Vickie McDonough and Victoria Bylin on Saturday!


Hello again!

Saturday’s gonna be a heck of a day here in Wildflower Junction, I’ll tell you what. We’re gonna have ourselves two Vickies.

Miss Vickie McDonough and Miss Victoria Bylin will stop in and talk about the Badlands of North Dakota, favorite horses (both real and fictional) and who knows what else. All I do know is that whatever happens we’ll be in top form.

And they’re toting prizes too! Can’t beat a thing like that.

We have this entertaining business down pat. We do love having guests. It’s the highlight of our week just seeing who’s gonna ride over the ridge and into the valley. We always have a welcome sign hanging you know.

So, get yourselves busy. You have a personal invite from the Fillies to join us Saturday. Can you think of anywhere else you’d rather be besides with two Vickies and the rest of us?

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