Favorite Kiss — Fillies sharing their favorite kiss

And now for another Anniversary special — our own filly’s favorite kissing scene, taken from one of their books:  Can you guess which author wrote this?    Now this will be part of a contest.  However, since the writers of each scene will be listed each day, the way the contest will run is that each participant’s name will be put into a hat (or similar object) and the name drawn at random.  Okay?  So here we go!

Here’s the first one:

She whirled away from him and started for the door that led back into the hallway. Let him stay there. Let him crawl back to bed by himself or shout for help. She wasn’t putting up with his self-righteous arrogance another second!

She had almost reached the door when he caught her. His hand seized her shoulder with the strength of an iron vise and he whipped her back toward him. “Don’t tell me what I don’t know!” he muttered, jerking her hard against his chest.

His kiss arched her backward over his arm. Alex struggled against his strong hands and brutally seeking lips. Then suddenly, incredibly, she felt herself responding. A ripple of fevered excitement coursed through her as she softened against him and felt the hard contours of his aroused body through the thin silk. Her lips went molten beneath his. Her fingers dug into his flesh, clinging, demanding. Madness. It was running away with her and she couldn’t stop it—didn’t want to stop it.

No! Something in her was still fighting him, still struggling for control. This was insanity. He had no right!

He released her, and she spun away from him. They stood a pace apart, both of them breathing heavily. As Alex stared at him, she felt panic welling up in her body. She’d wanted a life in which there was no question of her being in control. Now, suddenly, she felt threatened. Rafe Garrick was all the things she despised in a man, all the things she had spent her life protecting herself from. And he had just violated her safe, well-ordered world.

Rage and fear exploded in her. Her hand came up and she struck him with all her strength across the face.

Dramatic!  Spellbinding!  Is the author of this:

a)  Charlene Sands

b) Elizabeth Lane

c) Pam Crooks

 And here’s another:

Lord, save me. She can even charm snakes.

Having unraveled her braids, her long hair rippled across her back and into the tall grass. The light afternoon breeze tugged at the wispy red ends. Her dress blended well with the blades of lush green, bonding her to the earth. She looked to be just as he’d named her, a little forest sprite, finding mischief and delight in the nature surrounding her.           
Jed shook off his trance-like state, released Sage and continued toward her. “Did they teach you to speak reptile at that fancy school back east?” he asked as he sat beside her.

“Jed!” Startled by the sound of his voice, Rachell nearly dropped the snake on her lap. “How do you creep about like that?”

“I’d be happy to show you, if you’d be willing to give me a lesson in reptile talk?”

She released the snake then glanced up at him with those pure green eyes. “What do you mean?”

Jed’s gaze settled on her succulent lips. He craved to press his lips to her sweet mouth, the way a drowning man craves air. Before he found the sense to stop himself, his lips were moving over hers in a light caress. She didn’t back away as he would have expected, nor did she show any sign of resistance when he lifted her hands from her lap and wrapped them around his neck.

His body surged with heat as she trembled in his arms while he traced the rim of her mouth with his tongue.

“I’m waiting for that flecking tongue,” he whispered.

Rachell’s eyes popped wide at the sound of Jed’s husky voice. Gracious! How had her fingers become entwined in his hair?

She’d been too caught up in the shivering bursts of heat rippling though her body and the caress of his lips to notice anything else. Her eyes drifted shut as his incredibly gentle hands continued to stroke her back. His mouth nibbled tenderly at her lips. She pushed her fingers deeper into his smooth, black hair, and was sure he liked it when he groaned, pulling her closer.


She shivered as his tongue skimmed across the seam of her lips. Did he truly want her to stick out her tongue? Parting her lips, she discovered that was exactly what he wanted. His tongue didn’t wait, however, but came seeking, into her mouth.

Rachell was jolted by surprise and an unexpected rush of pleasure as Jed molded his mouth to hers. His scent, taste and texture surrounded her, consuming her. She gave herself to his kiss, swept up in the sweet intimacy and sheer wonder of the wild sensations coursing through her.

Belatedly, she felt the cool grass against her back, her sole focus on the rhythmic probing of Jed’s velvety tongue, encouraging her to take part in the delicious dance taking place inside their joined mouths. His restless hands carried fire across her body, caressing her shoulders, her sides, her hips.

Hot, Hot, Hot! Is the author of this:

a) Stacey Kayne

b) Pat Potter

c) Cheryl St. John

Tune in tomorrow for the answer, as well as more hot, hot kissing scenes.


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29 thoughts on “Favorite Kiss — Fillies sharing their favorite kiss”

  1. I don’t know the first one- though I’m sure I’d remember that scene if I had (wow!) but I know the 2nd one is from Stacey Kayne’s Bride of Shadow Canyon(first book of Stacey’s I read and the one that got me hooked on her books :D)

  2. The first excerpt is from Elizabeth Lane’s On The Wings Of Love. The second is from Stacey Kayne’s
    Bride of Shadow Canyon. Loved them both!!

    Pat Cochran

  3. Here are my guesses:

    Dramatic! Spellbinding! Is the author of this:
    b) Elizabeth Lane

    Hot, Hot, Hot! Is the author of this:
    a) Stacey Kayne

    Great scenes!

  4. Wow, I don’t know about you girls but these kissing scenes sure got me all hot and bothered! My goodness. But then we love romance and this shows what sparks ignite between H/H when they set their minds to it.

    I just hope Felicia isn’t reading these. She has a hard time with things of the hot nature. Hee-hee

    And just think, the party’s only begun. You have all week of more of the same.

  5. Yep, what Pat said–Elizabeth’s On the Wings of Love and Stacey’s Bride of Shadow Canyon! Can’t wait to read more from both of them!

  6. b,Elizabeth Lane
    a Stacey Kayne
    oh my goodness too early in the morning to read this,lol,I usually save this for night time reading,thanks

  7. Wow! Someone hand me a fan! I need cooling off.
    I’m thinking we are all of one accord as I also think the first was Elisabeth Lane and the second was written by Stacey Kane.

  8. I’m staying with first guess of B and B. Just know the 2nd wasn’t Cheryl unless it was a rare one I haven’t read. Have MANY of Patricia’s but not read recently enough to know for sure. That’s why they are on the keeper shelf to read again and savor!! 🙂

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