Delores Fossen: Passionate About Her Cowboys

First of all, let me give a Texas-size THANKS to all the wonderful authors of Petticoats and Pistols for having me as a guest blogger. I’m in very good company here.

Now, on to cowboys and more specifically cowboy stories. QUESTIONING THE HEIRESS is my latest Harlequin Intrigue and will be my 23rd published book. That includes two historicals, two romantic comedies and nineteen Intrigues. I have eight more books in the publishing queue that’ll be out this year and next. The one thing ALL those 31 books have in common? Texas cowboys and cowboy cops. Yup, cowboys are my passion. Take a look at this cover and you’ll see why. Sigh.

My love of cowboys started early because I lived on a working ranch/farm until I was eight. I wish I had grand stories of riding horses and helping with the cattle, but truth is, my brother and sister called me Prissy Pants. And hey, I worked very hard to earn and maintain that title.  LOL   I wasn’t much of a hands-on kid when it came to livestock (fear of stinky smells and poop) but I used to sit back and watch. Better yet, I remembered, and I think those early experiences add some authenticity to my stories. I hope so anyway.

Seven years ago right after I made my first sale to Harlequin, my cowboy passion went up a notch when I met several bona fide Texas Rangers in San Antonio. I asked so many questions and took so many notes that I’m pretty sure they considered slapping me with a restraining order. That day, my own Rangers were born. The result was the first Silver Star of Texas trilogy that I wrote with the easiest-going authors on earth, Rita Herron and Mallory Kane. Now, the second trilogy is out, and QUESTIONING THE HEIRESS is the second book in the trilogy. It’s the story of Sgt. Egan Caldwell, who has four dead bodies on his hands and live heiress who’s the killer’s next target. Egan’s married to the badge and has no room in his life for an heiress. (Or so he thinks.) And yes, he looks pretty darn good in that Stetson and wet shirt. Hubba hubba!

Backcover for Questioning the Heiress:

She’s a beautiful heiress with amnesia, and only one Texas Ranger could keep her safe…from everyone but himself.

It was just a day’s work for Texas Ranger Egan Caldwell. Except this time the victim of the crime was rich, beautiful heiress Caroline Stalllings. Egan and Caroline couldn’t be more different – she was upper crust, he was a lawman. Yet this woman stirred feelings in him that refused to be ignored. Problem was, Caroline’s memory had gone the way of Egan’s willpower and her amnesia had attracted a killer. Ensuring her safety was something he took very seriously.

But giving in to their distracting, combustible attraction was the only chance Egan had of uncovering the secrets hidden in Caroline’s mind…before someone else did.

To celebrate the release of “Questioning the Heiress,” I’d like to give away three copies of my March ’08 Intrigue, THE HORSEMAN’S SON. All you have to do is post and tell me if and why cowboys are your passion. Or if you prefer – take a long hard look at the cover for “Questioning the Heiress” and see if you can spot what’s wrong. (Don’t let that wet shirt distract you.) The winners will be chosen from the posts so I’ll be reading them all.

‘Til later!!

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45 thoughts on “Delores Fossen: Passionate About Her Cowboys”

  1. My answer to what’s wrong with the picture is: that the star should be over his heart ont he other side of his shirt.

    I love western men…. they come across as strong, dedicated, honest men who work hard, love hard and enjoy their lives!

  2. Good morning, Laurie! I totally agree with you on why you love western men. I think they’re true American heroes.

    As for what’s wrong with the cover, keep the answers coming, and I’ll spill the beans later in the day. 🙂


  3. Good Morning Delores!

    Yep, I agree with Laurie G. The star should be over his heart, but also, isn’t is supposed to be in a circle? And is it supposed to have 6 points? I thought they were 5 point stars.

    I love cowboys. Their strength and loyalty and belief in right and wrong get my heart…and it doesn’t hurt that they can fill out a pair of Levi’s or chaps as only a cowboy can. ;o)

  4. wow…cowboys are a passion of mine….or, atleast reading about them..hehehehe

    I agree with Taryn on this..(especially the ones always featured in historical western romances)they were strong and loyal…they stood up for what they believed in, didnt back down from a fight and protected what was theirs…now, I’ve not read about any modern day cowboys really.. I bet they are still they same though…passionate about life!

  5. Hi Delores! Welcome to the Blog!
    The first thing that I noticed was that his star badge is located on the far right side of his chest..yep definitely noticed the chest 🙂 I think the star should be on his left side over his heart.

