The Random Drawing Winner for Friday is:


Please be sure to contact me at  with your snail mail address. The Pony Express will deliver your fabo prizes very soon!!    Congratulations!  You’ve won an autographed book by Karen Kay and Pat Potter AND the Tom Selleck DVD Crossfire Trail!

Thanks to all who stopped by today!  Don’t forget we have two great guest bloggers for tomorrow!

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6 thoughts on “The Random Drawing Winner for Friday is:”

  1. My favorite horse in a Western movie was “Little Blackie” in True Grit. She went through this conversation with Rooster Cogburn about “one foot, buy ’em, two white feet, try ’em, three white feet [something here] and four white feet, pass ’em by” but then proceeds to buy him, despite the four white feet. He gives his life being run to death when Rooster tries to get Maddie to the doctor on him after being bitten by a rattlesnake, because his horse was shot. She’s dying and all the while is insisting that Rooster not run poor “Little Blackie” to death.

    Talk about horses being a character–that movie has a lot of horse characters! I do like all the horses you mentioned, too.

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