A Stroll Down Memory Lane …

Take a stroll with me down memory lane and see how many of these things you remember.  It’s funny how we forget many trivial things that were, at one time, significant in our lives.  Some, I haven’t thought about in years, but once I was reminded, they put a smile on my face and the memories came flashing back.

 Special thanks to my friend Cindy M, for reminding me about things long forgotten!

 Who remembers the good old 45 RPM Spindles?  Gosh I haven’t thought of them in ages.  But they were necessary when we played our records, because only the 78’s were the right size.  The 45’s needed the spindle in order to fit our record players.  Gosh, I remember at my 7th birthday party, we played and replayed my favorite record outside in our backyard, the 45 spindle working like magic as Frankie Avalon sang “Venus, oh Venus, goddess of love that you are”.   Well, we didn’t wear the record out, but we’d forgotten about it and the good old California sunshine melted that 45 record. It had curled up at the edges, never to be played again. “Burning” a record has taken on a whole new meaning in this day and age!



And who could forget the Drive-In Movies?   It was the Saturday night hang-out for teens, back in the day, when it was fun and safe and thrilling to see a movie in your car!  For me, it was special, because it’s where my husband of 34 years told me he loved me for the first time!  I couldn’t tell you what movie was playing, but I will say that was one heck of sweet night for me.


Do you remember gum wrapper chains?  Again, I haven’t thought of them for a long time.  Chewing gum was BIG when I was a kid.  We had wrappers galore. I chewed Juicy Fruit, my favorite.  So my gum wrapper chains were always yellow.  We’d have contests to see who could make the longest chain. 


Ah, before Microwave Popcorn, the only way you could get popcorn in your home was to JIFFY POP it!  What an invention!  Our popcorn always burned because we had an electric oven and we never could get the temperature right.  I remember standing over the oven, holding onto that handle and shaking and shaking, hoping that we didn’t undercook or overcook the popcorn.  The bag would burst on its own, right down the middle.  If we were lucky, our popcorn wasn’t brown and burnt around the edges.  Most days, we weren’t so lucky!


McDonalds was a big thing in our day. It was one of the first fast food chains to come along.  Honestly, I don’t remember the 15 Cent hamburger.  But I sure do remember a time when there wasn’t a McDonalds.  Goodness, my mom cooked every meal and occasionally we would go out to dinner at a restaurant, but those times were few and far between.  I do remember when Jack in The Box opened up right across the street from my high school.  It was very innovative, to drive through and order your food.  My goodness … that was a treat!


And lastly, do you remember a time when we only had television stations from major networks, 2, 4, 5, 7,9, 11 and 13?     The TV stations would go to “bed” after a certain time.  Who remembers when that was, midnight? 1 or 2 PM?  I can’t recall now, but I remember those Test Patterns.  Yep, they’d come on and let all the insomniacs know there wasn’t going to be any television until the morning.I’ll be giving away a signed copy of Western Weddings today!  Please join in on the fun and let us glimpse into your past.  Do you have more to add to my stroll down memory lane?   What icons do you remember? 


Thanks for sharing the day with me today.

I’ll announce the winner later in the day! 


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75 thoughts on “A Stroll Down Memory Lane …”

  1. I remember when my father came home with a color television and we were amazed to see how different our favorite shows were in color.

  2. WOW, does this bring back the memories!!! I was born in 68, so I remember all of these things. The only thing I never did was the gum wrapper chains.

    That test pattern brings back a lot of memories! LOL I have always been a night owl, so when the test patterns came on I was bummed! LOL

    Jiffy Pop, boy was it hard not to burn that stuff! LOL

    My first 45 record was “Billy Don’t Be A Hero”. I listened to it over, and over, and over again. I still get emotional when I hear that song. It brings back so many memories!!!

    I really miss the drive-in. Such a fun way to watch movies!

    It’s sad that kids these days don’t remember corded phones, or T.V.’s without remote controls.

    Remember the Sears and Wards Christmas catalogs? It was so sad when they quit doing that! My hubby bought a 1978 Sears Christmas catalog off of eBay, it is so funny to look at the crazy clothes, and all the toys we put on our Christmas lists.

