Lyn Cote Up Next


Saturday’s guest is Miss Lyn Cote.

We’re thrilled to death to have Miss Cote here in Wildflower Junction. This is her first time and I know she’s just raring to get down to business. The dear lady has in mind to talk about the Walker Colt .45 and how it won the Mexican War. Some interesting stuff for sure or my name’s not Felicia Filly.

While Lyn Cote is here, she’s going to be promoting The Desires of Her Heart, part of her Texas Star of Destiny Series.

Ah know you’re just dying to meet Miss Cote. Join us on Saturday for her arrival. Help us make her right at home.

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  1. That cover has me interested! Can hardly wait to see what she has to say. She will be a new author for me so looking forward to her blog.

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