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My husband and I have lived a lot of beautiful places.  I grew up in the Midwest and loved the redbud trees and soft dogwoods.  We moved to Kentucky which has gorgeous yellow narcissus and mimosas.


Savannah in the spring is gorgeous with the azaleas, then the crepe myrtles, but it wasn’t until we moved to the Hill Country of central Texas that I realized how lovely spring can be.


Texas is an amazing state.  As the commercial says, it’s like a whole other country with mountains (not very high ones but mountains still) and deserts, the piney woods of East Texas, and the coastal plains on the Gulf.


But it’s the Hill Country I love.  Scattered through the area are the Highland Lakes, made when the Colorado River was dammed nearly one hundred years ago.  Surrounding that are the most beautiful fields of wild flowers that bloom every spring.


All this glory starts with the blue bonnets which come up close to Easter.  By mid-March, everyone competes to be the first to find a patch.  As March melts into April, the fields on each side of Old Spanish Trail are covered with the bluish-purple haze that is the beginning of spring and the wildflower season. 


Because of the beauty of the Hill Country—from the blue bonnets to the Mexican blanket and other wild flowers followed by the blossoming and blooming of the prickly-pear cactus– small town Central Texas is a marvelous place to live, especially for those of us who can’t raise flowers on our own.  God provides them in abundance..


That’s why I placed the mythical town of Silver Lake, TX, right in the middle of the Hill Country.  That’s the setting for my September release, DEEP IN THE HEART.


When Kate Wallace comes home after an absence of nearly fifteen years, she falls in love with the beauty of her hometown.  Although she’s lived in New York, Houston, and Miami, she discovers to her amazement that she wants to stay in Silver Lake. 


Her old boyfriend Rob Chambers is used to the beauty of their hometown.  After she left, his heart mended.  He married and had a darling daughter.  Then his wife died and, for him, the blue bonnets didn’t bloom again.


As I was writing DEEP IN THE HEART, I decided I had tell all my readers how beautiful spring in the Hill Country is.  I used the changing wildflowers to show the passage of time.  Kate comes back to Silver Lake as the blue bonnets begin to show.  The changes in her life take place against the background of the cyclical beauty of nature.  I had to spend a lot of time researching the wildflowers.  I have a shelf of books and a dear friend who helped me greatly. 


DEEP IN THE HEART is all about change.  Through the book,  Kate is happy she came home,  She becomes a small town girl and finds her faith again.  She attempts to reconcile with her difficult sister and helps her lonely niece to find friends.


Rob has to learn to grieve for his wife and trust the woman who left him.

And nature reflects those changes.  The cycles of life match the cycles in nature.


I’ve mentioned a few places we’ve lived that I found very beautiful.  What is the most beautiful place you’ve lived or visited?  Why?  What did or do you find so lovely?


I’ll have a drawing for one person who posts their answer.  The winner will receive an autographed copy of DEEP IN THE HEART.  If you visit my web site janemyersperrine.com, I’ll have an additional Texas prize for one of you.

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53 thoughts on “Jane Myers Perrine Writes Stories From Deep in Her Heart”

  1. Good Morning, your book sounds wonderful.

    I can’t really say where would be the most beautiful place I have visted. I live in Middle Tennessee (born and bred) and I guess I will die here too. I have visted Pigeon Forge and the mountains are breath taking. I’ve been to Florida and the ocean is also breath taking. I guess if you look close enough you can see the beauty that God created for us everywhere.

  2. Welcome to the blog Jane!
    Wow, what a wonderful story. I too enjoy watching the changing seasons and usually can’t wait for spring to return! The Ozarks of the midwest are amazing and beautiful to see.
    I just viewed your other books and can’t wait to go find them! It is always so much fun to find more great books!

  3. Jane, the word pictures you paint about Hill Country and wildflowers makes me want to fly out to visit Texas. They also make me eager to read your book! I love the notion of connecting the cycle of wildflowers to human emotions.

    Maybe you can answer a question about bluebonnets. On one trip to Texas, I was told not to pick bluebonnets. Are they actually a protected plant or was my host just personally overprotective?