    And the womans hair looks a lot better than mine does when it gets wet..LOL! Hers doesn’t look wet at all.
    Also, the excerpt says that Caroline is a brunette. She looks like she has black hair on the cover.

    When someone says “Cowboy” I automatically think of hardworking, dedicated, loyal, protector and compassionate. All of the qualities any woman would want 🙂

  6. Good morning, Delores! Thank you for giving us part of your weekend–we’re so glad you’re here!

    Congrats on a career that’s going gang-busters! I remember when you were a new historical author–and look where those cowboys have taken you in the years since. Yee-Haw!

    I hope to see you in San Francisco!

  7. I’ve also seen the Texas Ranger badges having 5 stars instead of 6 and there is a circle that surrounds the star.

  8. Taryn, I love those chaps too! 😉

    Melissa, I know what you mean about loving to read about cowboys. When I see a cowboy on the cover, I’ll automatically pick up the book. And I’ve been known to buy a book just because of its cover. Sigh.


  9. Thanks so much for the welcome!

    Kathleen, you’re right about those cowboys being protective. That’s the way I love to write them, and it’s what I want in a hero when I read.

    Keep the cover comments coming! 🙂


  10. Pam, thanks!!! Yep, I remember you too from those earlier days. You’re right–those cowboys have taken us for wild rides. 😉 Well, you know what I mean.


  11. Welcome to Wildflower Junction, Delores. This is such a fun place to be.

    I love cowboys, too! What a wonderful. varied career you have. Congratulations.

    And such a great cover for The Horseman’s Son.

  12. Hi Delores,

    We’re so happy to have you on P&P! It’s nice to meet other authors who share a love for cowboys. I’m really passionate about them. Besides making me feel all warm and gooey inside, they give me a sense of security. I know they can handle any problems life throws at them and in no uncertain terms.

    One question–what was it like to meet honest-to-goodness Texas Rangers? I’d have been working to untie the knot in my tongue and wouldn’t have been able to say a word. The Rangers are a very storied law organization with high standards.

    Your covers look awesome. Makes me want to run out and buy ’em. The part I love about guest authors here is that I get to meet so many authors I’d never heard of.

    Hope you enjoy being here. 🙂

  13. I love cowboys in both historical and contemporary westerns. There is just something so MANLY about a cowboy. Cowboy heroes are strong, rugged, hardworking, protective, and devoted to who and what they love.

  14. Yummy!!! How can you go wrong with a hero with a badge!?! I love cowboys but I love our everyday heroes more!!! 😀

  15. Thanks, Tanya! Yep, I’ve had an “interesting” life. 🙂 And thanks for the kudos about the cover for The Horseman’s Son. It’s definitely the favorite of all my covers.

  16. Linda, thanks! It is fun being here. Everyone has made me feel so welcome.

    I was definitely tongue-tied when I met the Texas Ranger, but after a while, I just couldn’t stop asking questions. I wanted to learn as much as I could because these guys are so unique. They’re like the special ops of law enforcement, and they wear Stetsons! LOL.

    Cheryl, I’m a huge fan of cowboys in historicals too. I think my love started with Elizabeth Lowell’s Only series. I read and re-read those books so many times they fell apart.

    Colleen, I’m with you. Give a cowboy a badge, and you’ve got my attention. 🙂

  17. Welcome Delores. I started reading the posts then stopped when I realized they were giving answers. 🙂

    2 things struck me about the cover – the heroine doesn’t look near wet enough compared to his shirt and also, either his face is scarred badly or the rain’s going in the wrong direction on his face under his hat. Or it could just be eyes. 🙂

    I don’t know why I have a passion for cowboys. It’s just one of those gifts – like chocolate. I don’t know why I love chocolate, but I do. Lots.

    I probably get the same smile on my face looking at a good chuck of chocolate as I do looking at a good hunk of cowboy. I dunno – I never looked at my face either way – but I have a good guess. 🙂

  18. Delores..I am guilty of buying books because of covers too…(sigh)…oh well!

    I tell ya…the cowboy image is just sexy..isnt it? I mean, they wear tight jeans, boots, cowboys hats…they work outside all day..I mean..whoa..that’s a sexy it not???

    Luke Perry made a pretty hot cowboy/gunslinger in Hallmark’s “A Gunsligner’s Pledge”… have you see that movie? It’s really good!

