Michele Young: East Meets West

I grew up in England on a diet of the Lone Ranger, Bronco and Gunsmoke plus a host of other Westerns.  Like every other British kid, I found the whole idea of the Wild West romantic, so different from anything in my own experience, from the weather, to the scenery to the sheer size of the country. And, oh those gorgeous men.


It might even be one of the reasons I later moved to Canada!


When I was invited to submit a story to Brides of the West, a mail order bride anthology, I was immediately transported back to those youthful memories, although I must say I did hesitate, since I usually write regencies, the antithesis of the free and easy western.


But as my hero took shape in my head, I couldn’t resist finding him the very worst kind of bride. It occurred to me that a delicate-looking city-bred English girl all the way from Victorian London probably would be about as bad as it could get for a Texan with a ranch to run and two unruly boys to bring up.


And that would allow my heroine, Tess, to express some of the wonder I experienced when I traveled across the United States for the very first time.


In Snakeskin and Satin, Tess learns that there is a whole new lingo, (er…I mean I learned) even thought Americans are supposed to speak English.  Cows are called steers, farms are called ranches, and ropes are lariats or lassoes and are used to great effect on the longhorn cattle. For some reason, these cattle are left to roam something called the range instead of keeping them in nice green fields with fences. The wide open spaces, the thorny mesquite and the heat of summer are completely foreign to Tess. There are some very dangerous creatures in Texas too, such as cougars and rattlesnakes, but are they worse than the choking smogs and overcrowded conditions of London’s slums? Ummm no.


Then there is this tall man with eyes the color of a wide-open sky, called a cowboy. There is nothing comparable where Tess comes from and he is so polite.  The lack of available women is another source of wonder for a heroine who has never been sought after.


Brides of the West from Highland Press has three very different stories about mail order brides, and my fellow authors, Billie Warren Chai and Kimberly Ivey had just as much fun writing them as I did. So we are planning a follow up anthology sometime in 2009.


I will be spending a lot of time at Petticoats and Pistols learning all I can about Westerns and their writers from this fun and informative blog. 


Tell me about your favorite western on tv and why, for the chance to win a copy of Brides of the West.



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  1. I had way to many favorite Westerns. Loved Bonanza so much after school in the afternoons I wouldn’t leave the house till they were over. Big Valley followed so I was in the house a long time. Mom drug me to the grocery store one day and I went next door to K-mart and watched it on demo tvs. I could not tell you the attaction I just loved them. Course I thought Adam and Nick were a dream.

    In later years I loved Medicine Woman, Loved the story line it was great and the hero wasn’t hard to look at either(lol)

  2. I was in front of the TV every week watching new episodes of Medicine Woman! I enjoyed the characters in the show and learning new information about the West, time period, dress, etc.

  3. I loved Gunsmoke as a kid because my dad and I used to watch it together, sitting in his recliner. I was fascinated with James Arness, who played Marshall Matt Dillon, because he was so big and had such a deep voice. I also loved Doc Stone because he could be such a grumpy old codger. Dad also loved Bonanza but I didn’t really watch that show until it was in reruns when I was in college.

  4. Sherry and Kathleen, Medicine Woman was a new kind of western wasn’t it. Much more in tune with today and reality.

    Lynn, there is something special about watching things with a Dad, something you will never forget.

    Thanks for sharing your memories.

  5. I’m glad it’s finally Sat. I couldn’t figure out where you were yesterday because i thought it was Sat. so this week i have 2 saturday’s lol.
    My favorite western growing up was BONANZA I just loved Little Joe, I wanted to grow up and marry a cowboy because of him. That did not happen but i love reading about them isn’t that great? that’s why i love reading i can be a part of something different for awhile. I Love the cover on your book!

  6. About getting information…You are definately in the right place, these ladies are the Queen’s of information!! I love all the info they bring us each day! 🙂

  7. Lori, and everyone else, I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th. It was also Canada Day on Tuesday so I also felt as if there were two Saturdays this week.

    I love the cover too! So thank you. and I will let the publisher and the artist know that they hit the right note.

