The Fillies in Action!

I’m finally able to take a few minutes to sit and upload some pictures from last night’s Literacy Signing from the RWA Conference here in San Francisco.  I haven’t heard how much money was taken in to donate for literacy, but every year, it’s a huge success.  Judging by the long lines, it’s gonna be a bunch.

For me, this year’s signing was so-o fun.  The time flew by, and it was great signing copies of KIDNAPPED BY THE COWBOY for readers.  Of course, that hunky cowboy hand fan was a huge help.  The ladies love him!

The highlight, though, was finally meeting two of the Fillies I hadn’t met before.  Pat Potter and Stacey Kayne.  So wonderful to put faces to names, and having five of us together was so awesome.  My only regret was that Karen, Elizabeth, Mary, Cheryl and Linda weren’t there to join us!

My roommate, Renee Spencer, took these photos of us during the signing.

Stacey Kayne and a reader!

Charlene Sands with Sherri Shackelford, one of my roommates.

Pam Crooks signing for a reader.  Note that fan in her hand!

Kate Bridges, always photogenic!

Patricia Potter who is an absolutely charming lady.  Keep your fingers crossed she wins that Rita Saturday night!!!

Last but not least, my favorite picture of all–the five of us together!

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12 thoughts on “The Fillies in Action!”

  1. Pam what get pictures, hey where is our fans???? We could really use one right now it is 89 degrees here and it feels like 110 where I am at..
    You guys look great, love the last picture the only thing missing is the other fillies. Wished we could be there with you.

  2. How fabulous!! I’m so bummed to have missed the signing! It looks like everyone’s have a fabulous time!

  3. Love the pictures! You all look just wonderful
    together! Have a great time in SF!

    Pat Cochran

  4. Great pictures, Pam! I’d say you’re all photogenic. Loved seeing you all together. You girls don’t have too much fun now so you can hurry back here. I hate that the rest of us Fillies aren’t there to share the conference with you.

    Also, very happy to see that the P&P hand fans were a huge hit in SF too!

  5. Hey Pam, thanks for the photos and keep us updated.

    I’ll be heading to the ACFW conf Sept in Minn and I keep wondering if I’ll recognize anyone there. I sure hope they look like their photos. 😎

  6. I had a great time meeting y’all at the Literacy signing… everyone was so gracious 🙂

    Needless to say the signing raised $58,000 and I thinnk I contributed half of that LOL!!

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