question for western historical romance readers

Morgan Doremus, a freelance writer is doing an article on the appeal of the western romance for the October issue of Romantic Times Magazine!  Yee haw!  There’s no better place to come to check out lovers of western romance than right here in Wildflower Junction! 

It’s mission of the Fillies at P&P to have the western romance genre recognized, so this is a great opportunity.





So readers,
Morgan would love to hear from you and have you answer this question:
What is the appeal of western historical romance novels?

Email her at:
Use western historical romance novels in the subject line.
Include your name so that if she selects your quote, she can credit you properly.  How cool would that be?

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4 thoughts on “question for western historical romance readers”

  1. I sent her a response as well:)

    “Cowboys and heroines with a backbone…what else?!”

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