Mother’s Day and Families

Well, dear friends, the Fillies are going to treat themselves to a weekend off.  It’s Mother’s Day, you know.  And the Fillies are mothers who want to spend time with family. 

We have a real special message for all the mothers out there who mean so much to us.  So stop on back Sunday and we’ll let you know how we feel!

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When I'm not keepin' all these Fillies in line, I'm practicing my roping so I can catch me a cowboy. Me and Jasper (my mule) are two peas in a pod. Both of us are as crotchety as all get-out.

14 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and Families”

  1. Enjoy your weekend! You have been so busy lately,
    you deserve the time with your families! “Happy
    Mother’s Day!!

    Pat Cochran

  2. Thank you all for your caring for the Fillies. You’ve been wonderful friends even though we’ve never met. You are an inspiration to us. Wishing you all the best Mother’s Day ever!

  3. Hi, I’m stopping in at the end of a long, great Mother’s Day. We celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday today. There are 8 of us in the family and with neices/nephews/spouses…49 people. Not all made it but oh, so many.

    Lots of fun.

  4. Wishing all of you a happy Mother’s Day!! Thank you for the reminder to celebrate our loved ones today 🙂

  5. Sorry my post is late but I want to wish everyone a belated Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!
    My day was great with graduation party and all but it was so nice to spend it with so many special people.

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