My Heroes Have Always Been Vaqueros

When I was about seven, I had my first, no, my second crush. Maybe my third, if we include Davy Jones from the Monkees, and I’d rather we just didn’t go there, thank you, ma’am.

Anywayz, there was this TV show; not the best ever, but intriguing nonetheless to a chubby, introverted kid who spent most of her time pretending to be Laura Ingalls Wilder and who’d just realized that, well, boys could be kinda nice to look at, especially on the pages of Tiger Beat magazine.

So this show, “The Cowboys,” had on it the most beautiful “man” I’d ever seen, and he had the oddest name ever: A. That’s it; just A. But how he stole my heart, this A Martinez, with his intense, dark Spanish eyes and rough-yet-kindly loner ways!

I kind of forgot about A until last night when I was trawling for Wild West images and stumbled across his pic, shocked by a couple conclusions.  First, I seem always to be drawn to Cowboy heroes whose heritage is mixed. 

And second?  My crush on A Martinez explains a whole hey-howdy-heck-of-a lot about my mad crush on romance novel cover guy Nathan Kamp!  No wonder I reacted so ardently when I first noticed Kamp on romance covers.  I mean, look at the two of em!  One is a young girl’s fancy.  And the other?  OK, say it: A middle-aged woman’s fantasy. 
We don’t need PhDs in psychology to know our first tendres for characters from TV or movies can affect our images of what we find romantic as adults and, in my case, what kinds of heroes I dig in Western romances.  Clearly, my heroes include  blended-race, American Indian, Buffalo Soldier, “Mestizo” heroes etc, who aren’t just written that way for descriptive purposes, but for characterization.

But I also dig loners, card sharps and brothel owners — bad men who have good in ‘em, but aren’t fully redeemed by novel’s end.  And, oh, OK, like lots of you, I’d do just about anything for a British Peer of the Realm on the Range.  A Lorraine Heath Peer of the Realm . . .

Some Western lovers have lamented to me that there don’t seem to be any Westerns being written anymore.  And I wonder why they think that, when we’ve got you pretty little Fillies here in Wildflower Junction writing, and other faves like Linda Lael Miller, Beverly Jenkins, Kathleen Eagle, Georgina Gentry, Leigh Greenwood  and others, and now, so many Inspirational authors who find the taming of America rich landscape for their tales.

When readers start to worry about the Western being on its way out, I remind them of the great “The Historical is Dead!” debacle.  Still, it’s true that not as many Westerns are being published.  Maybe we need to find kinds of Westerns that appeal to that attractive “younger” demographic we want to lure to romance reading.

What do you think?  What kinds of Westerns could attract larger audiences of readers, especially young’ns?  What kinds of Western heroes do you like best?  How do you feel about the fact that the Western was “multi-cultural” before multi-cult was hot?  And  what influenced your love of the Western romance hero and heroine? 

Thanks so much, Fillies, for the honor of letting me hang here in Wildflower Junction for the day!  I’m looking forward to the fun… Romance columnist Michelle Buonfiglio is a former Miss Pennsylvania and Top 10 Miss America finalist.  She’s passionate about romance fiction and the people who write it and read it, as well as the industry that builds the books.
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52 thoughts on “My Heroes Have Always Been Vaqueros”

  1. Ooohh Yeah, A. Martinez mmmmm

    I loved this show!

    I’m not sure westerns could attract our youngsters with all the mob/creature/transformer/etc movies & games…cowboys & Indians are too tame.

    But I’ll always love ’em. 🙂

    Great post.


  2. ‘morning, Fillies! Thanks again for having me.

    Yay, Pamt! Another “Cowboys” fan! You have a point. Diane Whiteside has some nice vamps set in the West. So, maybe a romance series, “Buffy Jane: The Rootin’ Tootin’ Demon Slayer might work. Maybe she could be Wild Bill Hickock’s squeeze, and we’d learn that he really was a demon and never *really* died in that card gamein Deadwood…

    Speaking of resurrection, wouldn’t a remake of “The Cowboys” be hot! Of course, it’d be creepy to be attracted to any but the 23+ hands now. Maybe there could be a romance series attached to it, like to NASCAR and Guiding Light.

