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Katy (sitting) Allie and the Duchesss

I’m getting a little away from westerns today. One reason is I’ve finally learned to put photos in my blog. Yes, I confess. I’m eons behind the rest of the fillies.So I want to brag on three loves in my life: Twins Kate and Allie, otherwise known to my friends as The Wild Indians, and my Dowager Duchess Ting Ting.
Ting Ting is a little old fur lady, a Shih Tzu by breeding but an abandoned waif by circumstance. She never lost her self-confidence, even after falling on hard times. Someone found her in a church yard with a broken jaw, a kidney stone as big as an egg, and no hair. Now she’s the Duchess of the Potter household. In other words, she considers herself the most important person there – human and animal. Never mind that she’s blind and hard of hearing. She expects her every wish to met. A quite sharp bark corrects any deviation from this view.

She waits at the door every night at 6:30 p.m. to go with me to my Mom’s nursing home. Heaven help me if I’m not there right at 6:30 p.m. or if I try to leave without her. She puts her plump little body between me and the door and refuses to move until I say, “okay, let’s go.” She runs outside to do her business, then jumps in the car. She’s quite admired at the nursing home and has any number of elderly friends as well as staff.

She considers Kate and Allie ruffians. I call them The Wild Indians, which Ting considers an insult to Indians. I found Allie at a rescue group adoption. I meant to adopt one dog only and was instantly drawn to Allie (the one lying down in the photo) and was about to claim her when the foster Mom said Allie had a sister, one too shy and traumatized to show well at an “adoption.” Quite impulsively, I said bring both over – they inspect the house before adopting – and I would think about it. But Kate — the shy one — walked in, took Ting’s bed and refused to leave. They knew an easy touch when they saw it.

They are beautiful Australian Shepherds but in their first three months with me made Dennis the Menace look angelic. They ate everything I own, including dining room furniture, computer cords, electric wires, shoes galore and a sofa. They dug holes under the fence, and I planted rose bushes at every hole to prevent other attempts. My yard is now lined with rose bushes. There was even that night they locked themselves in the bathroom, and I had to call the locksmith at one in the morning. Now THAT was an interesting conversation.

After three months, they suddenly became model dogs. No more chewing. No more digging. No more accidents. They finally realized, I think, that they had a forever home. No more testing necessary.

So here are my dogs. I would love to hear about your pets. And I would also like to pose a question. Can you remember any standout animals in western movies or series? About the only ones I can remember is Hondo’s dog, the dog in Little House on the Prairie and the pig in Lonesome Dove.

I’ll send one of my westerns to one of the responders.



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  1. How about Lassie I used to love to watch it all the time.
    I have one dog miniature long haired dachshund named Mickey pure bread. I bought him for my daughther and of course she didn’t want to take care of him so he is mine. I love him so much, he hears the car when I come home from the main road and he racy hubby to the door to see me.
    The we have only one cat left her name is Uriko and she doesn’t like people to touch her unless she wants it and when she is done you better not touch her or you will be sorry. She is a strange little one, but when my younest moved out I would not let her take her with her even know it was her cat. So she bought a new cat and she named him Tiger well my daughter just left for vacation today for 2 weeks and guess what I get to babysit this should be interesting. I had to lock them all apart while I am at work because I don’t know to go home and find dead cats or a dog. I think the next two weeks are going to be nuts.
    It seems like the animals are a lot of work but I love them and would not get rid of them. He have been having a little hard time with Mickey he is starting to show signs of having seizurers and I thought I was going to lose him, well they checked him out and said he was okay maybe just something strange going on. I almost had a heart attack. I would not want to lose him, he is the best he doesn’t talk back. And he doesn’t get mad at me unless I don’t feed him which could never happen he would take mine food.

  2. Lassie, of course. I loved that series. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for telling us about Mickie. My first dog was a Dachshund and I loved her dearly.

  3. Hi, Patricia, your dogs look lovely! It’s neat to hear how they’ve got their own personalities, and hooray that they’ve settled down 🙂 Our family never had pets while I was growing up (except for the occasional unfortunate goldfish and once, a frog)–maybe my parents thought we were enough to take care of without furbabies, too 😉 As for animals in Westerns, I didn’t watch enough of them–just Little House on the Prairie!

  4. What about ‘The Adventures of Rin-tin-tin’? It ran about 5 yrs in the 50’s and had a german shepherd.

    On our farm, we have an black anatolian shepherd.

  5. Patricia, I had an Australian shepherd for years. He was a really great dog. We called him Dingo.

    we haven’t replaced him, just because life has brought us to a time when we’re gone a lot and asking the neighbors to check on our dog feels intrusive, plus it feels negligant to the dog.
    And there aren’t kennels way out here in the country to leave a dog if we’re gone.

