Half a Million Thanks to All of You!

Dear Readers and Friends,

Due to all of your wonderful support our Petticoats and Pistols site has received over half a million hits this year.

What great news for our first year anniversary celebration!

The Fillies extend their heartfelt thanks, at least half a million of them, to all of you who have stopped by to say hello, lend your comments, participate in our games and contests and most importantly have become our friends!

We’re at 532,000 and counting!!

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12 thoughts on “Half a Million Thanks to All of You!”

  1. That is truly amazing!! Half million!!!!! All of you should be so very proud. I thought from the moment I saw your site that it was unique, friendly, and fun!

    Keep up the great work.

  2. I am so happy that I have been one of those on your site. It has been fun and I am looking forward to the next year.

  3. You’re welcome! This is a great place to visit. Everyone is so friendly here. You famous author fillies ain’t stuck up or nothin’! 😉

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