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Hello Again Friends!


In my last post, we talked about my love for cowboys…today lets talk about a cowboy’s sweetheart.


Not all heroines in westerns are cowgirls; some are not even ‘ladies’ by the standards of their era. (Though most are saints by today’s standards LOL!) However all are feisty, determined women. Whether true cowgirls or not these ladies are a class of their own for it takes a special woman to tame the wilder side of those rough and rowdy ‘boys.


That said I’d like to introduce you to my cowboys’ sweethearts.


Lexie Morgan is by-far-no-means a cowgirl. In her own words she can “ski; water and slopes, and surf; waves and the ‘Net, skate; blades and rollers, and play all sorts of athletic games,” but she can’t ride. In fact, she is so NOT a cowgirl that she thinks rodeo cowboys have “rocks for brains and a death wish for a soul.” So, how does she end up falling in love with an All Around Cowboy and champion bull rider? Find out in Tempered Joy!


The daughter of a wealthy rancher, Amber Harris enjoys riding and performing at the annual charity rodeo which has hosted by her family’s ranch for generations. However, she’s much more than a cowgirl. Liked by most and envied by many, she treats everyone with respect and never holds herself above those whom society would deem beneath her. Loving and pure she’s generous to a fault and she’s the perfect woman to win the heart of Stanley Morrison, a newcomer with big dreams and no money. But is he strong enough to overcome his own fears and her father’s objections as well as scale the walls of social standing she’s ignored all of her life? You can read all about this tumultuous romance in Tempered Fire.


Not even in her wildest dreams is Katrina Simmons a cowgirl. In fact, all of her dreams have been shattered from the abuse she’s suffered at the hands of one she’s vowed to love till death do us part. Though raised on a ranch, her hero isn’t a true cowboy either. He’s a doctor who has given up on love, sold his ranch to his best friend, and moved from Bandera, TX to Lafayette, Louisiana. Tempered Dreams, book 2 in my series of contemporary romances might not be classified as a ‘western’ due to the circumstances and setting but it is an important story in the lives of these characters whose love crosses the lines of age and strengthens the bonds of friendship. 


Tamera Collins on the other hand, is more than a mere cowgirl, she’s a large animal veterinarian who specializes in treating horses. Tamera travels to Bandera, Texas after the death of her parents and fiancé’s betrayal to honor a commitment and work at the Rockin’ H for the summer. The last thing she expects is to fall in love with an arrogant jerk cowboy even if he is as handsome as the devil and the grandson and sole heir to the magnificent ranch! But when the two make peace with their pasts and open up to the feelings blossoming between them, they discover a secret to true love. A truth that will bind them together for life…. only when hearts are tempered, minds are opened and wills are softened can man discern the will of God for his life. Follow these two who clash from the moment they meet into wedded bliss in Tempered Hearts!


The Tempered series is available in Ebook and Print.


Well friends, hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my cowboys’ sweethearts. Tell me about your sweetheart!


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17 thoughts on “Pamela Thibodeaux: A Cowboy’s Sweetheart”

  1. Pam your books sound great I will have to look for them.
    As far as my sweetheart is not a real cowboy but he reminds me of one because he will do anything that needs to be done. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and if someone is in need he is there to help them. He has a heart of gold and believes in all the old values, it seems like most of the men out there don’t have those I would be so lost if I didn’t have him I have been with him 31 years, I was very young when I meet him. I still get those little feelings when I see him he can be ruff and then very gentle, I guess that is what reminds me of a cowboy. They are ruff and then they have that little softness.

    Your books sound very exciting.

  2. Hi Brenda!

    Thanks for stopping by. Your sweetheart sounds like a true hero. Congrats on 31yrs!

    Well, Friends,

    We made it thru Ike. Lots of high winds and rain, flooding to the SW of us, tornadoes to the NW…like we were in a safe little pocket.

    I keep telling hubby “We are Divinely protected” and well, our God is a awesome God!

    People all around us are without power…friends, neighbors, family…not us and we still have phone service too – which is another miracle!

    I’ll check in a little later for more comments.


  3. Hi Pam! Welcome back to P&P! LOL on the heroines being saints by today’s standards. I have to agree. 🙂

    Your books sound wonderful–I like how you’ve woven the medical aspects into them. The large animal vet is so interesting. I know someone who went into horse massage–it’s fascinating. I didn’t realize horses had such spirits that can be guided and nursed, if you know what I mean. Great post!

