KATHRYN ALBRIGHT: Why I love–and write—Romance (Or how did I end up here?)

kathryn_albright.jpgIt has everything to do with my parents.  They brainwashed me–and I’ve loved every minute of it.  

Thanks to them I grew up on musicals. I’m talking about the love at first sight, happy ending, burst into song at the drop of a hat kind. (Oh how my sons roll their eyes at that!)  

Between Rogers and Hammerstein and Walt Disney I was happy as a bee in a field of Texas blue-bonnets. The music, the lyrics, the dancing—and the touch of humor in just the right places– swept me away to a magical realm and kept me enthralled. It didn’t hurt that the heroes were easy on the eyes and the heroines beautiful too. And they always fell in love and lived happily ever after.  

the_sound_of_music.jpgThe first musical I remember seeing was Mary Poppins. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke lit up the screen. I know every song by heart. Then there was The Sound of Music. I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to go to Austria after seeing that! The scenery was stunning.  

Oklahoma!, The Music Man, West Side Story, South Pacific, Camelot and a host of others—the music was so ingrained in me that I couldn’t believe it when I’d meet someone who’d never seen a musical—it was that incomprehensible to me. (Don’t ask me how I ever ended up marrying a “sports jock.” At least he tolerates my singing around the house!)  

Watching Disney movies with my sons as they grew up kept the musical bug alive in me (not that it needed any help!) Being boys, they didn’t much care for the “princess” movies like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or The Little Mermaid, but there was Pete’s Dragon, Beauty and the Beast, and their favorite–The Prince of Egypt.  

I enjoyed Carousel originally as a child, but when I grew up the way the story treated the aspect of battering upset me and I’ve never watched it again. Too bad—because the music was lovely. It was also the first sad ending to a musical I’d ever seen.  

More recent “musicals” I’ve enjoyed are The Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, and my personal favorite Beauty and the Beast (on stage.) Eventually I hope to see Wicked. And I would absolutely love it if Beauty and the Beast would be made into a movie with real actors. I do so like the extra songs added on the Broadway version.  

Since this is Petticoats and Pistols—I tried to remember

seven_brides_for_seven_brothers.jpgMy favorite would have to be Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. My–could Howard Keel sing! And he was easy on the eyes too—not to mention being a bit of a rascal! Jane Powell as the feisty girl who “tamed” him was just beautiful. I smile every time I hear the song “Bless Your Beautiful Hide.” It took place in the Oregon wilderness and I was captivated by the gorgeous scenery. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned much of it had been filmed onstage.  

Another good one was The Unsinkable Molly Brown with Debbie Reynolds and Harve Presnell which takes place in Colorado territory.  I think Oklahoma! with Shirley Jones and Gordon McCrea could be classified in this category.  

clinteastwoodpaintyourwagon.jpgPaint Your Wagon – now that was a bit of a shock to see Clint Eastwood  singing, but I did enjoy the show and the music.  

With all of this ingrained in me from an early age, it’s no wonder that I grew up believing in happy endings and the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. Perhaps I’m looking through rose-colored lenses, but it is a lovely view from here. 

I wonder if my debut book could ever be turned into a musical? Hey—it’s an interesting thought!  

th_musicals.jpgAre there any musical lovers out there? And if so, which is your favorite? To encourage lurkers to join in, if you post and your name is drawn, I’ll send an autographed copy of my debut book The Angel and the Outlaw along with a watercolor note card of the lighthouse that figures prominently in the story.  

I’d love to hear of a musical I haven’t seen yet!  

the_angel_and_the_outlaw.jpgThank you, Petticoats and Pistols for inviting me to blog today. It’s been fun. Here’s to a successful round-up Ladies!

Kathryn Albright had been writing for several years when she sold her first novel, The Angel and the Outlaw, to Harlequin Historicals. Her second novel, another western, The Rebel and the Lady, will be released September 2008. Stop by her website to see an excerpt!

She will draw a name for an autographed copy of The Angel and the Outlaw and a fancy notecard from the comments on her blog!

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55 thoughts on “KATHRYN ALBRIGHT: Why I love–and write—Romance (Or how did I end up here?)”

  1. Oh I too love musicals. I grew up with them also. I love The musicman. I also like Oklahoma, the sound of music, then there are ones like Calamity Jane> I have seen a few live shows, I loved The wizard of Oz, Big River, South Pacific, Me and My Gal, and a few others. I love both musicals and westerns and add a bit of sci fi.