  3. ok..I have to set the record clear here…

    I am without a doubt…..THE BIGGEST NATHAN KAMP FAN ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    now-Nathan appears on many different kinds of books-westerns as well as “ a London aristocrat”… absolute FAVE book cover is the cover for “Give Me A Texan” ….(Linda Broday is one of the authors featured in this anthology)

    there is just something about that cover that gets me everytime I see it! He makes the sexiest cowboy!

    now as for what my fave western hero is…hmmm..I LOVE a good gunslinger story..those are my faves!!

    Im with you about the whole “British Pear of the Realm on the range” story! LOVE any of those I can find…let’s see here..I read a trilogy a while ago…by..Lorraine Heath… she has 2 different connected series I believe with this story line…earls and dukes and sons of such..etc

    I think one of the main reasons that I LOVE WESTERN ROMANCE…is how hard the characters always have to work…they work hard to learn, live and love and that makes for a great story!

    Thank you so much for blogging here today-I really enjoyed it! And..please forgive me for rambling-once I get started about western romance and/or Nathan’s kinda hard to stop me!! LOL

  4. hehe..notice I said “PEAR” instead of “PEER”…well-some are so tasty looking that we’d like a bite anyway!!!! LOL

  5. A Martinez! I never saw that show but adored him in the soap “Santa Barbara”.

    Michelle is always trying to steal my boyfriend Nathan. She’s so shameless, I tell you. I will say he certainly inspires me to pick up a western from time to time.

    I didn’t read a lot of westerns (the Gabby Hayes imagery), but I read a lot of Indian romances when I was younger. Loved ’em. Sarah McCarty has gotten me interested in her westerns. Very gritty and realistic – no fluffy dandies in sight. LaVyrle Spencer had a lovely western called “The Gamble”. And my fave by her, “Vows”, I guess is classified as a western as well. Hmm, who knew?

  6. Melissa D, what a hoot!

    You know, Stacy is the woman who solved the Nathan Kamp mystery for me! All I knew was he was hot and I wanted to interview him. Stacy already was hot for him, I mean appreciated the aesthetic quality of his work. She told me his name and directed me toward these amazing lists she’s put together of novel covers he’s appeared on. You can see them here:

    That’s the thing, Stace; everybody hears “Western” and thinks cowboys. Which ain’t so bad in and of itself. But there are so very many kinds of stories and sub-genres embraced by the Western wrapper. It’s a very rich style of romance, and includes wonderful once like those you’ve mentioned.

    Although, maybe you Fillies would disagree? Do you consider novels set in the West but ones that deal with Reconstruction, settling of the land, everyday, non-cowboy life to be Westerns?

  7. Thanx Michelle *g* Alas you’re reminding me I haven’t been keeping up on my Nathan Kamp list. Ravenscorner is much better – she’s a true fan.

    And you’re right, I automatically think cowboys when I hear Westerns. But that doesn’t really emcompass all of what a Western represents, does it? My bad. I guess I love Westerns after all.

  8. Good morning, Michelle!! My, my, but you were up early. Thank you so much for coming to Wildflower Junction and spending the day with us! I’m in awe that you were a Miss America finalist . . .

    What would appeal to the younger generation to get them to love westerns? I think today’s films would make a huge difference. If more westerns were on the screen, their popularity would spill into fiction. But then, many of the movies were based off novels. Still, films are a major influence in the entertainment industry. Sure would love to see more of them. Loved 3:10 to Yuma!

    I’m waiting for my sister Filly, Linda, to stop by. She’s a huge Nathan Kamp fan!!!

  9. see..I knew there was a reason Linda and I clicked!!! LOL-right Linda-…Nathan Kamp is enough to hold any friendship together!! hehe 😉

  10. Hi Michelle,
    I loved A Martinez in the soap Santa Barbara! He played a cop, if I’m remembering correctly. But he’s a great cowboy!

    Nathan Kamp – one word, yummy. 🙂

    And I do enjoy all types of westerns, though I mostly write sheriffs, ranchers and bounty hunter types, I’ve toyed with writing loggers, railroad men and farmers. I think it’s the aura of the West that intrigues me, and a good emotional

    I think we need more western movies. I know many women and men both, who are hungry for a good western movie. I’m eagerly awaiting the opening of Apaloosa with some great stars and hope it’s as good as the trailers seem to portray!

    Thanks for a great blog today and welcome to Petticoats!! We’re happy to have you as our guest today!