    Thanks for such a fun blog Charlene, talk about a jog down memory lane!!!! LOL

  3. Hi Charlene!!

    Ok….I never got to go to a Drive In movie and boy do I wish I had..I have always wanted to!

    So..I am 30years old…but was raised mostly by my grandparents…so,actually I do remember some of the things you talked about!

    I remember the 45 RPM spindles, the Jiffy Pop and remember never going out to eat! We ate out at a restaurant every now and then too!

    The wrapper chains were not a thing when I was young, so I dont remember those

    I remember NOT having a clothes dryer and having to help hang laundry out on the line to dry!

    Hmmm..now..some things from back in “my day”

    Crimped hair, wavy socks, body suits, then pens that had 4 different colors in them, Hi-top Reeboks, Atari games, Those shirts that changed color if you touched them, folding and rolling of the hem of your jeans….

    those are a few things I remember!!!!

    Great blog Charlene!

  4. I remember going to the drive in movies. We loved it.
    When I was a kid, we had an eight track player and every Christmas season, we would play our Christmas eight track tapes while we decorated the tree.

    I remember playing the game, Don’t Break the Ice and playing with Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.

  5. I was born in ’51 and remember all of those things! We had four TV stations (VHF) if the weather was good and two more (UHF) if the weather was great and the rabbit ears were cooperating. I remember when the stations signed off at 11pm (week nights) with the national anthem followed by the test pattern. The two Chicago stations were on all night Friday and Saturday nights showing scary movies like Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman on Shock Theater and Creature Features.

    I remember 10 cent bottles of Pepsi and 5 cent refunds when we returned the empty bottle. Both drug stores in town had soda fountains where we would sit at the counter and order cherry cokes and chocolate cokes made from scratch with syrup and soda water.

    We had three drive-in theaters in the area and they were packed most summer nights. When I was a kid my parents would put us all in our pjs and head for the local drive-in in our station wagon. We’d park backwards, open the back gate and all stretch out with our pillows to watch a Disney film. By the time the first movie finished the kids would be asleep and the parents could watch the more adult second film. It cost something like $2.00 or $2.50 per carload except for those “special” nights when it would be $1.00 per carload.

  6. Charlene I remember those i don’t know how many of those chains i made with the gum wrappers i think it was the zebra stripes wrappers. Gosh the rotary phone, 8-track tape players
    movie projectors to show home movies on, Shaun Cassidy!, disco dancing, silly putty, etch-scetch drawing boards, the old cassette recorders etc. Does anyone remember when GAS was under 1.00????? now we’re showing our age lol!!!

  7. Oh, lots of memories.

    My dad loved the drive-in so we went a lot. Popped a big grocery bag of popcorn (never did jiffy pop at my house, but had a special pan for popcorn!) Made coneys (hot dogs with chili) and wrapped them in foil. Stopped at the A&W for root beer. Good times.

    I made gum wrapper chains, and you’re right–everybody tried to get the longest one, wrapping the chain around your room. What about clover chains? That was great, springtime fun in the playground.

    We always had a tv and I remember when I got to be a teenager, dad (who of course was the ruler of the set 🙂 ) let me choose one program a week. I chose The Monkees. He wasn’t thrilled with that choice, so he’d go to bed early. That way I got to watch Laugh In! Gee, and I didn’t even know I was being sneaky.

  8. Does anyone remember H&R Puffinstuff, Witchey Poo? The Bananna Splits? or am I the only one that watched that?

  9. Hi Maureen,

    Yes, I remember our first color television. My father complained because if you could “adjust” the color to your liking, then it wasn’t really true color. But we all got used to it and loved it. Kids take to change so much better than adults. 🙂

  10. Hi Missy,
    How neat that your hubby bought a Sear Catalog off of Ebay. Nowadays with the internet, your past can become your present, Ebay style. I remember the song, Billy Don’t be A Hero. Who sang that? Does anyone know?

