Announcing the Weekend Winners!

Wow, what a weekend we had with our two terrific guests!  Vickie and Vicki, thanks so much for doing such a spectacular job.  Your blogs were a hit!  Now it’s time for the announcement everyone loves – the winners of the drawing for autographed books.

So all of the names of those who commented went into the cowboy hat. And the winners are….

One book of choice from Vickie McDonough’s website at goes to….

MARIA LOKKEN –  Congrats, Maria, please select a book from Vickie’s site and email her at with your address.


And a copy of THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS goes to….

GENNY – Yee haw, Genny!  Send your address to Vicki Bylin at

Now ya’ll stay tuned for a whole week of fun and prizes as we celebrate our One Year Anniversary filly-style!

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5 thoughts on “Announcing the Weekend Winners!”

  1. You little ladies shore know how to have a party! I can’t think of how to improve what you are doing–I enjoy looking at the photos and reading how you do your research. Even though I have to read a lot of genres in my day job, I personally prefer historicals, and further on that–Westerns. I grew up watching western movies because of my dad loving them.

    I may have missed this over the year, but how did each of you exactly get involved in writing Westerns? Was there a specific novel or movie or event that drew you to write your first one?

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