    So far Bonanza seems to be winning the race, lol. Yep, I can imagine wanting to grow up to marry a cowboy after watching Little Joe. He just had something tempting in his eyes, didn’t he?

  8. Hi Michelle an welcome,I loved the Big Valley,I so loved Victoria Barkley,the tough but loving mother,who could be gentle but shoot an ride,I couldnt understand how she could take in her husbands grown son an love him ,until I married my husband an he had 3 grown children an I had 2 grown children,it wasnt easy,we didnt have it as easy as Mrs Barkley did,but now 5 yrs later Im grandma to their kids an I love them so much,they are mine too,an my husband is the same with mine,we even adopted a 16 yr old together,we have our own live western,lol,my son was named for Jeremy Bolt on Here comes the Brides back in the 70s played by Bobby Sherman,so yeah I like westerns,my son says Mom please dont tell anyone im named after some dumb tv show,too funny,Vickie

  9. Hi Michele,

    Welcome to Petticoats and Pistols! We hope you feel right at home here. I love the cover of your anthology. The graphics are beautifully done. Please tell Billie I said hello.

    I really have more than one favorite TV western. I loved the series called Paradise with Lee Horsley. He was a gunfighter who was raising his sister’s four kids. It was really a good show.

    Then, I lusted after the men on Laramie. I can’t remember their names off hand, but the youngest one was really something to look at. So sexy. And they were good with a gun.

    I also can’t forget Rawhide with Clint Eastwood. Or Gunsmoke. Or Bonanza. Like I said, I have a bunch of favorites. 🙂

    Hope you come back to visit us often. Have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Michelle!

    Please exclude me from the drawing. I have already purchased and devoured Brides Of The West. LOVED it!

    I have a weak spot for the 1973 western My Name Is Nobody. I saw that in a drive-in.

    Then there is Blazing Saddles…. okay, okay, I like the silly Westerns.

  11. Hmmm favorite western… I have to say maybe Lonesome Dove… I had to read Larry McMurtry in college for a literature class and enjoyed his novels so much, that I decided to watch the series to compare them! 🙂

  12. Hey ladies, thanks for dropping by on what is proving to be one of the nicest days so far this summer here in Ontario.

    Vicky, love that you named your son after a show. I named one of my daughters after the Stones song Angie. Fortunately, she likes the song too!

    Ah Laramie. Linda, those guys were hotties.

    Kim, I have to check that one out! And you and Gina should probably trade on favorites, lol.

    Colleen, I bought Lonsome Dove when I started writing my story. I had heard it was great and it was.

  13. Hi Michele, welcome to the junction! The idea of a prissy Londoner combined with a hard-nosed cowboy is just a to-die-plot!

    I loved Bonanza and Big Valley…my ultimate favorite though is Dr. Quinn. I just loved how they often had info at the end of a show regarding an ailment or treatment, e.g. “melancholia” or intubation, and how they’d use real-life people in the plots such as Custer and Walt Whitman. Oh I miss it!

    Here’s to tons of success. Your cover is yummy!

  14. Do any of you remember Guns of Paradise? With Lee Horsley? (even his name sounds cowboyish!)
    I loved that show. The heroine was the same woman who was the love interest in Man from Snowy River-Sigrid Thornton (I had to google that)
    She was great, too.

    An old favorite that wasn’t on nearly long enough.

  15. Well, I don’t have a favorite because we watched them all. I’ve always been drawn to the rugged cowboy types. (I like the Indian types, too. I married a man that is 1/8th Indian – can’t remember the tribe, but think it’s Cherokee or Shawnee.)

    But here are the ones I remember well:
    Davey Crockett
    Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
    Father Murphy
    Grizzly Adams
    High Chaparral
    Here Come the Brides
    Little House on the Prairie
    The Rifle Man
    The Virginian
    Wagon Train
    The Wild Wild West

    I remember one of them (think it was wagon train) advertised 20 mule team borax. And, for some reason, I think “Happy Trails” was a song that ended one of these. It wasn’t the Roy Rogers show and it was sung by The Sons of the Pioneers.