  11. Charlene Was it Bobby Sherman who sang that?
    I remember the first movie i watched in the theater was “Song of the South” with Uncle Remus Did you ever see that?

  12. Hi Melissa D-
    Wow, my daughter used to have many of these things that you mentioned:
    Crimped hair, (I was the crimper) wavy socks, body suits, then pens that had 4 different colors in them,(She was the queen of colored pens) Hi-top Reeboks,(Oh Yes!) Atari games,(Do you remember PONG?) Those shirts that changed color if you touched them, folding and rolling of the hem of your jeans….
    We never had a clothes dryer either, but it was because our house was older and didn’t have room for one. I remember hanging the clothes outside and on rare California rainy days, running outside in a panic to bring in the clothes. Do you remember how stiff the clothes on the line were? I’ll take my dryer any day!

  13. Lori- I liked Bobby Sherman. What teen girl didn’t? I still can’t recall if HE sang that song, but maybe. Nope I never saw Song of the South. I remember seeing lots of westerns at the drive-in. 🙂

  14. Hi Lori,
    I remember those shows you mentioned, but I think I was older by then. I wasn’t a fan, but I can picture the Banana Splits. Oh, Etch A Stetch was my favorite!! I’m glad to see they still have them in the stores, smaller versions too!

  15. Hi PJ,
    Good old rabbit ears! I remember adjusting and adjusting them, so we wouldn’t get the “fuzz” on the television show. Clarity has taken on a whole new meaning now.

    Gosh, I remember those chocolate sodas. My parents kept “fuzzy” water on hand, that sparkling water in a bottle and we added chocolate syrup. That was one of my favorites!
    All these memories…

  16. Lizzie,
    I was a HUGE Monkees fan! That show was crazy… them running all over the place, singing their hearts out. I recently found out that the Monkees were designed and put together just for the show. They weren’t a band that was ‘discovered’, but rather an invention. They had longevity regardless, and I still sing many of their songs. Love A and W Root Beer too.

    Do you remember Mickey Dolenz as Circus Boy?

  17. Hi Crystal,
    I think we still have our 8 track tapes! Nothing to play them on, but I’m sentimental and I tend to keep things around, just for the sake of having them. I remember Rock Em, Sock Em Robots!

    But mostly I remember my Barbies, which I still have. The clothes were so costly and expertly made back then. I saved all the cases too and I think I have some of the old booklets showing their wardrobes.

  18. I loved the Monkeys and did you ever watch…
    oh rats, I’m not going to be able to say it but

    okay does it count as a memory if I have to resort to Google???

    Bobby Sherman I could remember, but I couldn’t bring Here Come the Brides up. 🙂
    David Soul (later Hutch—or Starsky maybe) was on too but Bobby was the heart throb.

    I remember trying to do a ‘multmedia’ presentation at school and I brought in a record to give back ground music. Well the record sat in the car in the sun and got warped so I started talking, I think I was reading a poem.
    and the warped music started in so I had to quick shut it off.


    Now I’d just whip up a power point…well, if I knew how I’d whip one up. 🙂

    And I went to New York City as part of a Model United Nations in college and I remember tons of amazing impressions. But I saw a McDonald’s restaurant that was part of a row of businesses. No lovely parking lot. The golden ARches stuck out of the front of the building only a few feet tall, just overhead, rather than standing beside it reaching to the sky.

    Culture shock for a small town Nebraska girl.

    The chalk outlines on the sidewalk were a little shocking, too. It wasn’t ALL about McDonalds.

  19. I was remembering the gum wrapper chains recently. Wish I could remember how to make them. I remember the BIG TV cabinets & we only had channels for ABC, NBC, CBS, & PBS. We didn’t do the Jiffy Pop popcorn, but my mom would pop a big grocery bag of popcorn & a thermos of Tang to go with us to the drive-in theater. She’d get us little ones ready for bed before we went so we could bed down in the back of the station wagon when we got sleepy. I also remember trying to stay awake long enough to watch the “late show” (the movie that came on at 10:30), falling asleep on the couch & waking up to the test pattern.

    It’s been a good trip down memory lane!

