Kathryn Albright Visits Again

Ah just love it when old friends come back to visit, don’t you?

Kathryn Albright will be here again Saturday to talk about her new September book, The Rebel and the Lady. During her stay, she’ll also give us tips on how to fix what ails you. Bet you have no idea how to treat snake bites or gunshots if there’s no sawbones around. Pretty interesting stuff. Some you wouldn’t want to try. My daddy always said sometimes the cure is worse than the ailment. Ain’t that the truth!

Anyway, head on over here Saturday. Kathryn is giving away an autographed copy of her brand new book. Can’t beat a deal like that.

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3 thoughts on “Kathryn Albright Visits Again”

  1. Looking forward to visiting with Ms. Kathryn,
    especially getting those tips! My lands, I wouldn’t
    have the slightest idea on what to do for a gunshot
    wound! I’d probably just stand and scream for help!
    Can’t you just see it!!

    Pat Cochran

  2. Kathryn,
    Snakes scare me. A friend of mine was bitten by a rattler and stayed in the hospital for two weeks with much pain and sickness. Thanks for your suggestion about snake bites.

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