National Day of the Cowboy

In honor of National Day of the Cowboy, Fillies everywhere take their hats off to cowboys. 

Hats, Fillies, I said hats!  Felicia, put your clothes back on!

Can’t take that girl anyplace….

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11 thoughts on “National Day of the Cowboy”

  1. Cheryl honey, you didn’t have to spoil my fun! I wasn’t gonna hurt the little darling. I swear, everytime I start to have some fun one of you gals are always there to stop me! Guess I’ll have to rope him and sneak behind the barn.

    He’s a looker for sure and worth a little trouble!

  2. Wow, now that’s an eye opener! Yee haw!!!

    Only problem is, in my house, my guy doesn’t like horses…or tack…or the ranching life. 🙁

    Come to think of it, he doesn’t even like rodeos anymore. :'(

    But that’s not to say I don’t. So if you have any more pics like that one hiding around, Cheryl, you just go ahead and post ’em.

    I’ll be fine ‘long as I don’t touch, eh? 🙂

  3. Oh. My.

    Very nice Cheryl. VERY nice. I might have to abscond with him for a bit of hero inspiration.

    Phew! Is it hot in here?

  4. I miss national Cowboy day but what a way to start a Monday that was off to a bad start… Wow he is a looker, he does he a shower or at least a little hosing off. LOL
    Cheryl really you should let Felica have a little fun, she won’t hurt him she just wants to have a little fun.

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