Welcome Jeff Barnes on Wednesday


The Fillies have a nice treat in store for you on Wednesday.

Mr. Jeff Barnes will be in town and chatting up a storm with us.

Jeff will be taking Mary Connealy’s regular spot. But don’t worry, Mary isn’t going anywhere. She’ll be back on her regular Wednesday next month.

Now, for a little about our guest. Mr. Barnes is a former reporter and newspaper editor and was once the press secretary for Ben Nelson, Nebraska’s governor. The man is very interesting and full of knowledge. He’s written a book about forts that is sure to please. His book is called Forts of the Northern Plains.

Since old forts just happen to be some of my favorite places to visit, I can’t wait to see what fascinating tidbits he’ll have to share. Come and join us. Help the Fillies roll out the red carpet. I do say that piece of rug is getting quite a workout!

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