    Tim Daly made a HOTTT gunslinger in “The Outsider” movie…bases on Penelope Williamson’s book…wow!

    ok…enough about hot men who ride horses and shoot guns!! 😉

  19. Hi Delores. I love cowboys too. 🙂 I think the star is on the wrong side of the hero’s shirt.

  20. One thing I like about cowboys is the way they move. I don’t know if it’s from riding a horse or what, but they’re so loose limbed.

    Even when you watch a cowboy run after a wayward filly – of the 4 legged persuasion – he’s fluidity in motion.

    Like the way they sit a horse. You ever see a cowboy lope? Both arms loose but one hanging near his hip. The one holding the reins with a light touch. Both man and animal loping along in unison. Gorgeous.

  21. Why are cowboys my passion because I like in the Wild West: North Dakota. I love cowboy stories. My hubby likes to put on his cowboy garb and he looks like a hunk it if I do say so myself.

  22. Melissa, I didn’t see the movie, but I saw the promos for it. Luke looked awesome. He makes a great cowboy!

    Crystal, thanks for posting. I’ll let everyone know about the cover soon. 🙂

    Anita Mae, I hadn’t thought about the way a cowboy moves, but you’re so right. There’s something so laid back about it.


  23. ok…yes..the way they move is totally sexy! I tell ya…there’s not much sexier than a sexy cowboy riding his horse…WHOA!!!!!

  24. Cowboys are a passion for me; I live in cowboy country where there are rodeos, brandings, trail rides, etc. Here we have the terrain for Westerns. I grew up watching Bonanza and loved it.
    Cowboys ride hard, lol. They are rugged but are sweet when necessary.

  25. I grew up watching cowboy shows – it was the main kind of show back when I was young (and there were like 3 channels) and my dad was in charge of the TV lol. I’ve loved them ever since.

  26. Cowboys have always been fasinating to me! They got to ride horses all the time and camp out when they wanted and in the movies they were sooo romantic.

    That badge on the cover of your book which I will be watching for should be on the other side of that manly chest.

  27. Hey you just gotta love cowboys, you just can’t help yourself. They are always rugged and handsome. They are hard working men that have a job to do and they get it done. I just think they would make good lovers.

    As far as the book cover goes I think the badge is on the wrong side of the shirt.

  28. Jeanne, my mom was in charge of the TV in our house, so we also watched Perry Mason and the other “legal” shows. That’s probably why I write Intrigues. I learned to love both cowboys and cops.


  29. Now, about that cover for Questioning the Heiress. You guys really honed in on the errors:

    The badge belongs over his heart.

    The star should be five-point with a circle around it.

    The heroine isn’t wet. Considering the hero is soaked, she should have a few raindrops on her. Well, unless his Stetson is acting as an umbrella. 😉

    And yep, some of those raindrops are slashing in the wrong direction.

    On the bright side, I can’t argue with a hot cowboy in a wet shirt so all in all, I LOVE it!! I’ve really been blessed with great covers so I owe the Harl art department as HUGE thanks.

  30. I love the cowboys in there tight jeans and cowboy boots. And when you see them riding on their horses with their hats, I think a good looking man with his cowboy hat and jeans wow that can do a lot for a women. They work really hard and there is nothing more satisfying then a hard working man.
    I do tend to pick up all the books with the cowboys on them, I wonder what is up with that.

  31. I think the reason cowboys look so good in their jeans is b/c if they wear them too low – like the guys with their crotch at their knees – they’d never be able to get up onto a horse.

    I mean, when’s the last time you saw a penguin ride a horse, eh?

  32. Pat, that badge is indeed on the wrong side of his shirt. I think because of the angle of the shot, the art dept just wanted to make sure the badge was showing so they put in on that side. But the ranger badge is definitely worn over the heart.

  33. yes I agree about the placement of the star,I was just wondering anyway,why did they place the star over the heart? was it for protection?or for a sign of courage? just wondered,an welcome,Im sorry im late, had a family reunion yesterday, but welcome to the site an thanks for coming,Vickie

  34. Vickie, I asked the question about badge placement, and I got two answers. The first was about placing it over the heart for protection, and there are several cases in the old west where the badges stopped bullets. The other answer I got was that most lawmen are right handed, and if you put the badge on the right, it might stick out too far and hinder the drawing/shooting motion in some way.

    I have no idea if either is correct, but I like the idea of a badge protecting the heart.


  35. I think cowboys are hot!!! B/C they are hardworking guys with an attitude wearing jeans that make you want to drool, no shirt, and a hat.

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