    And we can’t leave out the incredible “Duke”. John Wayne was (and still is) the epitome of the Old West.


  16. Hi Michele, Don’t enter me in the drawing because I have “Brides of the West” which I truly enjoyed. I definitely agree the cover is beautiful and all of the stories were great reads with very strong believable heroines and heroes.

    I was never much of a TV or movie watcher, but Dr. Quinn is probably my favorite show next to Little House on the Prarie (which I think I enjoyed so much as a kid because I was enamored with life out west from a young girl’s standpoint.)

    Thanks for your post. Have a great weekend.

  17. hmmm..my favorite western growing up was also Bonanza! I loved Little Joe myself! I also really loved Dr. Quinn!

    Now, I have alot of movies that I really like! I enjoy alot of westerns that Clint Eastwood stars in! He is just so…I dont know, for lack of a better word-manly! LOL….he gets down to business, that’s for sure!

    Love the Lonesome Dove movies..all of them!

    Love 3:10 To Yuma, those cowboys are pretty serious!

    The Outsider movies that was based on the book was pretty good too!

    There is a movie coming on Hallmark this month called “The Gunslinger’s Pledge”..I AM SO EXCITED about this..it looks awesome..

    there is just something about them cowboys, huh..they are sexy and hard working and polite!!!!!

  18. Hi, Michele! Welcome to Petticoats and Pistols–and welcome to the HH loop, too. Congrats on your newest sale!

    Kate Bridges introduced us when we were at RT–we were in the hall standing in line for lunch (I think). Anyway, so nice to know I’ll be ‘seeing’ more of you!

  19. Tanya and Mary, It is not until you stop and think, that you remember them all. And so many good ones. I find the shows I like the best often don’t continue. What do people think about Deadwood?

  20. Hi Michele,

    Congratulations for being so brave! To go from Regencies to Westerns is quite a leap. The book sounds wonderful.

    I also loved Little Joe on Bonanza. The episode where he gets married and then his wife dies in a fire just devastated me. So sad.

    When I was older, I loved Michael Landon as ‘Pa’ on Little House on the Prairie. They were such good shows. We need a little more of these type of shows now a days, I think.

    Anyways, can’t wait to read your book.

    Have a good weekend.

    Sue (fellow TRW member)

  21. Betty, Za, Mellissa, thanks for your lists.Oh wow, you guys are amazing. I think you know far more shows and movies than I do. I’m going to check them all out. And Za, thanks for your kind words about Brides of the West. I know the three of us loved writing it so much, we are planning a follow up.

    Pam, I do remember meeting you! That was some line up. And thanks so much for the welcome to the HH loop.

  22. Hey Michele – I’m waving from Sask.

    When I was young, the family would all sit and watch Bonanza. My mom’s legs would start twitching when Adam rode up and she’d say, ‘There’s my Blackie.’ My dad would roll his eyes. I loved watching Little Joe and each show I patiently waited for his laugh. Wasn’t that a delightful, unique laugh for a male? Oh, and we were all so proud of Canadian Lorne Greene for making the ‘big time’. 🙂

    Gunsmoke was another favourite. Of course I kept waiting for Matt and Miss Kitty to get together but I think the character of Matt Dillon himself is what kept me watching for the 10 yrs. He was honourable, hard on bad guys,kind to others and when he pushed up his hat and grinned, head tilted a bit, I’d sigh and dream.

    I loved strong Dr. Quinn. She’d rush headlong into any situation, wanted or not, because that’s what she believed she had to do. And she’d apologize if she was wrong.

    The Virginian was special. You can’t fault the way James Drury sits a horse. But I could count on one hand the times he actually got involved personally. He always seemed to be looking in at the rest of the characters and watching them live their lives, you know?

    High Chaparral drew my attention b/c I could never figure out how they fed those steers with all that cactus! Now, who’d name their kid, Blue?