  20. Oh, and the gun wrapper chain.

    I actually thought this was pretty cool of me. (I’ve got a really short list so try to fake that you’re impressed)

    A bridal shower where everyone was supposed to wear hats (You know bridal showers, always trying to be cutesy)
    I made a gum wrapper chain…out of one dollar bills. About forty dollars worth make a nice head band and a decent sized gift. I bit high actually but she was family. 🙂
    I put a pretty taffeta bow on the back and wore that as my hat then gave it to the bride as her gift. It was a real attention getter.
    But I suppose later, when the bride spent hours trying up turn her present into cash she was cussing me. 😀

  21. Hi Mary! I love the idea of the gum wrapper chain made of green cash! How clever you are. I’m sure that idea will be copied ( maybe by me) and is great fodder for a book!

    So, you melted a record too? It was easy to do back then. And I watched Starsky and Hutch, couldn’t tell you, who was who now, but I did watch it. The car was the Real Star of the show!!

  22. Hi Melinda,
    I remember TANG! I prefered it to Orange Juice and of course, the astronauts drank it, so it had to be good!

    My mother’s old television was a big cabinet TV. I hated to part with it when she passed. Oh, and remember transistor radios? The little hand held ones were very popular.

  23. This is so much fun, Charlene! (And hey, Lori, my KIDS watched H.R. Puffnstuff!)
    Drive ins were the best. And if the movie got boring you could always make out.
    I remember going to the next bigger town and dragging Main Street (like in “American Graffiti”)
    We’d each put in 25 cents for gas and were good to go (wow, how times have changed).

  24. Charlene, what a fun blog. I love this trip down memory lane!

    I remember the first time I drank Mountain Dew. We *never* bought pop except on Christmas Eve for a real treat. The first time I watched color on TV was Bonanza, and oh, we marvelled at the beauty.

    Going to the drive-in was EXACTLY as PJ described it. LOL. My daughters have only been to a drive-in once or twice, and that makes me sad.

    Another memory is how my dad always rolled his pack of Camels in the sleeve of his white t-shirt. EVERYONE smoked back then. Mothers didn’t drive but stayed home with the kids, and the neighborhood was full of them. We never played in the house. Mom would lock the back door so we couldn’t come in.

  25. SInce I was born in the early 1950’s I recall all of the things that you mentioned. But as well as the gearless Raleigh bike I loved, the roller skakes with a key to tighten them on your shoes. Thanks for this fun trip.

  26. I’m 67 so I remember 45s so well! Our record store had little booths where we could play the records while deciding if we wanted to buy them.

    Anybody else wear their roller skate key on a string around their neck???

  27. My favorite memories were going to Woolworth’s and spending change on my favorite stationery. I loved cream soda in small glass bottles, and going to the counter at the drugstore.

  28. Oh, my gosh! I remember all of those things! I really must be getting old because all of them seem SO long ago. My boys were always flabbergasted when I told them about black and white TV’s with just a few channels. They also couldn’t believe it when I told them about after JFK’s assassination there was NOTHING on TV except for coverage of that and the funeral.

  29. I am reading your story in Western Weddings this week, Charlene, and I am loving it! What a fun couple and a delightful little girl.

    My daughter now owns all my “vintage” 45s and a juke box in her 50s diner room, and it’s a special thrill for me that they were once mine. I knew I hung onto them for some good reason. She even has the original carrying cases I had for them. And I was a collector, so I had 45s from before my time, like Elvis. But mine were Beatles and Rolling Stones and the Turtles and Gerry and the Pacemakers, Beach Boys and jan and Dean…you know I’ve bought many many of those old songs on CDs and still listen to them.

  30. In my crazy twenties I melted LPs in the oven on purpose – over glass bowls so that they melted in the shape of bowls and I used them for popcorn and snacks.

  31. Oh, Charlene, you really shouldn’t do this to us! Sure makes me lonesome for the “old” days when I was young, foolish, and carefree.