  11. Ah, my heroes have always been cowboys too. One of my sexiest heroes is half-Spanish, half-Scottish (Malcolm in The Reward). I definitely agree with the pull of the dark-eyed cowboy. *sigh*

    And the western is definitely not out of style or dead – we western romance authors are doing our best to repopulate the shelves with many yummy cowboys for years to come. 😀

    Pam ~ loved, loved, loved 3:10 to Yuma too! Have you seen the trailer for Appaloosa with Viggo Mortenson (squee) and Ed Harris?

  12. Michelle. . .
    Welcome. I love the bad boy hero, the harder and more cynical the better. It’s so much fun to reform them.

  13. Hi Michelle!

    Fascinating blog, and welcome! I may be one of the very few people in America who doesn’t have and doesn’t watch TV — (I’d rather read) — and so I have never seen this handsome, handsome man. I also love the picture of the Indian in one of your last pictures. Do you know who he is?

    Thanks so much for the wonderful, wonderful blog.

  14. Mornin’ Michelle – Davy Jones?? Really?? I adored that man until I learned that he was way too short for me… sigh…

    And as for westerns, seeing this column reminded me that I used to read way more westerns than I do now… Hmmm.. don’t know why except that I don’t read as much of anything as I used to.

    But now I’ve been motivated to go dig up a yummy western and dive in.

  15. Half-breeds, Cowboys and Indians!!! My favorite topics. 🙂

    Half-breeds intrigue me, and I’ve always gravitated toward Mexican (maybe because I was raised in Southern California?), and Comanche (because I was born in Texas?). Who knows?

    Yeah, I listened to “Historicals don’t sell” for ten years or more. “Westerns are dead.”


    In my not so humble opinion, cowboys and Indians will never completely disappear from American literature because the two define “adventure.” As long as there’s a rancher in Colorado, California, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and, yes, Texas, (did I miss anyone?) writers will continue to write about the men, women too, who define rugged individualism. And…it’s likely that half-breeds had to be even tougher to survive in the Old West.

    Thanks, Pam, for reminding me (on a loop) to stop in at Wildflower Junction. It’s one of my favorite places to mosey around in when I step off the stagecoach of life for a day. 🙂

  16. There’s nothing wrong with short men! Davey Jones was a HOTTIE! I am a still a closet Monkee fan. I even have a Donny Osmond CD. LOL

    Thank you for the reminder and that picture of A. Martinez, Michelle! Whoa, baby. He still looks pretty durned good.

    I do love those bad boys….

    Thanks so much for being our guest in Wildflower Junction today, Michelle. The welcome mat is always out.

  17. Pam-I rushed off to see the trailer for Appaloosa too!!!!!!!!! IT LOOKS AWESOME! I cant wait to see this!

    Has anyone read the book it’s based on?

  18. I’m afraid I’ve never read any western fiction, but I love me a western movie. 🙂

    Clint Eastwood… ooh, he was hot as ‘Blondie’!

    Lou Diamond Phillips… in anything really. Westerns and other roles alike.

    Tombstone! Mmm, I just adore the sharp dressed Earps in that film, and Val Kilmer as Doc is awesome. It’s one of my all time favourite westerns.

  19. Hi Michelle!

    Welcome to P&P. We’re so thrilled to have you here with us.

    I see we share the same love of cowboys and Nathan Kamp. He did the cover of the anthology I did with Jodi Thomas, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace. It’s called “Give Me a Texan” and is on sale now. Talk about a HOT cover! Oh man! He really has the body and the charisma. He also posed for the cover of our second anthology “Give Me a Cowboy” that’ll be out in Feb.

    And Nathan did one of Karen Kay’s. I think it was “The Warrior.” Anyway, we were very honored to have him on our covers.

    I used to watch everything that had A. Martinez in it, but I don’t see him around much anymore. He has the most wonderful eyes! Another actor I like to watch is Antonio Banderas. Wow! Loved him in Zorro! He’s really nice to look at.

    Hope you have a good time here. We’re a friendly bunch.

  20. Hi Michelle!
    (waving at Linda B. and all the Fillies!)

    Ooh, Davey Jones! Loved him–Bobby Sherman, too. (And if that doesn’t date me…)

    I grew up on stories of my grandmother growing up on the Dakota plains. I think that’s where my love of westerns started–and why I write them. Then I discovered John Wayne and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  21. Welcome to Wildflower Junction, Michelle. I was raised on TV westerns, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Caddie Woodlawn stories, and my gramma’s recollection about life on a Kansas farm in the early 1900’s. All that and childhood camping trips in the Sierras have always let me think I am a pioneer at heart.