    But I miss Dingo. When I bought him he was from a huge litter and he was inexpensive because he was ‘mis-marked’. He was so cute, but his father and mother were there and they were correctly marked and they were so beautiful. I was tempted to spend more to get the perfectly marked Tri-color shepherd. But Dingo was perfect for us.

    The lady who sold him to us knew we were cattle farmers and she told us who to contact to train Dingo to be a really great cattle dog. But she said a trained cattle dog isn’t a pet. Their personality is just different. So she said we needed to choose. Did we want a pet? Or a working dog. A good cattle dog can help as much as another man. We went with pet.

  6. I enjoyed your story about your dogs. I love dogs. We had a pet dog for 9 years, and we had to put her to sleep when she developed cancer. It was so devastating that I refuse to have another pet.

    The dogs that I remember best from TV and movies are Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Old Yeller, and Benji.

  7. Never missed Lassie or Rin Tin Tin. If you didn’t cry when Old Yeller died, you have a heart of stone.

  8. Pat, what beautiful animals! I can tell by the photo how much they’re loved and adored. Animals make our lives really special and deeper somehow. I had a dog named Daisy who was a border collie and loved every second God gave me with her. She lasted 14 human years and every year was a blessing from above.

    As for animals in movies, I recall that John Wayne had a dog in one of his movies, the name of which is right on the tip of my tongue. The cute pooch didn’t have a name other than just Dog. And he went with John Wayne everywhere. I think the bad man shot the dog and really got JW riled up.

    I love to write animals. All three of my single titles and the first anthology has a dog or cat in them. You can really use them to lighten a scene or to show the H/H more fully. If they care a lot about an animal, they’re good people. 🙂

    Good post. Congratulations on mastering the art of putting pictures in your blog!! Way to go.

  9. Lassie and Rin Tin Tin are ones that came to my mind… like everyone else 😉
    If you go more modern… the animals in Homeward Bound and Dr. Dolittle (the drunken monkey is adorable)!

  10. Old Yeller is one that comes to mind and the poor monkey that got poisoned in Indiana Jones movie. I loved that movies as a little kid. I loved the ferrets in The Beast Master movie. I used cry everytime one of them died. I grew up having ferrets, they are such a fun pet to have. I had lots of unusual pets. I had a snake that I used to take everywhere with me. Mini-mart hated when I would come in with this snake on my hand. Unfortunately I killed him. He bit me, I screamed and flung my hand in the air, which got him off and threw him across the room and it killed him. I felt so bad, he was my best friend at the time. I also had a huge turtle named speedy, and tons of lizards. I had a very protective show-show named Soo-Ling. I remember a cop came to the house and my parents were out for the night. Soo-Ling hate uniforms and knew what the word no meant. The cop tried to puse his way into the house, we said no, and the dog then bit him in the private area. Needless to say he left right away. I love animals, they can be so much fun.

  11. Gee, this is funny. When I first read your post, all I could think of was Rin-Tin-Tin like I said above, but as soon as I read Linda’s post, it hit me like a brick that I’d just posted a MOVIE REVIEW on my eharl blog that included a little dog.

    I watched WESTWARD THE WOMEN on Friday night on TCM and it was wonderful! Well, except for the parts I mentioned in my blog and won’t bog you down with here since the topic is dogs.

    It was inspiring that the little dog was included and didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. I don’t remember it’s name and I don’t know it’s breed but it was cute and it made me cry.

  12. Loved your sweet post today. We had a dog when I was growing up. A Corgi mix who lived 18 years. Now I look after my son’s two dogs. A Maltese named Guido and an adorable, small mix, German Shepherd face and coloring, named Bogie. I love them both.
    A dog that I remembered well from way back was King, Sergeant Preston’s Dog. I used to watch that program all the time.

  13. I have two cats now, Eli and Toby. Totally different and real characters.
    I think that your dogs are lovely and unique. I used to bring my dog to a retirement home and the residents were so happy when I visited. It made their day and Sparkie just loved everyone and behaved beautifully.

  14. Hi Pat – Love your three dogs! Beautiful picture of them. I have 2 cats who don’t like each other, so I have to keep them separated. My Skittles is the Devil Cat to all, but to me, she’s my mascot and best friend. She’s sleeping in front of the computer screen as we speak.

    I used to love watching Rin Tin Tin. Do you remember him?

  15. Roy and Dale Rogers faithful German Shepherd dog, Bullet, was a constant companion and often hero as he helped the duo maintain law and order in the western town of Mineral City. I used to like watching when Bullet was in the show.

    We are owned by a 14 yr. old male Apricot toy poodle named Sam(Sammy Joe); the love of our lives. He does many tricks, loves his Beggin Strip treats and sleeps on our bed on top of the covers curved into the back of dh’s or my legs. He is very sensitive and loves to be held, weighing in at 9.6 lbs. He senses when one of us is down or not feeling well. He loves car rides also. I am not looking forward to the day he is not here.