  2. “The Angel and the Outlaw” the title alone makes me want to read that one, beautiful cover by the way. Did you ever see “Song of the South” with Uncle Remus in it he was a wonderful story teller about ber rabbitt and the animals. That was my first movie i watched in a theater. My father loved that movie and for his 70th Birthday i tried so hard to find someone to order that movie from and was told they would never re-print in and sell it due to there being racial incinuations in it. I found that to be absolutely un true what i got out of the movie was a old man with a beautiful heart and love of story telling, anyway due to the internet i was able to order it for him I paid dearly for it 150.00 but lucky i have a brother that was willing to go in on half for me. I hope you saw it maybe you agree with me on this movie (maybe not) I dearly loved Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music i don’t know how many times i’ve watched that even now if it comes on i’ll sit down and watch it again. I must say i’m more fond of the older musicals after having to watch High School Musical every day for 3 weeks due to my youngest daughter lol!!

  3. I have never been a huge musical fan..however I did enjoy “The Sound of Music” and ther was another one we watched in school that I liked…but can’t remember the exact name..something about…fiddler on a roof..or something like that.. (anyone know?)

    I enjoy “Mary Poppins”……..we went to Disney World recently and I loved the live show of “Beauty and The Beast”…that’s my all time favorite

  4. I love musicals so much that I plan to go to NYC this fall with a girl friend to take in as many Broadway shows as we can in four days.

    I saw “Wicked” several years ago in NYC and it is a must see. A wonderful twist on an old story and the music is great.

  5. Love musicals and recently watched the remake of South Pacific with Glen Close. Enjoyed it but it didn’t quite live up to the original.

  6. Ah, we could all just sing and dance around and make the world a better place! Not long ago my housemate put on a music channel that was all “showtunes” I couldn’t seen the screen, but got a majority of the songs, musicals and even some of the singers correct. Woo hoo!

    A large number of years ago, I was privileged to see Debbie Reynolds and Harve Presnell in a stage version of Unsinkable Molly Brown. WoW!

    I have way too many favorite musicals–it depends on my mood–Singing in the Rain, brigadoon (just about anything where I can watch Gene Kelley )Camalot, Les Miz, Hairspray, A Chorus Line, Cats, even the ever popular, ahem, Xanadu. 🙂

  7. We’re going to NYC in June and Wicked tix are already bought! Can’t wait. I love Sound of Music…watched it just a few weeks ago. And I think South Pacific is to die for! (yes, the original film is best although I saw a civic light opera production with Cathy Rigby as Nellie…quite a good job!) POTO is probably my all-time fave. I even bought the music and tried to play all the songs on the piano. Thanks for a great post, Kathryn, and continued success at HH!

  8. Hey, Kathryn, have to comment on my fellow blogger’s post! I’m a bit “longer in the tooth” than you :-), but I have to share the fact that seeing Mary Poppins was the catalist that sent us to the country…and farming: horses, chickens, steers, sheep, goats, the whole nine yards.
    My husband was one of those engineers whom Kennedy charged with sending us to the moon in ten years. After five years of working around the clock, losing an eye in a shock tube test explosion (R & D on the LEM, the backup engine that kept Neil and Co. from crashing on the moon), we saw Mary Poppins, and my dh said, “I’m missing my kids growing up.” We chucked it all and left the city.
    Everytime we we Mary Poppins on the tube, he cries…tears of joy that he did what he did.
    Music is a great part of everyone’s life, I think.

  9. Hi, I’m not a huge musical fan, I mean real musicals like Evita and Dream Girls. I’ve watched both recently and have to admit I wish they’d just quit singing and talk sometimes.
    But I love the Disney musical cartoons we watched them over and over when my daughters were small. We all agreed that the first time or two we’d want to watch the whole movie, then we’d start speeding through the songs to move the story along, then, after while, we’d start speeding through the STORY to get to the songs.
    I loved the music from Disney cartoons. True genius.

    My husband’s idea of a musical is Paint Your Wagon. That’s about the only musical he can abide. And even that one he endures the singing… barely.
    Clint Eastwood sang in some other movie, too. I can’t remember the name, a real downer about the Civil War. It seems like he was a Yankee soldier holed up in a house with three woman. He ends up … uh … being … WITH all three of them and then…….He dies.