    (Or not, when I consider my rspect for flush toilets, antibiotics, and restaurants LOL.)

    Great post today!

  22. Hi y’all! I heard that my dear friend Michelle was visited a place called Wildflower Junction, and I had to check it out. What to my wondering eyes should appear but some of my favorite writers of my favorite genre, the Western Romance! Wow, what a find!

    Hey, I remember Tiger Beat. Guess it must have stayed around well past my teen prime. I grew up when cowboys ruled on TV. With all the talk about mavericks on the tube, I have to say that the original Maverick was a big favorite for me. i was a Brett gal. That would be James Garner. Let’s see, Brett, Beau and…Bart?

    I never miss a new Western movie, and there have been some good TV originals lately. I’ve watched “The Outsider” several times–based on a great romance novel–and the one with Robert Duvall–several parts, had some very nice romance in it, title escapes me.

    Mixed bloods. Cross cultural relationships. East meets West. I’ve lived these themes, and I know the interest lives on. Ain’t that America?! It works as well in contemporary Romance as it does in our beloved Historicals. My next release (IN CARE OF SAM BEAUDRY, May 09, SSE) is a return to my roots in series with a part Indian contemporary Montana cowboy, and I’m working on Sam’s brother’s story as we speak. In fact, he’s calling me back, and my own Indian cowboy just strolled past the office door and game me that aren’t-you-supposed-to-be-working? look.

    I’ll check back in later. Good to see you all!

  23. Hi Michelle! Welcome to P&P! It’s wonderful to have you here.

    Great question about what would draw young readers into Westerns. How about a teenage Western soap opera on TV, kind of like the O.C. or Beverly Hills 90210, except with teenagers and their dilemmas from the Wild West? LOL, I think I’d love to write it! Some of those brides were pretty young, and they had problems all their own!

  24. OMG, Kate! That just might get me back to the TV! I like to relive my teen years through those shows, trying to pretend I actually had a social life! Please write it!

    BEth: Half Spanish/half scottish? sheesh! How’d I miss that! But isn’t that exactly what happened in the West (Just like all over America)?

    I think we need to have Wild West Week at RBTB!

    Hi, Linda! I’m having a great time here, thanks! What a lively, nice bunch you are. You remind me a lot of the Bellas at RBTB, and we’d love to have you join us anytime. WARNING: We like to talk about big, strapping, big-in-all-ways heroes. So, if’n you ain’t into that sorta thing…

  25. Oh, and I do remember A Martinez and The Cowboys. Remember Robert Blake in “Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here”? Good movie. Blake had a few roles as an Indian. Back when I was teaching high school at Standing Rock I got to order the monthly afternoon movie, and the kids always wanted “They Died With Their Boots On,” in which Custer was the hero. It was an old movie (Ronald Reagan!) with white guys playing the Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, but the kids loved to pick out their relatives dying without their boots on many times over. They were the extras. The kids argued about who did the best fall off the horse.

    I love Adam Beach! “Flags Of Our Fathers” and HBO’s “Wounded Knee.” He looks SO much like Clyde. Oops, here he comes again…

  26. Oh, and I adored A Martinez in Santa Barbara, too!!! Back in my soap watchin days.

    Hi, Pam! Thanks again for letting me take your spot here at P&P today! It’s every bit as much fun as I thought it’d be. You’re right about the films. Even some remakes with hot young stars. While my fave Westers tend to be the realistic, gritty ones that show Western life as it probably was (I was a “Deadwood” addict for a while, til I didn’t have time for TV anymore), like “Unforgiven.”

    But some combo of gritty and hot would be nice. Again I say, isn’t it time for a remake of “The Cowboys?” Maybe A could play the John Wayne role this time around…

    Hi, Joyce! You wrote: *And…it’s likely that half-breeds had to be even tougher to survive in the Old West.* I think that’s what I really like about these heroes too; the angst is built right in. Although I wonder if for young people, the idea of their being a barrier between a white woman and, for instance, an American Indian hero makes any sense. They may not remember a time when “crossing the race line” was a big issue — and bravo for that!