  16. The John Wayne movie that Linda mentioned is Hondo. And I Love all these stories about dogs. And cats. I used to have a cat named Kitty who thought she was a dog. She and Little Bit, a part poodle, used to groom each other like monkeys. It was hysterical to watch.

  17. Love your beautiful dogs and their stories, Pat. I fell in love with my huge kitty boy Walter when I clicked his photo on a shelter adoption site. When I brought him home he was everything I’d hoped for, but he was so lonesome I went back to the shelter and got his little girlfriend Sadie. The reunion scene was straight out of the Princess Bride! I’ve had them three years and they’re great pets.

  18. Hi Patricia…

    Your dogs are gorgeous!

    We done have any dogs or cats now….BUT..we do have a Bearded Dragon lizard! His name is Rex and he’s the easiest pet in the world! He loves to get out of his “house”…we even have a leash to take him outside with!

    He’s not huge though, not even 2 feet long (including tail)…he’s getting kind of fat though!! LOL

    Memorable animals from movies or tv westerns::: hmmm….the pig from Lonesome Dove is one of mine too, also there was the wolf from Dances With Wolves, always liked him!

  19. Patricia, good to hear about the grooming–I thought my housemate’s two shelties were wierd with their monkey-like grooming! Sean and Constance are bro and sis and quite the wonderful dogs–except for sean’s love of trash cans.

    I’m a doxie lover from way back–not a western movie, but does anyone remember Disney’s The Ugliest Dachsund?

  20. Oh, their adorable Pat! We are getting our youngest daughter Pricillia(11) her puppy in 9 days it’s a little Pug she’s wanted one for so long and she’s more than earned it even though we did Not want a dog in the house but i have bent and hoping things won’t be as bad as i’m thinking they will be (you’re probably laughing lol) they’re only young once is what i told my husband and he said yeah that’s what you said about the 2 Buffalo’s (St. Benard’s) in our back yard lol!

  21. Lori. . . One of my close friends became involved with Pug rescue, and she now has five unadoptable pugs (because of various ailments), and does she ever love each and every one of them. She adopted them all. Then had to quit Pug rescue before her house was overrun.

  22. There is a movie, Last of the Dogmen, and in the movie there is a dog named Zip. Does anyone remember? Lordy how I love that dog. He is an Australian Cattle Dog and smart as a whip. Everyone ought to have a Zip. He made the movie!!
    Well, he and Tom Berenger…LOL As above, the classics are timeless, but my favorite is Zip!!!

  23. I have 5 old cats(19, 18, 18, 11, 11) who own usand our house. We pay the mortgage and they let us live here.

  24. Honey’s favorite show as a child was “Roy Rogers”
    and then “Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.” He thought
    Trigger and Buttermilk were pets as well as their
    “transportation.” I always liked “Arnold,” the
    pig on Green Acres.

    Pat Cochran

  25. I too remember the dog from Little House on the Prairie. As for pets, I have fish! LOL Your dogs are so adorable!

  26. I can’t think of any ones that weren’t already mentioned. Your dogs are gorgeous. I’ve had two dogs that have now passed and at the moment I have 6 cats (had 7) and I take care of ferals/strays. You don’t want to get me started on animal stories 🙂

  27. I thought of wolf on Medicine Woman too. the dogs on little house “Jack” & “Bandit”. I don’t watch animal show as a rule because I cry alot. I can just hear the theme to Lassie and cry.

    My husband and I got a little dog when we first got married. Actually show him get conceived across the street from us. When he was born his was the cutiest thing I had ever seen. I named him Rambler (He loved to ramble). We had when for 18 years. He was truly are baby. We could never have children so are animals became are babies.

  28. actually..now that I’ve looked good at the photo…he’s grown a good bit!! LOL..not a whole bunch, but he’s bigger around now…so much more that the leash is a bit too small for him now

  29. The first dog that came to mind was Old Yeller. He was as loyal a dog as could be to that ornery little boy. Even saved him from a mad critter and got rabies and had to be put down. He gave his life for his boy. Now that’s true loyalty.

  30. Hi Patricia,
    Loved reading your post. I think animals are important. They actually become part of your family. Our cat will not use a litter box. He will stand at the door and meow or jump on you while your sleeping to go out.
    We have a black cat, Smokey and 4 small turtles. My son has named them Speedy, Charlie, Scooter and PeeWee. LOL
    I remember Benji, what about the dog in Turner and Hooch, the monkey on B.J. and the Bear, The Brady Bunch dog Tiger,

  31. My favorite was Lassie and I liked the Jack Russell terrier named Eddie in the tv series Frazier.
    I also liked alot of the horses in Westerns. When I was young, I saw the movie Flicka and it had a beautiful horse in it.

  32. My two older sons have cattle, goats and horses ~ too many for me to list their names (but they ALL have names)
    At home we have a dog, Nancy and a cat, Fred and 6 pigs (without names as of today)

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