In stores now: The Magic of Christmas

Since this seems to be a week for kisses, I thought it would fit right in to announce the release of my October Christmas novella A BABY BLUE CHRISTMAS with a kiss teaser for you.  Look for it in stores near you!


Gabby furrowed her brow with a quizzical frown. “Will I still be here next week?”

Confident and capable were attributes he’d hang on her, but he’d caught her at a completely vulnerable moment. She needed to feel safe. He’d brought her here. He was responsible for setting her mind at ease. “Let’s say you’ll be here and make a plan.”

She raised her eyebrows in concern. “They don’t know what I am or who Willow is, do they, Turner?”

What she was? She was a caring unselfish person trying to do the best she knew how for two helpless children. “You’re a widow who was passin’ through and needed a place to stay.”

She searched his face as though hoping to find assurance. “And the truth is our secret?”

She made it sound clandestine, intimate…and he reacted to her words and trusting expression in a physical way that caught him off guard and delivered a sucker punch to his lungs.

Her gaze fell to his mouth.

Turner had to concentrate just to breathe again. When he did, her clean soap-and-talc scent washed over him.

“Our secret,” he agreed and the word made his body tingle. She’d raised her chin, and her lips were so near that he could…had he leaned over that far without intending to?

Turner lowered his mouth the last few inches and rested his lips against hers. Her surprised sigh fluttered against his mouth, sending sensory signals to his brain. He added slightly more pressure and tasted the sweetness of her sugary tea and the essence that was uniquely hers. For an endless moment there were no other distractions, no past, no future, and he was free to experience the softness of her lips and the pleasure of unhindered discovery.

It had been a long time since he’d felt anything so soft, since he’d experienced a sensation so pure and without a dark edge of pain. There was unexpected honesty in these fleeting moments.

The gentle touch of her fingertips against his cheek startled him. Embarrassed him. Brought reality into acute focus. He opened his eyes and drew away.

Her eyelids fluttered open. “Oh,” she said on a sigh and touched her fingers to her lips.

He hadn’t done anything that reckless for a long time. Maybe not ever. He’d guarded his heart so carefully. Turner backed away. “You won’t be of any use to those babies if you don’t take care of yourself. Go get some sleep.”

She watched him retreat, uncertainty in her eyes now. She nodded, set her cup aside and stood. “Yes.”

Without another word, she hurried from the room, the swish of her skirts loud in the silence.

He kept his gaze on the chair where she’d been.

No arguing, he had tender feelings for the woman. For her plight and that of the babies. He’d felt protective toward her from the first. Gabrielle and her tiny wards were ripping open wounds that had never properly healed. Being back in this house, being near her, smelling her, holding those babies…his defenses had been relentlessly bombarded. Now what was he to do?

The thought of anything happening to any of them was unbearable. Her obvious unhappiness and fearful uncertainty tore at his conscience.

Turner picked up her cup and looked at the dark liquid in the bottom. He had the power to do something about her situation. He’d been powerless over the things that had happened in his past, but he could do something about this.

Fierce determination rose inside of him.

He would do something about this.

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21 thoughts on “In stores now: The Magic of Christmas”

  1. Speaking as one who had the chance to read an early copy to review, I LOVED all the stories in the book. Each one was fantastic and Gabby’s story is awesome!

  2. I loved the story too! I adore this time of year just because of all the great holiday books that come out. It is even better when it is one from my favorite genre!

  3. I have this book! (Thanks to you, Cher!) I haven’t read it yet because I am trying to wait until a little closer to Christmas, but it is getting hard to keep waiting especially after reading this excerpt!

  4. Thanks to Cheryl, I’ve just blogged my review of The Magic of Christmas on both my eharl and personal blogs.

    I wanted to read it as soon as I rec’d it but between the ACFW conference and a trip to my mom’s, I didn’t get any reading done from Sep 16-29. Yipes! Funny how your parents expect you to sit and talk with them the WHOLE TIME you’re visiting, eh?

    But, it sure didn’t take long once I headed home.

    The Magic of Christmas just whetted my appetite. I’m gonna have to break out my Christmas books and DVD’s now…

  5. Thanks for the great excerpt! I really enjoy holiday romance stories, especially Christmas!!! And these cooler temperatures are getting me in the spirit!!

  6. Cheryl I have been meaning to blog to you about your book I finally found it at Walmart there was only two left I went Tuesday morning before work I can’t wait for this weekend so I can read it you know how much I love your books and have trouble waiting for the next one. Oh and the funny thing about it is I asked my hubby if we could put up the christmas tree and he said sure. I haven’t done it yet because grandbaby will be Tuesday so I think that will keep me busy for a little while. I will finally have some vacation from the job….. YEaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

  7. Cheryl, you tease! What a tender scene. Now, I absolutely CAN’T wait to get this book. I’m looking forward to kicking back, relaxing, and having a great time reading.

    Thanks for sharing this scene with everyone, even if you are full of trickery!

  8. I have just bought it, but will read it during christmas time as I always love to read themed anthologies during the holidays.

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