Valerie Hansen Cuts a Path Through Wildflower Junction

Hello Darlings, we have Miss Valerie Hansen on her way to entertain us once again. She’ll arrive Saturday at the usual meetin’ place. You know where that is.

Miss Valerie is bent on telling us about the time she shot herself in the foot. She’ll talk about the dangers of handling a loaded pistol. That’s no joke. It really happened–shooting herself I mean. Ah wouldn’t joke about a thing like that.

She’ll also give us the run-down on her newest book WILDERNESS COURTSHIP. The story sounds right up my alley. Ah know you’ll like it too.

So, hurry by on Saturday for a treat you don’t dare miss!

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  1. My obsession is my computer. I love entering contests and visiting Author’s websites and learning of new authors. I love encouraging Authors who has books I have so been blessed with. I love looking for free samples – like an online yard sale or bargain shopping. I don’t get to go to all the bargain places I used to for lack of money but have a great time on computer. God Bless.

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