    Did anyone see the Australian series, Snowy River: The McGregor Saga? I really enjoyed the show but I couldn’t stand the way Matt and Kathleen kissed. They were like 2 icebergs stuck together! I don’t know what the story was in real life, but that was real bad acting!

    (And I know b/c I’m an extra for Corner Gas, eh!)

  23. A writer and an actress Anita, I am impressed. Yes the Virginian is another favorite, I had forgotten. Just googled James Drury, the man is a going concern.

    I am not familiar with the Australian show. I’ll see if I can find it.

  24. Hi Michele, I will have to go with Bananza as being my favorite. I just loved Little Joe and Adam, I thought they were so handsome. Hause always reminded me of my brother. My brother looked a whole lot like Hause. I liked a lot of the westerns but this one was my favorite.

  25. Hey Mary, I just read your post and I’m going, what? Matt’s love interest was Kathleen played by Wendy Hughes.

    So I went to IMDb and sure enough, Sigrid Thornton played Jessica Harrison in the 1982 Man from Snowy River and the 1988 Return to Snowy River.

    Wendy Huges played Kathleen in the TV version of the McGregors which included the Harrisons but the story was more on the rural McGregors.

    I decided to check b/c I didn’t want to give out wrong info on someone’s acting. When you said her name was Sigrid Thornton, I went Oops. But I can breathe easier now. So, only Wendy Huges and Andrew Clarke were the ‘icebergs’. 🙂

    I kept thinking Tom Selleck was in Snowy River, but another check on IMDb just proved he was on Quigley Down Under. That was a good one, too.

    And Michele – don’t be impressed – as an extra, it’s rare you’ll see my face since I’m usually hiding behind Brent. Hmmm – although we just filmed an episode for this winter where I start a near-riot at Lacey’s Cafe b/c I don’t like her buffet food. This sounds harsh but I think you’ll see me in that one but it’s b/c of my size and there’s nothing funnier than a ‘big’ woman complaining about her food. :-0

  26. Welcome Michele…Well duh on me…I left a message for you very early this morning…obviously in the wrong place.

    Basically what I said was that I’m not a fan of anthologies but I do love a good western. Your story sounds intriquing. I just ran into a sale and ordered another 5 or 6 of Leigh Greenwood’s back list. He’s a comfort read for me.

    My fasication with cowboys/cowgirls and Westerns started a very long time ago. When growing up each one of my two sisters and I had our own cowboy…mine was The Lone Ranger. My sisters had Hop-a-Long Cassidy and Gene Autry. Mom made each of us a cowgirl outfit for Christmas and we got the boots and hats to go with them.

    Do you remember the movie “Shane?” OMG broke my heart. I was also a big fan of John Wayne, Bonaza and Dr. Quinn (because she played a strong female).

    [[Waves]] to Kimber Chin. I recognize her from over at RJR:)

    Michele…Will you be writing any stand alone Westerns? It was fun reading about your journey and hope the alternate writing path is all you hope for….Nancy

  27. We have an actress from a tv western with us? How cool is that?
    I don’t think I knew this before.

    And I love quigley Down Under. Tom Selleck makes a great cowboy. I just rewatched ….
    Oh, good grief, what is it Cheryl? Not the Sacketts. The one where Tom Selleck meets the shanhai-ed guy dying on the ship then goes home to help his widow.
    I know, I know, I should google. 😀

  28. My favorite is Gunsmoke. I loved all the characters: Matt, Ms. Kitty, Doc, and Festus.
    I also like The Big Valley, Bonanza, The Rifleman, and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

  29. Hey Nancy,

    Sorry I missed you earlier. Oh yes, I had the cowgirl outfit, loved it. I was always fascinated with the idea of riding a horse, just never had the chance. My plan is to take riding lessons in my holiday later this month. I’ll take some pictures and put them up on my website.

    Shane was a wonderful movie and yes heartbreaking.

    I’d love to do a full length western, and have one mulling around in my head. So we’ll see. Thank you for asking.

    Crystal, thanks for dropping in. Yes I liked the Rifleman too. He had a little boy too as recall, which was a nice touch.

