!

  24. That was adorable lol. It’s been so long I can’t remember either how I got here but glad I did. I love the variety the most and the interaction on this blog.

  25. I’ve been a visitor to this site for some time,
    but like so many of the other respondents I do
    not recall how I ended up here! I can guarantee
    that it was a lucky day for me when I arrived
    here! It has been a truly educational experience
    for me! Best Wishes to all of you Fillies on this
    auspicious occasion!!

    Pat Cochran

  26. Great poem! It was from Cheryl St. John’s blog that I learned about this site and I usually read just that day’s post unless I have missed some days and then I’ll scroll down to see what interesting things you have talked about.

  27. Loved the poem!

    I can’t remember how I learned about the blog, but I think it was from Cheryl St. John’s blog.

    All I know is that I am thrilled to have found so many of my favorite authors blogging in one place. As a big fan of western romance, I hope you keep up the great work. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the site and your books!

    And I usually just read the day’s posts and comment occassionally.

  28. Thank you all for the best wishes to P&P! And compliments about the poem–it was definitely fun to write.

    Taryn-LOL on the book series together. We’ve never discussed it (since I’ve been here) but it would be great fun, wouldn’t it? We already have some of those landmarks, you’re right. And of course, we’d have to have some of you gals included, maybe as pretty saloon girls or the town lawyer or stagecoach driver…. puts a smile on my face just thinking about it! 🙂

  29. Love the poem! This site is such a fun place to visit. I believe I found it through Charlene Sands website. Congratulations on your first anniversary! Thank you for all your hard work!

  30. I loved the poem! I was introduced to the website from Cheryl StJohn’s website. I am so glad to be here. My summer was so much fun blogging every day with all of you. And the books I won were such a bonus! I also have to admit that some of you were new to me but are no longer.

  31. Wonderful poem! I have been coming to this site for so long I can’t remember how I discovered it. I mostly stick with the blog but every once in awhile when I have the time I venture to other parts of the site.

  32. Hmm… I think I came over after reading one of Mary Connealy’s interviews on another blog, and stayed because it’s such a welcoming place here! I’ve mostly stuck to the blog page, but maybe I’ll poke around more this coming year 🙂 Congratulations again, Fillies!

  33. LOL, Charlene, thanks! I haven’t written a lot of poems in my life, but I just had to try my hand at a ballad for the Fillies. I thought of it one day when I was thinking of some of my favorite Western movies–Cat Ballou. Remember that one? It had a great ballad at the beginning.

    I’d like to agree with you all about our guest bloggers–we love ’em to death, too! Thank you to those of you who’ve done it, and please do come back often! 🙂

  34. Great poem, Kate.

    How I found P&P: I was doing research for my Historical Western and surfing the net for any info on the Old West. Somehow, I clicked on the blog post at P&P where you were showing photos of cowboys in chaps. I stayed to peek around the site. It intrigued me. (Never mind getting a good look-see at the pics.)

    Then, I recognized one of the favourite authors – Cheryl St. John – and immediately bookmarked the site.

    Even then I think it took a couple weeks before I realized the enormous amount of accurate material the Fillies amass on a daily basis.

    P&P is now posted on my blog as one of my daily blog stops. 🙂

  35. Love the poem,I dont remember how I found P&P,I think I got a email,but im happy I did! thanks

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