    I LOVED drive-in movies! On certain nights they charged by the carload. I think it was $1.00 and you could stuff people in the trunk if you wanted. Otherwise it was by the head. And I can’t remember if that was a quarter or fifty cents. They had a playground where the little kids could go play while their parents watched the movies. Boy, you wouldn’t think of doing that now for fear someone would snatch ’em or do something worse. By the way, we still have two drive-ins in operation here in Texas but none close to where I live.

    I used to go around singing “A White Sportcoat and a Pink Carnation.” Can’t remember who sung it but he had the smoothest voice. I also loved “Red Sails in the Sunset.”

    Ahhh, the memories you’ve unleashed! 🙂

  32. Remember those old movie cameras with the film on reels after you got it developed? Then you had to show it on a movie projector. We’d hang up a white sheet on the wall and invite the whole family to come watch it with us. No sound at all, just the grainy, jittery pictures. Sometimes the film broke and my dad would get so mad because that meant he had to splice it back together using a kit that you had to buy. But, the best part that I remember was being with family and sharing the excitement of not knowing how well our film would turn out.

    Great topic!

  33. Wow it is amazing how much stuff changes through the years… I grew up playing Atari, then upgraded to Nintendo (which I still have). Still have a few records and a bunch of cassettes… Looking back at our vacation photos gives us plenty of laughs… gee the fashions and hair were awful… eeek!!! I loved going to a restaurant called Ponderosa… haven’t seen one in many many years! Or Roy Rogers burgers and fries… yum!!! Gee I miss that fast food joint!!!
    Ahh to look back 😀

  34. Hi Elizabeth- Yes, we had a boulevard we “putted” in our valley. My husband did it too and now, when we drive down that street, everything’s so different, we’d find ourselves saying, “Remember when Bob’s Big Boy was there,” or “We used to park right here.”

    It’s sad in a way, but life is always changing, isn’t it?

  35. Hi Pam,
    Yes, I remember playing outside all day. And walking everywhere, miles to a friend’s house without worry. No cell phones in those days, but we had curfews and that’s all we needed. Life was more simple, but I guess every generation can say that.
    My mom and dad smoked, so did Lucy and Ricky. It was the “thing”. Luckily both parents stopped early on, with the first warnings from the Surgeon General. I never smoked. Never could see why anyone would want to. 🙂

  36. Hi Cher – thanks for the compliment on Western Weddings! You melted your records on purpose? You’re crafty … using them as bowls. 🙂

    How cool that your daughter has your 45’s, cases and all and jukebox. That’s one fun “50’s party ready to happen!

  37. HI Linda,
    Yes, those old projectors. I still recall my dad threading the film into the spool and how those pics looked. We bought a special machine that converts them to DVD’s and that’s my hubby’s year long project. It’s fun seeing them on our DVD players now, but they are still grainy and no sound. 🙂

  38. Cheryl C – I remember the teacher crying when she got the news of JFK. As a kid, I didn’t realize the impact of our prez being assasinated. I do remember they sent all of us kids home from school that day.

  39. Hi Anne and Colleen – Yep, we had a Woolworth with a genuine soda counter. It was fun and the store always smelled so good.
    Atari was the first! Did they know back then what an industry and a monster they were creating?:)

  40. I’ll be 36 this year and I remember the 45 Spindles!

    My brother had an 8 Track player that I remember always wanting to play with.

    I also remember the friendship pins that you pinned to your tennis-shoes, leg warmers, big hair, Parachute Pants…lots of great memories. *sigh* LOL

  41. Oh goodness, Charlene, what a great trip down Memory Lane! Hubby and I talked just the other night about test patterns and how the nightly news used to only be fifteen minutes long, not two or three hours with “if you want to know the rest of the story, wait until our show three hours from now LOL.” I remember getting one or two 45-records in my trick-or-treat bag as a kid! And my fam had a “Pong” game eons ago; oh, we were so modern. Phone dials, phone booths and non-electric typewriters (much less computers) are such antiques now, too.

    Thanks again, Charlene!

  42. Cheryl, I still have all my 45’s and all the groups you mentioned. I remember my first live concert (The Dave Clark Five) and watching the Beatles first US television appearance on Ed Sullivan. I was in 7th grade science class when our principal announced JFK’s assassination over the intercom. Everything in our town stopped for three days. All the stores closed and people walked around like zombies. It was like something out of Twilight Zone.