  30. Mary – unless there’s another actress here, I haven’t been on a western yet. Only a crime show, a couple made-for-TV movies and 2 sit-coms. (3 yrs of Corner Gas and 1yr for Little Mosque on the Prairie)

    I’d love to be in a western. They shot one last summer here (The Englishman’s Boy) but that was mostly men and Natives and I couldn’t pretend to be either.

    I was surprised to see a screenwriting workshop as part of the ACFW conference in Minn in Sept. One of these days I might just take one of your books (or mine) and turn it into a movie – now wouldn’t that be fun? Raise your hand if you can write a novel like 3:10 to Yuma?

    BTW – the only way I can afford to go to the ACFW this Sep is because of my acting on the sit-coms. Now isn’t that ironic, eh?

  31. Michelle,

    Can’t wait to pick up a copy of your anthology. The story sounds like a lot of fun. Wishing you all the best with this new venture into Westerns!


  32. Hi Betty, oh, yes, Kid Cole and Sister Ruth, wasn’t it?

    This has been such a fun blog, everybody conjuring up all these amazing Western shows and heroes.

    Thanks for the great topic, Michelle!

  33. Hopefully taking nothing away from Michelle but Gerri Russell…would you be the author of The Warrior Trainer and Warrior’s Bride? If so, I won a copy of The Warrior Trainer in January 2007 and loved it so much I then bought Warrior’s Bride. If readers aren’t familiar with Gerri’s work it’s Historical Medieval Scotland. Small world, eh?

    Michelle…even though I don’t buy many anthologies, I do make exceptions…particularly if they’re mass market:) Even better is if I win one ….Nancy

  34. Michele…about that horseback riding thing. I don’t know your age bracket but I tried it many years ago…friends of mine had horses. The absolute only thing that kept me on the horse was fear. One time we were riding back to the house along side of the road, the horse spooked and I landed on my head. I believe the only thing that saved me was because I was wearing a “wiglet.” (Wiglets used to be popular and it was a partial hunk of hair that one attached to the crown of their head for that bouffant look:)

    My friends insisted I get right back on the horse and I did. I really liked riding when I wasn’t experiencing the fear of God and the best ever was when I got to ride a Tennessee Walking Horse…no issues staying in the saddle.

    Here’s a caution…if one is not used to riding, afterwards you will experience the worst muscle pain of your life. Be sure and tell us how it works out for you….Nancy:)

  35. Michele–I, too, am in love with the concept of the free, wild west and the larger-than-life men who inhabit it. While I didn’t grow up in England–New England for me–my fascination seems to match yours. I look forward to reading your new release form Highland Press. Best of luck, happy trails and happy writing. Jean Harrington

  36. Welcome Michele,
    I loved your blog today since it resounded with me. When I lived in Montreal, where I was born and brought up I used to watch the Westerns everyday after school. I was entranced with the West and the wonderful lives of these cowboys. My favorite program was The Rifleman. Cuck Connors was brave, courageous and had integrity. I was always mesmerized with the beauty of the land and their harsh existence and their determination in facing all the odds.

  37. Hi Michele,
    Westerns always appealed to me. Maybe it was the strength of the characters depicted in the shows, their love of the land, and the vast beauty that enthralled me but I could never get enough of the Westerns. I watched them daily and my favorite was Gunsmoke, Wyatt Earp and Roy Rogers. I was young and taken with the romance, the bravery and the lure of the West. So much so that I eventually moved to the Southwest which I love.

  38. Gerri, lovely to see you here. Yes Nancy this is Gerri Russell famous American Title winner, I was also in that contest. We all became good friends.
    Thanks for the writing tips, I will take it easy to begin with.

    Jean, I love New England too – the east coast has a special charm. Thanks for dropping in.

    I think the website shows up if you click my name but here it is http://www.micheleannyoung.com – Sorry I don’t know how to make it link.