    I’m curious about terminology. Yesterday when I sent Pam my post, I asked her to check it, to make sure it didn’t seem racist. It’s important to me that I’m sensitive to readers’ needs, as much as possible. But I see the term “half breed” on books and I kinda cringe, because I always heard it used as a slur.

    Am I confused? Is it ok to use it because it’s historically accurate? Because, believe me, i don’t confuse modern sensibilities with historical ones in the context of fiction writing. I understand things were different, and accept how that can drive the passion or tension or drama of a story.

  27. Hiya, Kathleen! Oh, there you go again, bragging about having you an Indian cowboy at home. I thought of you while I was writing this post, and that’s when it occurred to me that when folks say, “oh, all Westerns are about some white woman falling in love with the forbidden Indian” I think, well, that was America then, and it drew the face of America today. It’s a story about courage, plain and simple, and we love that in romance. And, ok? American Indian guys are hot.

    BTW, Karen Kay, that’s A Martinez. I forgot the credit in that one, too…

    Here’s a little anecdote from my Nathan Kamp interview, part of the stuff that didn’t make it in. Oh, no, not the part where he says he thinks I’m hot for a middle-aged broad. [blushing prettily] But I asked him, “What are your favorite kinds of shoots?” And do you know what he said?

    Of course you don’t, but I’ll tell you. He said he loves the ones where he gets to put on the Indian regalia: the loin cloth the leather straps, the headgear.

    Oh, Nathan, we love you for loving that!

    Now, I know Kamp is “multi=cult,” Mexican and German. Shall we have a moment of silence, thanking God or whomever for bringing his parents together?

  28. Hi, Tanya! Caddy Woodlawn! I always think about how the grandmother left the grandfather for another cowboy or somebody for a couple weeks, then the grandpa just went and brought her back home. Just like that.

    Anyway, you wrote: *(Or not, when I consider my rspect for flush toilets, antibiotics, and restaurants LOL.) * That’s exactly what always pulled me out of my tween “i wish i lived in the past’ fantasies.

    Portia! Thanks for stopping by! Being our friend from across the Pond, you might enjoy the Lorraine Heaths. But, oh gosh, Clint eastwood! And I’d forgotten about Lou DP. And, ah, “Tombstone” and Val Kilmer, still one ofmy faves. Thanks forthe memories, P. 🙂

  29. Michelle, Karen Kay is our Native American expert. Your question on terminology is right up her alley–I’m hoping she’ll pop back this afternoon and give you her perspective.

    She’s in Florida going to school and doesn’t always have Internet access, but I’m hoping, darn it.

    Another of the Fillies, Elizabeth Lane, has done NA, too.

  30. Oh, Tracy, I remember Bobby Sherman on tv, and the DeFranco brothers and , ew, I just made myself shiver with repulsion. We just need to remind ourselves that we were in swaddling clothes when they were popular, right? Those must have been some stories your grandmother told you. Glad you’re writing.

  31. Thanks, Pam! Kathleen’s the one who gave me the info on correctly identifying “Indians” as American Indians when I write about novels with AI characters. It’s always good to try to get it right. And learn new stuff!

  32. Thanks for the warm welcome, Cheryl. And on the Davy Jones front: Once, when I was in my ahem 20s, I was part of a fund raising concert that he was performing at. I had a total fangirl moment and couldn’t speak, couldn’t say a word to him. that does not happen often.

    Hi, Janice! I’m feelin the same way about wanting to pull out my Westerns! Glad you stopped by!

  33. Hi Michelle! So great to have you at P&P!! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

    OMG, A!!!!!! You just brought back a rush of major heart-throb memories. He sure set the bar, didn’t he? Do believe he is responsible for my first major schoolyard crushes on A. Gonzelez and S. Rodgrigues *g*

    One of the things I love most of about westerns is the multi-cultural aspect–it’s something I strive to bring into my books, the mix of race and archetypes. For a long while, Wyoming was way ahead of it’s time as far as the “multi-cultural” scene and women’s rights…and then lost its footing for a while 😉

    I posted a couple of cowboy hotties today over at for anyone who wants to take a peek — I’m also giving away a book!

    Thanks so much for the fun post, Michelle, and the wonderful imagery 😀

  34. I was raised on cowboy shows – my dad had control of the tv and there were only 3 channels lol. I think deadwood was a hit but not for youngins. I think a cowboy show could make it – there’s still a lot of us out there that enjoy our cowboys!!