    Hugs & smiles,
    Kathy H.

  4. I can’t really pin point what place is the most beautiful. I live in KY and have alway live here. I think if is a beautiful state. I think everyone thinks their home is the best place to be. I have never been to Texas, but would love to go. I have visited a lot of places in books and by them I would think the highland of Scotland would be a beautiful place to go. I did visit your website and loved it.

  5. I love where I live in the heart of California’s Gold Country at the base of the mighty Sierras, but I learned long ago that the lack of rain all summer results in rolling golden hillsides, which have a rugged beauty all their own. This area is home, and in the spring, before things have baked in the abundant sun, it’s a wonderful place to behold.

    My favorite place in terms of year ’round natural beauty, however, is Grindlewald, Switzerland, a small town high in the Alps. The chalet where we stayed faced the rugged north face of the Eiger. One can stand outside, turn in a full circle, and view breathtaking scenery in every direction. From the towering peaks and lush green hillsides to the lovely chalets nestled amongst them, I stood there and felt as if I’d stepped into one of God’s best paintings come to life.

    I look forward to reading your story and seeing how you use the beauty of the flowers to show the passing of time.

  6. Several years ago I got the opportunity to visit the Cotswold area of the UK. I fell in love with it immediately! The rollings hills, the babbling brook, the countryside with its natural rock walls. The various shades of green seen across the countryside were amazing, as if God allowed droplets of color to fall and mingle accros a patchwork field. It was so pretty. The walking paths were wonderful where you could enjoy seeing nature at its best — English gardens, sheep, nature’s bounty. And the sunset with it’s ribbons of pinks and purples against the beautiful blue sky was definately something I will remember for ever! I would love to return there someday, to sit again and watch the sunset over such a beautiful part of the world.


  7. I can’t really say which would be my pick for the most beautiful place I’ve been but, being from Minnesota, I’m partial to the Mississippi River bluff country. I’ve traveled from Davenport, Iowa, all the way up through the St. Croix Valley over the years many times and still love it, especially in the fall. I also love the area I live in now, the Western end of Lake Superior. Not everyone gets to see the world’s largest fresh water lake everyday but I do. I see the changes of the season, the gales of November, the ice of the deep freeze of winter, and the beautiful colors of fall. Guess I’m content right where I’m at.

  8. Thanks, Kathy. You know there’s room for you with us if you come this way.

    When saw my first bunch of blue bonnets, I waded into the middle of them. Everyone there glared at me–I didn’t know why. Since them, I’ve found out that blue bonnets are to look at and take picutures of. Don’t believe there’s a law, but more of a custom. If you pick the flowers, they don’t go to seed and make more flowers for the next spring.


  9. Keli, all of these places sound lovely. Sounds as if you love the mountains.

    To be surrounded by the mountains in tghe chalet in Switzerland must have been spectacular. There’s nothing like the splendor of the mountains to fill us with awe–I’ve often prayed there because they are so overwhelmingly grand and beautiful.

    Thanks for dropping in.


    My favorite place in terms of year ’round natural beauty, however, is Grindlewald, Switzerland, a
    I look forward to reading your story and seeing how you use the beauty of the flowers to show the passing of time.

  10. Jan–thank you for coming by. You’ve made me wish I could go to the Cotswold area of the UK. Is this the place ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL was written about? I hope you get to go back.

    Your descriptions are so lovely–you should write a book set here!


  11. Lynn, your area sounds wonderful. It’s a part of the country I haven’t visited for many years and don’t remember well. I do know the bluff of the Missouri River, but not the Mississippi. If there’s anything I miss living in Texas, it’s the trees in the fall.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.


  12. Hi Jane,

    Welcome to P&P! The Fillies are thrilled to have you here. We do hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

    Although I live in North Texas, the Hill Country is my favorite part of the state. I love the rolling hills and all the vegetation. Not to mention the fields of bluebonnets in the spring. Just gorgeous. If anyone has a broken heart that section of Texas will certainly heal it.