  39. Anne, I have visited Montreal many times. Wonderful city. I agree, those tv shows were a great escape.

    Ellie, I love visiting the west, don’t get there often enough, but we did once drive from Toronto to California. It was a great way to see the country and to meet everyday people, including cowboys.

  40. I love Westerns on TV and in books and in movies. My favorite was BONANZA. It was so down-home and most often, if not everytime, the house with the Chinese cook was included in the show. There would be conversations around the table, etc. I even ordered a colored post card of the Bonanza team and kept it for many years.

  41. Happy Trails was the closing theme for the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show.

    Favorite Westerns: Gunsmoke, High Chaparral, Paladin, F Troop, Alias Smith and Jones, Wild
    Wild West, and anything John Wayne. Our list
    could go all night, we were a WESTERN family!!

    Pat Cochran

  42. If I had to pick a favorite I have to say Bonanza – how could you resist Little Joe!!!!!!

  43. Robin some of those Bonanza pictures are worth a fortune. Saw some on Antiques Roadshow a few weeks ago.

    Pat, Ah Alias Smith and Jones. I think your are the first with that one. I just went to Ben Murphy’s website. He has clips up there. I better make sure I don’t spend too much time there, its a walk down memory lane for sure.

  44. Hi Michele! I love watching the older TV shows, and some put them out close captioned now! I especially love watching Bonanza with Little Jo and them all! I like this one more because it has the mixture of family as well as the excitement and danger, as well as the town then. I watch Gunsmoke now and then but they have alot of the shows on the run alot catching those bad guys, but love when the show is centered around the town because its so great to see them all on the show and visit in the town 🙂
    They have some other older shows on but not captioned for the deaf. I’m not aware of any current western shows. I don’t watch much TV except for real court TV shows, game shows and TV Land with all the older shows on them! I’m so bad with actors, shows and movies now since I don’t get to watch them, I reading! LOL.

  45. Hi, Michele, I think my TV watching past is sadly lacking in westerns, except for Little House on the Prairie, which I loved. And I’m especially enjoying reading it (in book form) with my kids right now–it describes such a different way of life. I think my kids are amazed to hear about a time when life was so different than what they know today.

  46. Hey Caffey, Interesting how you like the mix of family and adventure. I like that too, especially seeing the life style.

    Fedora, my friend! nice to see you here. And Little House on the Prairie is definitely a Western. My youngest loved it and always called it little house on the fairy, so that’s the way we all refer to it now. So cute. I think it is good for children to visit their heritage.

  47. Loved Alias Smith and Jones. I haven’t thought of it in a while. Hey I like the Cisco Kid. (Hey Cisco, Hey Poncho). Sorry it is late I’ve gotten slap happy.

    If you haven’t seen the series they have on lifetime about the Janette Oke love comes softly books, do check them out, it has the little house feel. These are also available on DVD, my sister has them all so far.

  48. As a kid I watched all the cowboy shows. Could be why I grew up to write prairie romances. I love any book with a cowboy in it. We watched Bonanza, which my grandma called “Lorenzo” because she couldn’t remember the name. 🙂 Other favorites were The Big Valley, the Rifleman, Branded, The Virginian and Rawhide. I also watched the Snowy River series later as an adult and loved Dr. Quinn.

  49. Whoa Sherry…”Hey Cisco, Hey Poncho” is a great trip down memory lane. Glad you got slap happy:)

    Uh…Michelle…I know you meant “riding” tips, not writing tips . I wouldn’t presume to give an author writing tips since I’m not one:D On the other hand, if an author ask about my reaction to their book or something in it, I’m not shy about sharing my thoughts…with the understanding that I’m one reader with one opinion. No matter what anybody says, readers may try an author but they will support the authors that “speak” to them….Nancy:)

  50. Westerns, wether the written word, tv, or movies have always been what my dreams were made from. My favorite….has to be Bonanza, who in the world could not dream about Little Joe.

  51. Hey, sherry, Vickie, Nancy, Connie, Maureen, while I was sleeping, you guys were partying! Thanks for dropping in. Nancy, riding tips was what I meant. And the Cisco Kid, another one I remember well. And yes, loved Rawhide.

