How Well Do You Know the Fillies … Answers

Here we go.  Answers in Wildflower Purple!

1. Which Filly writes in many different historical time periods, including China’s Boxer Rebellion, Scottish tales and Colonial America. She has also written short and long contemporary books as well as romantic suspense novels.

a.  Pat Potter

b.  Mary Conneally

c.  Charlene Sands

 2. Which Filly worked for years as a pediatric intensive care nurse and is interested in comedy script writing, but is best known for her westerns?

A.  Kate Bridges

B.   Mary Connealy

C.  Pam Crooks

3. Which Filly got her inspiration to write romance from such books as LaVryle Spencer’s Hummingbird and Lisa Gregory’s Rainbow Season, is an expert blogger and also lists questions authors hate to hear, with some pretty funny answers?

A.  Cheryl St. John

B.   Mary Connealy

C.  Elizabeth Lane

4, Which Filly tours extensively during the year to promote her terrific books and gives tips on writing and how to add more romance in your life on her website? 

a.  Linda Broday

b.  Karen Kay

c.  Cheryl St. John

5. Which Filly has traveled to such exotic places as Nepal and Panana and is quite a great belly dancer. She has written under the pen name of Lisa Lancaster?

a.  Elizabeth Lane

b.  Pat Potter

c.  Mary Connealy

6.  Which Filly is a die-hard country western music fan and teaches childbirth and baby care to pregnant mommies-to-be?

A.  Elizabeth Lane

B.  Stacey Kayne

C.  Charlene Sands

 7. Which award-winning Filly grew up watching westerns and always wanted the hero to ride off into the sunset, not alone, but with the woman that he loved?  She also shares writing tips with unusual names, such as Half-Baked Cake.

a.  Kate Bridges

b.  Linda Broday

c.  Pam Crooks

8, Which Filly lives on a ranch near the Sierra Nevada Mountains, began writing her dynamic westerns after taking an American History class and has been a Golden Heart Finalist?

a.  Karen Kay

b.  Charlene Sands

c.  Stacey Kayne

9.  Which Filly wrote her first book when she was twelve years old, has an infectious sense of humor, and has recently signed an eighteen book contract with Barbour?  (That’s 18 books!)

a.  Stacey  Kayne

b.  Pam Crooks

c.  Mary Connealy

10.  Which Filly had the great insight to develop the Petticoats and Pistols Blog, lives in the ranch country of Nebraska and has penned 11 wonderful westerns thus far?

a.  Cheryl St. John

b.  Pam Crooks

c.  Linda Broday

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