  4. Hi Pamela,

    We’re so happy to have you back blogging with us! It’s great to have you. I hope you enjoy the day and come back as often as you like.

    Your books are intriguing. I like the titles. 🙂

  5. Hi Pam,
    Welcome back to P and P. You have such a wonderful collection of books! I’ve written a female veterinarian story, so that book really intrigues me. And my favorite heroine is one that can match the hero, word for word, deed for deed. They don’t all have to be fiesty, sometimes just clever!

  6. Pamela!! Hey, girl–thanks for being with us this weekend–and on such a tumultous one, too. I’m soo glad you escaped Ike. Saw a bit of CNN this morning and the devastation in Galveston and Houston–and thought of you.

    My sweetheart has been part of my life for 35 years, 32 of them married. He’d do anything for me–from catching spiders to washing down my floors (which he’s doing now while I’m working.) What a guy, eh?

  7. Hi Kate, & Pam C!

    Kate, I’ve always loved horses and dreamed of being a vet, so it was easy to write about one. Horse massage? Now that sound’s interesting. 🙂

    Linda, the titles just sorta came to me. With Tempered Hearts it was the advice from Gramps…only when hearts aret tempered…. which gave me the title. Then as a series, each had to be ‘tempered’ something and the others just kinda fell into place after the writing.

    Charlene, Yep a clever heroine is important too.

    Pam C, 35yrs – Wow!- and yeah, he does sound like quite a guy.

    Yep, Galveston-Houston caught it real bad. We’re still experiencing a LOT of high winds now, but that’s ’bout it.

    Thank you ALL for having me back here @ P&P.

  8. Wow, I think that my “cowboy” and Brenda’s must be related as she could have been describingmy hubby. We have been married for 45 years tomorrow. We met in 1960 when we were both in high school. Different schools but in northeast NE that hardly matters. I had lived in town so had never really spent all that much time on a farm but soon learned to love most of it. Never did learn to milk the cows but taking care of contankerous chickens and pigs became part of my “chores” until I could pass them on to our four children.

  9. Hi Pam,Welcome,my cowboy is so sweet,we have been married for 5 yrs next week,its our second marriage each,both first ones were long an unhappy ones,but we got our children grown an now its time for us,he has made me so happy,he is my knight in shining armour,we are in our early 50s an the kids all 6 of them make fun of us still holding hands an kissing at our age!too funny,the grandbabies think its funny,grammpa gohead kiss grandma again!We had 5 grown between us an we adopted a our teenage foster daughter,so she made us a even 6.An with 4 grandbabies an another on the way,life isgood,thanks

  10. Hi Connie!

    Sounds like a true western romance LOL.

    Abi, I hope my series is a fun a read as it was to write.

    Vickie, you go ahead and kiss and hold hands! Hubby and I do too and it is not only sweet but special and sets a good example now days when love is sometimes a four-letter word with no substance.

    Thank you ALL for stopping by and commenting.

  11. Pam I am glad you escaped Ike it is terrible my brother-in-law lives there and in New Orleans. So we are waiting to see how they are all doing.

    Connie Yes our hubby’s probably know each other. LOL I remember from another post they sounded alike.

  12. HI, I’m late getting here today…we got up way early to tailgate and get parking at the Ohio State/USC game. My sweetheart and I just celebrated #34 and he is always my inspiration for my heroes. Our current favorite thing is our toddler grandson. Seeing the two of them “hang out” together is just soooo sweet on the eye.

    So glad you escaped Ike. I can’t even imagine a storm 500 miles wide. Yowza.

  13. Hi, PamT! What a great introduction to your heroines! Just as cowboys are special heroes, their women are special, too!

  14. Brenda, I sure hope your BIL escaped much damage. There are homes further SW of mine that are destroyed. Thankfully, all of my family members are ok.

    Tanya, sounds like your sweetheart is a real hero too! Isn’t it amazing 🙂

    Hi Fedora! Yep, those heroines are special to us too as they are to their hero.

    Oh Heidi, CONGRATS on your FIRST release! There’s nothing like it, though for me the excitement never ends regardless of the release #.

    Hi Cher, THANKS for the prayers!

    Thank you ALL for having me here @ P&P again and for commenting – May God continue to BLESS you ALL!


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