    Your fictional town of Silver Lake sounds like an excellent place to find love and a family. I’ll have to haunt the bookstores until I find a copy of the book. I love a good romance!

    I have a fondness for Texas but I think if I had to choose another place to live it would be Colorado. I love those tall mountains, fresh clear streams, and pines that reach the sky. It’d be a nice place to sit on a porch and grow old.

    Hope you have a nice day and come back again sometime. 🙂

  13. Jane, I was raised in a little community called High Bridge, which is the highest railroad bridge in the world that crosses over the KY river. There is a park there where you can look out over the river clifts and see the bridge and the mouth of Dix river where it joins the Ky river. It is really a beautiful site in the fall. I don’t live there now but I am not far away. I guess you were speaking of Lexington which has all the horse farms and things. I live about 50 miles from there.

  14. Thanks, Linda, I’m delighted to be here. You have a nice bunch of people stopping by. I, too, love both the mountains and the hill country, but I find the hill country and the wild flowers restful.

    And I will be back! The last week in December, I believe. The book I’ll be talking about then is set in Texas in 1885.


  15. Quilt lady–I just googled High Bridge and discover the bridge was built in 1877, the first cantilever bridge in North America. The pictures are amazing–it is so high over the gorge. What a gorgeous site. I wasn’t a native of KY so I hadn’t realized there was a Dix River. I’ve learned so much. Thank you for sharing.


  16. I live in Western PA and it’s really a gorgeous state. Lots of mountains and greenery and gorgeous in the fall. Your book sounds very uplifting 🙂

  17. Jeanne, my father-in-law was born in Sharon but that’s the closest I’ve gotten to WesternPA. I’ve visited Allentown and the eastern part of the state. Thanks for writing and thanks for visitng the website. We love our kittens, too–they’re much bigger now and spoiled rotten.


  18. The most beautiful place I ever visited was Hana, on the island of Maui. On the road to Hana wild impatiens covered the hills on one side and avacadoes grew wild on the other side.

  19. Welcome Jane,The most beautiful place ive lived was Vermont,with its snow an Moose that run freely,its really pretty,but cold!We moved back to TN where its much warmer an less snow,thanks

  20. Oh, I loved this post. Very descriptive. I believe this book would be a very delightful read. Michigan is a bundle of beauty in the fall when the leaves are changing. Very breath taking to see all the colors. I know God loves color because He created so many.

  21. Hi Jane! Thank you for the great blog! I enjoyed reading about all the lovely places you’ve been. Your description of the Hill Country wildflowers was beautiful! I haven’t been to many places but one area that stays in my mind is the Adirondacks in upstate New York. It is just gorgeous. The scenery is spectacular especially in the fall with all the different colors just bursting out all around you. The lakes, mountains, and forests are so majestic and peaceful. I guess the area appeals to me because it’s so rich in beauty and history.

    I enjoyed your website. Your books sound wonderful!

  22. If you visited my website, please leave me a message so I know how to get in touch with you for the second Texas prize. I’m thinking chocolate. Texas has good cholcolate, but it’s what we put in it that makes in uniquely TEXAS.


  23. Vicki, I’ve always wanted to live in Vermonth except fo the SNOW! We lived in the MidWest (lots of snow)until we discovered the south. I’d love to have a summer cabin in Vermont–maybe when I sell a few more books! Are you enjoying Tennessee?

    Thanks for leaving a comment.


  24. Abi, the greens of Michigan are wonderful. I went to camp there when I was much younger. Camp Minianka. You are certainy right about all the colors God created–all we can see and describe–and more.

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment.


  25. Deborah, I like those places that have many areas of beauty. You mention the Adirondacks in upstate New York; spectacular especially in the fall with all the diffearent colors just bursting out all around you; the lakes, mountains, and forests. How lovely.

    My husband and I are both history buff so love to visit pleaces that are both beautiful and historical–such as the track of Sherman through the South. Probably some of you still haven’t forgiven him for that, but it is a great hisotircal drive through lovely countgryside.


