Tanya Hanson and Jill Marie Landis Tomorrow

Do you have your comments ready, darlings? If not, you’d best get busy. Tomorrow will be here before you can blink twice. This is a special weekend with a couple of very delightful authors – Tanya Hanson and Jill Marie Landis!

If you don’t know ’em by now just stick around and get ready.

Tanya Hanson tells about some wonderful sights and people in Ventura County, California where she hails from. She’ll be sharing some strange and interesting tidbits about the Luv Wranglers. Bet that tickles your fancy! Or at least arouses your curiosity.

Jill Marie Landis comes all the way from Hawaii to entice you with two brand spankin’ new books. She’ll be talking about those and hula dancing. What a combination! Now, what I wouldn’t give to see a cowboy in his best duds hula dancing! Hee-hee.

Both ladies will be giving away prizes to some lucky winners. Don’t you want to be one of them? Don’t lollygag around then. Get your buggy hitched good and proper and ride on over. 


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