  35. Hi everyone *waves*

    What a lovely place 🙂 I’m sorry Michelle, I’ve never seen A Martinez in Cowboys, but I did see him in Santa Barbara (if that counts?). I grew up watching Westerns (yes, they came all the way to NZ) – Bonzanza, Maverick and my favourite: The Virginian (or as I called it ‘The Man in the Hat’ 🙂

    As for now, I love reading westerns, especially books with Native American heroes. (My apologies if that is the incorrect term – I don’t want to cause offence!).

    Kathleen – I just wanted to say a big HI and that I love your books! Acutally, I was just re-reading a short story you wrote for a Christmas anthology called The Wolf and the Lamb. I only realised yesterday that a story I have loved for years was written by you!


  36. Ooh, I’m late to the party–loved reading all your posts, brought me back to the days of all westerns…Bonanza, Wild Wild West, etc.etc.etc.

    I didn’t read–and maybe I missed it–Deadwood. It made me want to read westerns, maybe even write ’em. Maybe because it’s our history–I don’t know, but I love ’em.

  37. “Those must have been some stories your grandmother told you.”
    Oh, Grandmother has some doozies. She was one of the tomboys who rode bareback and got into all sorts of trouble. I had a great time typing up her remembrances a few years ago.

    I’m thinking a western romance day at RBtB would be great fun!

  38. Hey, Ames! Late to the party, but always the belle of the ball. Guess I was confusing (shawkah) I meant Deadwood the series, the one your pal julia is crazy about, too.

    Orannia! Welcome to our New Zealand Bella! I didn’t know you liked Kathleen’s books. She promised she’d visit with us at RBTB, too, when her next come out in May. And I don’t think anybody gets too upset about terminology, really. I just get OCD about stuff (nother shocker). Is there a NZ equivalent to cowboy mythology? Or will Sam Neill in The Piano forever be my standard of NZ romance heroes. (btw, I was all like, yeah, i get the feminist message, but he’s Sam Neill, for god’s sake, sleep with the guy already! I mean, Sam Neill and Harvey Keitel. Talk about having cake/eating it too).

    hi, Jeanne! I’m laughing at the “dad had control of the remote!” WAsn’t that just how it was? I think you’re right about a cowboy show being able to make it now. Glad you stopped in!

  39. OK. Just watched that Appaloosa trailer and may I just say: Ed Harris. Viggo Mortensen. Jeremy Flippin Irons.

    I can barely breathe. This could be the thing that gets me to put down my romance novels for a couple hours…

  40. Michelle, thanks for saying “Give Me a Texan” is your absolute FAVE cover of Nathan. We think so, too. We just got our cover for “Give Me a Cowboy” and it’s Nathan from the backside without a shirt on. And, WOW, he does look yummy! We think we’re very fortunate to have him on our cover. Karen Kay’s “The Last Worrier” came out about the same time “Texan” did, so I remember we posted both covers side by side and commented about whether he plays an American Native or Cowboy, he’s truly larrupin’ good. I loved A Martinez when he was on Santa Barbara, too! WOW what a lucious subject today! I have a link to Nathan’s covers on my web-site, too, along with a peek at our new cover. Phyliss

  41. I have always loved westerns. Lil Joe, now there was a dreamboat, and my chance encounter with him at a county fair as a teenager was wonderful..he was so dreamy. A. Martinez is also a dreamboat.
    In this time of instant everything I am not sure what can be done to lure younger readers. Ebooks are a start because they want it NOW!

  42. Connie, ebooks are a great idea. Wouldn’t some kind of promotion of sexy ebooks about cowboys and other Western heroes be great fun and a cool way to lure those readers? Imagine how fun it’d be comin up with catchy titles? Lil Joe for sure, and then as the dad in Little House.

    Nathan from any angle is sweet, Phyliss, but the new cover sounds particularly dreamy…

    What a great time I had with you all today! Thanks again for having me and my friends, the Bellas. We’ll look forward to your visiting RBTB any ol time, and especially when we hook up on a fun Western romance event.

    Ciao for now, Fillies!

  43. “I’m laughing at the “dad had control of the remote” — I’m really laughing at your comment back to me since of course there was no such thing as a remote back then but I could say my husband “has control of the remote” lol.

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