Favorite Kiss — Day Two

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Are you ready for the results from yesterday’s post?  Okay, kissing scene #1.  Did you guess Elizabeth Lane?  If you did, you are so very, very right.  What a spellbinding scene.

And the hot, hot post #2.  If you guessed Stacey Kayne, again you are right!  After reading that scene, I needed to call my husband home.  : )

Okay, here is kissing scene number three:


A jagged flash revealed her ashen face. He’d already lost what he spent his whole life looking for. Sucking in what little air remained, he gathered her into his arms. Then she tilted her face. If anyone had said looking at someone through tears could form halos around their head, he’d have called them crazy fools. He kissed the sightless, stone-washed eyes. Then the tip of her nose. Despite his intent to stop there, he could not. A groan rumbled in his throat. Trembling under her spell, he teased the curved mouth with tiny flutters of his tongue before he feasted fully on the bounty.

This is a beautiful scene. Can you guess who wrote it? Is it…
a) Karen Kay

b) Cheryl St. John

c) Linda Broday

And here’s kissing scene #4:



“Keep the coat. There’s just one more thing.”

At the low timbre of his voice, her stomach dropped to her toes. He slid an arm behind her back and crushed her body to his, then his lips thundered down on hers.

He kissed as though he’d been caged for a year. Hungry and primal. He slid his large hand behind her duster and up the back of her blouse, resting it just above the waistband where every fiber in her body seemed to connect with his heat. With his other hand, he cupped her face, so tantalizing, such a soft caress in contrast to the firm embrace of her body.

She kissed him back. Perhaps it was she who’d been caged for a year. 


Another hot, hot scene. Can you guess who wrote it?1) Cheryl St. John

1) Cheryl St. John

2) Pam Crooks

3) Kate Bridges 

Hope you are enjoying these wonderful, wonderful scenes.  If you have your own favorite kissing scene to tell us about, please come on in and tell us about it.


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  1. I am no where as sure about these.
    first I shall guess
    Linda Broday
    and the second
    Pam Crooks
    I hope you tell us the names of the books as I don’t remember these.

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