    We had rotary phones and a party line. Three households were on our line so if one of them was using their phone we had to wait until they hung up before we could make or receive calls.

    I remember getting my first transistor radio. I thought I was so cool! It only received AM stations but my favorite Top 40 station, WLS, was AM at the time so that was okay. We rode our bikes to the paint store (they sold records too) every week to get the latest Silver Dollar Survey from WLS that told us what the top records of the week were.

  43. Did anyone else make potholders with those little square looms and bags of stretchy “loops”? My next door neighbor and I must have made hundreds of them in various colors and patterns.

  44. Charlene you are sending us down memory lane i even heard the radio today it said you are old when — people were calling in saying things.
    I remember when I was growing up we had a wringer washer I hated that thing thinking I was going to get my fingers stuck in it.
    And Jiffy Pop (they still have it at Target)
    I had 45’s I would get Elvis ones

    I miss creature Feature we would watch it with our popcorn bowls and we would always put fake finger nails on to watch it not sure why.
    We had a drive-in until I think last year it is a shame it is gone.
    What about the origami notes that we used to pass around at school?
    And Pepsi in the glass bottles I cracked a tooth on those the neighbor had them by her back door and I slipped on ice and cracked it.
    This has been a really fun blog today enjoy reading all the fun things on here.

  45. Brenda and all,
    Do you remember the show with Elvira? That wasn’t creature feature, but what was it?
    I remember Fake Fingers too!

    And how could I forget Party Lines. They were no party.. waiting for the person to get off the phone so we could make our call. I remember feeling so … decadent, when finally our family got a Private Line!

    It was great drinking Coke from their unique shaped glass bottle. 🙂

  46. Hi Tanya – Oh, if only we could go back when the NEWS was the news and it only lasted 15 minutes. I’d totally forgotten about those Test Patterns. Boy, if I was up late, there was nothing to do but try to sleep. Or Read, but I shared a room with my sister, so reading in bed with a light on wasn’t allowed.

  47. Cheryl he was I so miss all those good nights. There is nothing even like that on TV now. Bummer, my kids didn’t even know what I as talking about. I wished we could get them on Tape(see dating myself again) or DVD.
    As far as dating myself I called the local cable company and told them my DVR was not taping (the guy said to me you are really dating yourself) I told him I am not what is that thing doing then? I said I am not that old I am only 40 and he said oh he didn’t know what to say after that. LOL

  48. Hi Cindy,
    Parachute pants? I remember them too. I wish I had BIG HAIR again. I used to wear a fall. It was long and straight, where my real hair was wavy and shorter.

  49. Yes I think it was called Elvira Mistress of the dark.
    I see it ran from 93 to 2006 they said it was to “racy” so they took it off. It was more of a comedy and Creature Feature was really scary(Not really)

  50. There is absolutely nothing better thank Coke (in a glass bottle) and peanuts.

    My husband poured his peanuts into his coke bottle (glass bottle!) the other day and our kids (7 and 12) went, “Ewwwwww!!!”. LOL

    We told them they didn’t know what they were missing. 😀

  51. Do you remember the problems we had with TV reception? Besides dealing with rabbit ears, we had those awful screens apologizing for technical difficulties! I remember so well the times when we could see the picture but not hear it or vice versa. I don’t miss those problems.

  52. Oh, I remember it all (which makes me as old as dirt lol)except I thought Mcdonald’s hamburgers were 10 cents. My parents didn’t believe in eating out much but we had them a couple of times as kids.

  53. I can still remember when we only got cartoons on Satursay mornings. Lordy, I’ll bet my Mama waited and waited for Sat. sometimes. Oh and then only if you got up on time. I also remember, and this might be just in the little towns where my family is from, that the city siren would go off every day at noon and 6:00 p.m. Oh and I didn’t get to read up, did someone memtion those little nylon weaver things that every gril had that made pot holders? Back in the day I mad a TON!!!!!!!! I think that every Aunt, Grandma, and female friend had one!!!!!!! LOL

  54. I made those potholders things too! I loved to weave them and had them in all colors. I don’t think they worked very well, too many gaps, but my mama always put them in her kitchen drawer and used them anyway!

