Jill Marie Landis and Tanya Hanson on Saturday

What a treat we have in store for you, darlings! Two guest authors this weekend. Yep, that’s the truth and no mistaking it. The Fillies have rounded up two very charming, talented ladies to whet your appetite. Yippee!

Jill Marie Landis, who makes her home in Hawaii, will set sail all the way from across the Pacific to talk “story” and hula dancing. She has two new books out and will be giving away three copies to visitors who throw in their two cents worth.

Tanya Hanson, our dear friend who’s blogged before will sashay into town to entice you with the Luv Wranglers of Ventura County. I guarantee you’ll get a glimpse of a western movie set and laugh yourself plumb to death over three real cowboys who dole out the funniest answers to some ordinary questions. You’ll get a chance to ask them a few questions too so get your thinkin’ caps on. Tanya has one autographed copy of Midnight Bride and a Starbucks Coffee gift card for two special people.

Don’t be shy, now. And don’t you be forgettin’ to saddle up your horse and ride on over Saturday! You hear?

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