  52. I loved the Big Valley: Jared, Nick, Heath & Audra Barcley.

    Big tough guys protecting their beautiful sister.
    Linda Evans was so beautiful & Lee Majors as Heath…I had a huge crush on him. Barbara Stanwich was a great,stern mother. I watched this show all the time!

  53. My favorite Western would have to be Lonesome Dove. Although it wasn’t a regular show, it’s one of the best miniseries ever. I loved everything about it:)

  54. I loved all Western, they were so exotic for someone from northern Europe… Alias Smith and Jones were a favorite, and Dr. Quinn. My kids love to watch Little House on the Prairie.

  55. Hi Michele,

    Kimberly Ivey popping in to say “howdy” from Texas!

    For those of you following the thread on Michele’s blog posts, I’m one of the authors in Brides of the West. Gray Wolf’s Bride is my story–truly a labor of love.

    I must say, it was an honor to work with both Ms. Young and Ms. Chai on this project. These ladies are smokin’ hot writers!

    I’m also thrilled that Brides of the West continues to consistently garner fabulous reviews. (But deep down inside, I know why. Simply put — it’s a STELLAR book.)

    There are three unique tales about women who risked everything to find love with a stranger. There’s edge-of your seat suspense, never ending adventure, and sizzling romance set in rough and tumble 1800’s Texas. And of course, a happily ever after ending. What more could a western romance reader want?

    Like many of the people who posted here, I also grew up watching westerns like Gunsmoke, The Big Valley, Bonanza, etc. These shows were a very big influence on what I write today.

    Even now hen I find an episode on cable, I drop everything to watch it! In adulthood, I cut my romance reader’s teeth on some of the great traditional western and romance authors. Simply too many to name right now. But I knew then that I wanted to write western romance.

    I’d like to think that all the Brides of the West stories are in the same vein as the classic western shows and traditional western romances we loved, and THAT fact alone, is what will make Brides of the West a timeless classic for years to come.

    Well, thanks for putting up with my rambling, Michele! It was great to stop in for a while! Happy blogging!

    Kimberly Ivey

  56. Another howdy from Texas. Hooray for wagon wheels and long skirts. Growing up in Illinois, I loved all the old TV shows mentioned. And then there was Laredo! I used to write episodes for Laredo that included an 11 or 12 year old GIRL!!! (MY character, LOL.) I learned a lot about writing dialogue by copying the dialogue from Here Come the Brides in a three ring binder every week. 🙂

    Nancy Kay Bowden

  57. Michele, just wanted to say that I’m giggling at the mental picture I have of a house resting atop a struggling fairy… or maybe a teeny tiny house sitting atop the fairy’s head, like a sort of hat or crown 🙂 Thank you! 😉

  58. I lived on a farm the first 20 years of my life. I rode horses; had several of my own. One, a filly named Snip, died from a rattlesnake bite on her nose. I’m still grieving for her and here I am almost 77 years old! We had lots of land, cultivated and pastures. We still own that land, and the legacy of a country life is precious, indeed! We have lots of deer, turkey, quail and dove, and yes, wild hogs! The men-folk strap on a .45 anytime they go into the big pasture. A wild hog mama will attack if she thinks her babies are threatened. We loved all the classic westerns.

  59. I’m a younger-ish generation here, and I do not remember the names of the old partial black and whites and some color TV westerns I watched as a young child (late 1980s), but as a little older child (1990s) I watched Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, if that counts as a western. I do not know what it was about it, but I just really loved it. I suppose it was the mixture of eastern woman in the west succeeding as well as the Chyeanne (sp?) stories. Other than that I’ve always enjoyed watching different renditions of the Alamo, because my ancestor is James Butler Bonham. (Well, my ancestor’s brother and child, etc, since James didn’t have any children of his own…)

  60. I would have to say Gunsmoke, Big Valley and Bonanza. They are just classic, what’s not to love about them?!

    As far as silly westerns…Blazing Saddles! LOL! LOVE that movie!

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