    Hi Jeanne and Amy – Waving hello to you!!

  55. what a trip down memory lane and thanks.
    I remember the 45 rpm’s for sure-my favorite song on one of them was ‘Josephine’.
    I remember the A&W drive through where I worked when I was in high school(before McDonalds in our city).
    I never went to a drive-in movie until I was in my 30’s, lol, but remember hearing about them.
    I remember that test pattern to this day on TV.

  56. I still have the 78’s and 45’s and the yellow spindle as well. I remember all of that and the wonderful sock hops, the poodle skirts and twin sweater sets. The t.v. test pattern. The grocery store and the deparment store delivered your items. 10 cent revels and 5 cent popsicles.

  57. Charlene, it was Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods that sang “Billy Don’t Be A Hero”.

    I miss cokes in the glass bottle! They always stayed cold for a long time, and just tasted better! 🙂

    Lori, I remember H&R Puffinstuff, Witchey Poo, and The Bananna Splits. Gosh, that was a long time ago. LOL

  58. Missy, I didn’t know that! Thanks for clueing me in. Did they have other big hits?

    Linda – I loved Ricky Nelson too. So sad what happened to him. He looked so wholesome and innocent.

    Hi Pearl – Weren’t there also 33 records? Or am I really dating myself? I seem to recall 3 speeds. Sure wish I had my original Beatles album. I loaned it to a friend and never got it back.

    Hi Robin and Amy! Thanks for stopping by with your memories too!

  59. Wow, Charlene–thanks for the memories! I’ve been trying to teach my kids how to make the gum wrapper chains but they haven’t quite got the coordination just yet… And my kids don’t quite get that there’s such a thing as a TV schedule–they’ve grown up with TiVo, so the very thought that there might be a time when there’s nothing on is unfathomable! 😉

    And yep, three speeds on the records–the 33s, 48s and 78, or something like that, right? We don’t even have a record player any more but I still have a couple records… yikes!

  60. oh Charlene
    I meant to say also…

    We had only those channels too and I remember what it looked like when they’d go off air

    Then sometimes, after a while…they would show that statue of the soldiers and play music…anyone remember that?

    and…..we had NO REMOTE CONTROLS ..LOL…as a matter of fact..we did have a remote..ME…LOL…they’d call me in from another room to change the TV!

    and I severely hate stiff clothes too…I love my clothes dryer as well

  61. Hey,Charlene,

    Honey says it was the group Paper Lace who sang
    and recorded “Bobby, Don’t Be A Hero” in 1974.

    Does anyone remember the 10 cent admission to the
    movies? My sibs and I went to the movies with a couple of dollars, paid for admission,refreshments, and took change home to Daddy!

    Pat Cochran

  62. I remember all that! Gum wrapper chains. I had a huge one and would change my gum so I had multiple colors, but there were only about ten kinds of gum; Juicy Fruit, Doublemint, Spearmint, and remember Black Jack, Teaberry and Clove? I would bring it to school and hide it in my wooden, lift top desk. I could assemble easily without looking away from the teacher, my hands working stealthily under the desk top.

    Here’s what I remember; kick-the-can. Do you ever see kids playing that anymore? Hot summer nights, real Kool-Aid, fireflies. And the game was that much more fun if a cute neighborhood boy was around. Show him the best hiding place. Race each other back to ally ally in free!

    Don’t get me started.

    Barbara Bergin
    author of “Endings”

  63. Hi, everyone one been business this week. We still have drive-ins in my area. Always loved them. I still have all my 45’s and albums, in fact I have a stereo that plays them.

    I remember when there was only 4 TV channels in our area and my sister and I was the remote control. I remember the rabbit ears and aluminum foil.

    I remember when we got our first color TV, I was so excited I got to finally see the Ten Commandments in color, It was awesome

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