Favorite Kiss — Day Three

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Are you ready for some more of those sizzling hot kissing scenes?  Let’s have a look at our scenes from yesterday.  Quote #1, which was very, very beautiful.  Did you guess Linda Broday?  If you did you are so very, very right.

And how about the second scene.  Wasn’t that hot?  Did you guess Kate Bridges?  Again, if you did, you are very right.

And not for our next kissing scene.  Are you ready?  Here we go:


“She should back away.  She tried to make herself do it; she couldn’t.  His head gradually descended toward her.  And her reaction?  She leaned in closer.

Then it happened.  His head came fully down to hers.  She didn’t even have a chance to think before all at once his lips crushed down on hers, and in that moment Genevieve thought her world might surely end.

It was a savage kiss…and yet it wasn’t.

Her stomach twisted in response to him; her limbs refused to move, and she couldn’t think to question why this man would be kissing her.

In truth, there were a thousand things she should have done, a hundred things she should have uttered.  She neither said nor did any of them.  Instead, she stepped in closer toward him, and if anything, he leaned farther down.

The kiss deepened, going from savage to sensual, and Genevieve became unable to think of anything else but those lips on her own, their feel, their warmth, ther…arrousal.  She responded in an odd way, too, as though she had known this man all her life, as though he were some titled gent, as though this man belonged to her and she had every right to–

He broke off the kiss, and Lady Genevieve stood still for a moment, not able to move, not able to produce one coherent thought.

She noted that somehow her hands had found their way onto his chest, that somehow she had drawn in even closer to him, that–

“You see,” he broke into her thoughts.  “I was right.  You are a woman of no honor.”

She could only stare at him for several moments, and it was a long time before she could speak, and then only uttering, “Oh!”

She backed up then, but her gaze never left him, and she wondered what she should do. She felt suddenly as though she should return the insult with cutting words of her own or, faililng that, at least shove him away.  But she did neither.

Glancing down, Lady Genevieve lifted the hem of her dressing gown.  Taking one step back, she pivoted away, fleeing the cabin in a fluidity of motion that would have rivaled the swift descent of a hawk, the swish of her dressing gown the only echo of her distress.

But one thought kept coming back to haunt her as she fled down the steamship’s corridor.  She had never been more excited in her life.”


Do you know who wrote this scene?  Is it?…

a)  Karen Kay

b)  Pam Crooks

c)  Charlene Sands

And here’s the second kiss scene.  Can you guess who authored this?

“You don’t know me and you don’t know about my life.”

            “I know something about self-denial and sacrifice,” he told her.

            She could only look at him.  Wonder what he spoke of.  Wonder why he cared what she did with her life.  He didn’t know anything about her or the things that had shaped her into the woman that stood before him.  His touch on her wrist radiated warmth along her arm and sparked an awakening fire that humiliated her.

            This time the look in his eyes was not amusement or curiosity.  He was looking at her with sensual awareness, with restless heat and keen longing that ripped the air from her lungs as though she’d been struck.

            She lost track of any coherent words she might have thought to say.  Her attention focused on his lips, parted now and shaped with a fascinating bow in the upper and tempting fullness in the lower.  Her heart chugged like a freight train climbing the Rockies, and her breath caught.

            In the seconds that followed, she wasn’t quite sure how she came to be standing in the circle of his arms or when he’d released her wrist and wrapped that arm around her shoulder to draw her close against him, but the next thing she knew they were locked in an embrace and she was kissing him back with all the longing and passion she’d buried for a lifetime.

            The kiss wasn’t wise, but it was real.  This feeling that exploded and took over her senses didn’t listen to caution, but blazed ahead and turned her bones to jelly.

            He was beautiful, this man.  Strong arms and hard chest, lips that delighted and aroused, and at that instant she would have given everything to cast the rest of the world aside and know only this man and this moment and never let go.

            Everything that had been asleep in her woke up at his bidding and pushed aside the tears she’d cried and the promises she’d made herself.  She’d made all the mistakes she was going to.  Wisdom was her ruling trait now.

            Seth kissed her as though he couldn’t get enough of her, as though he didn’t need air as much as he needed to taste her.  At the velvety touch of his tongue against hers, she sighed and collapsed against him, but he easily absorbed her weight and held her fast.

            He threaded his fingers into her hair and she reached to grasp his jaw.  His rough chin and cheek were an exotic texture she explored until her palm tingled.

            From the outer room the grandfather clock chimed the hour in deep resonating tones, and the sound filtered into Marvel’s senses, awakening her to reality.  Time wasn’t her friend.

 Who is the author? Is it:

1) Karen Kay

2) Cheryl St. John

3) Pat Potter

Come on in and enter your opinion and let’s debate, shall we?



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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Some of you asked which book my love scene came from. It was “The Cowboy Who Came Calling.” That scene is one of my favorites in the book. And I guess a lot of other readers loved that story as well because it won the National Readers’ Choice Award.

    I wish you all lots of luck as you continue this guessing game. It’s fun, huh?

  2. Hi!

    Hope you all are having fun with the guessing. I am keeping track of everyone who participates since there will be a drawing for a prize.

    I haven’t named the prize yet, only because I need to check to make sure I know what it is. When I do find out, I’ll post it here on the comments.

    Hope you have fun with the scenes. Aren’t they sizzling?

  3. I know for certain that #2 is Cheryl St.John, so I’ll go with the masses and say:
    1. Karen Kay
    2. Cheryl St.John

    What a fun game!

  4. Karen Kay
    Cheryl St.John
    Just wondering, did you all an experience that helps right these sizzling kisses. If so I am jealous! LOL!

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