  26. Hi Jane! One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited is Vermont in the summertime. I remember driving along an old country road with green fields, trees, and sparkling brooks alongside the road. We went through at least half a dozen of those old covered bridges. Very pretty! Thank you for sharing with us today. Deep in the Heart sounds like such a heartwarming story.

  27. Good evening, Jane. I’m late getting to the Junction as it was a busy out-of-town day. Your post was a great one to come home to. The hill
    country sounds wonderful as does your book…I’m starting to read more Love Inspireds so will look for it. I actually love where I live in coastal Southern California but I’ve also fallen in love with New England. The Berkshires in the fall are just amazing. And I’m also a Nebraskan at heart. Great sunsets.

  28. Hi Jane,
    In our state of Pennsylvania there is a state park called Ricketts Glen that has the most beautiful waterfalls and wooded areas. I checked out your website and saw your adorable kittens. We just adopted kittens ourselves a couple of months ago and you never know what they are going to get into.

  29. Tanya, I’ve spent very littile time in new England–but went to Mystic Seaport (is that the right spelling) and found that area beautiful. I hope you enjoy Deep in the Heart and all the Love Inspired.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  30. Thanks for dropping by–so early!–Maureen. I think we all agree that wooded areas and waterfall–or lakes–are beautiful. Ricketts Glen sounds lovely.

    And thanks for checking into the website.


  31. JANE!!

    You will have to dig deep to remember me..I am a friend of Jan Edgars. But you were kind enough to send me a lovely contest judge follow up note and I am forever grateful for your encouraging words.

    I had the opportunity to live in Augsburg, Germany when I was in the Army and the barracks were the same ones that German soldiers lived in during WWII.

    As I looked out my window I could only imagine that time so long ago and the history that took place on those cobblestone streets, the same streets where Hitler marched his troops each day.

    Germany is a beautiful country, and the people are so appreciative for their freedom in a way we cannot comprehend here in America.

  32. Oh, I just had to say my daughter just moved back from Allentown – she and her fiancee – now husband – were there for a year or so and now moved closer to home – horray. And I know where Sharon is – I live in Plum, about 20 miles from Pittsburgh.

  33. I loved visiting Victoria, B.C. Canada. The majestic mountains, the Pacific Ocean, the shell hunting, the different air, etc. The scenery is beautiful- tall majestic trees, very pleasing colors for the palette.

  34. Jane, I enjoyed your post and pictures. Although central California in the spring and New England in the fall are favorite regions of the US for me, I believe the Hill Country is the best of all. Although I’m from the Texas Panhandle, I spend a lot of time in the Hill Country. A field of bluebonnets can’t be beat for beauty. One of my favorite pictures is of my granddaughter with a huge red bow on her otherwise bald head sitting in a field of bluebonnets. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Texas. Your book sounds wonderful. Phyliss

  35. Tina, thank you so much for reminding me that I know you–I do remember you but wouldn’t have if you hadn’t mentioned Janet. I miss her so much–she set up the best on-line retreats–and wish we could read all the wonderful books she didn’t have time to write. I’m glad my note was encoraging. Keep writing! Leave me a note at my web site and let me know what you’re doing, please.

    How interesting that you were in the WW2 barracks and what a fascinating commentary you made on the times. What part of Germany was your favorite.


  36. Phyllis, I’m glad we agree about Central Texas and the Hill Country. I can imagine how cute your granddaughter looked with her red bow in a field of bluebonnets. In this book, I really attempted to pay tribute to the beauty of this area in the spring.

    Thanks for dropping in.


  37. I have never been to Texas in the spring although I have taveled there in June and July. It is so big! We drove to McAllen from Nebraska and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I am looking forward to reading your book and will be ordering asp.

  38. Aah, Connie, you are so right! It is a huge state! The first time we came to Texas, we wanted to go to El Paso but discovered we just couldn’t make it that far. And there are so many sides: mountains. beach, rolling hills, desserts. Nebraska to McAllen is a good piece!

    I hope you enjoy my book–it’s very dear to my heart.

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