    I could google it but maybe later.

  10. Great post! I love musicals too, my favorites are The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Annie and I’ve been lucky enough to get my older daughter attached too.

  11. Hi Kathryn, I will have to say I am not much on Musicals, but do love a good Disney flick. You write my kind of book though. I just love historical. I do a lot of reading, thats more my intertainment more so then watching movies. I would love to win your book.

  12. Oh man, my favorite musicals- Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, the Grease movies, Gigi, Lili, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady and as lizzie mentioned, Xanadu. The list could go on.

    I would love to see Cats. I did find where you can watch it in segments on youtube. Will have to do that sometime when I have the time to sit through it all.

  13. How fun to hear everyone’s suggestions and favorites!

    AusJenny–I’d forgotten about Calamity Jane with Doris Day. That was a good one–and a western! I never saw Me and My Gal. I’ll have to check that one out.

    Lori — Yes I have seen Song of the South! The song I remember from it (and I’m sure I’ll botch the spelling) is Zippideedodah. I liked playing that one on the piano–such a fun, happy song. I bet your dad was so touched by your (and your brother’s) gift.

    Melissa D — Yay! Another B&B fan!

    Connie N — NYC in the fall? Can I come to? What a great trip you have planned.

    Karen B — I loved South Pacific too, although I never saw the Glenn Close version. Rozanno Brazzi, the lead, was my first “crush” on an older man . Never understood the allure of older men until I saw him in that role.

    Lizzie Star — Okay, I’m wracking my brain. What does POTO stand for? Have a great time in NYC. I am rather envious of you and Connie N. for that trip!

    Joyce Henderson — Thanks for posting! What an interesting man your husband is and your life sure has had its turning points, hasn’t it? My husband did a similar move also, but not nearly so dramatic, when he let go of being a school principal and returned to the classroom to teach. He was missing too much of our sons’ growing years.

    Mary Conneally — Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for having me on Petticoats and Pistols! My theory on musicals, especially the Disney ones, are that they are the part of the plot that reveal emotions–something that is sometimes hard to convey visually. Where in books, the author can go on and on with emotional filter and internal dialogue, it is harder to do visually on screen. That is why many books don’t translate to a screen version well. Anyway — it seems most of the songs are an “internal dialogue” to let the audience know what the character is thinking. Any thoughts on this? Agree or disagree?

    Minna — Thanks for posting. I saw Chicago too. Richard Gere surprised me in that!

    Eliza — Oh yes, Annie was good. I’d forgotten about that musical!

    As Joyce said — music is a great part of everyone’s lives. It just makes the world a richer place, IMHO. Thanks for posting everyone!

  14. There is so much emotional impact possible with music…upbeat…heart breaking…wild fun party music. Of course romantic music.

    If you ever pull yourself out of a movie’s story and listen to the music it’s amazing how that music…and I’m not talking about musicals, it’s all films…set the tone.

    Of course the creepy, spooky, building music as a bad guy approaches or a hero approaches danger, but music sets the tone in dozens of ways.

  15. Hi Virginia H–Thanks for stopping by! I know not everyone loves musicals. My husband isn’t much for them, although he did like The Phantom of the Opera. Good luck on winning the book!

    Taryn Raye –I’d forgotten about Grease and Cats!
    I loved Grease. Never saw Cats but always wanted to. Memories was such a beautiful song. And I recently learned that Xanadu has been made into a Broadway musical along with Dirty Dancing!

  16. Hi Kathryn, welcome back to P&P! It’s always a joy. You bring this enthusiasm with you when you come.

    I’m not much on musicals but I did enjoy Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and The Unsinkable Molly Brown. I tried to watch Paint Your Wagon, but never could get into it.

    Beauty and the Beast….they did do a TV series of the story in the 80’s I think. I featured Linda Hamilton I believe and Ron somebody. My memory is a little fuzzy. But I do remember how much I loved it. Great story that had emotion oozing from the scenes.

    Hope you have a great day. “The Angel and the Outlaw” looks like such a great book. I’ll have to get a copy and indulge in some reading!

  17. oh, *lizzie you beat me here! LOL

    I love musicals! I’m with *lizzie. If we could all just break into a song whenever we felt lonely or sad or happy, wouldn’t it be great? Oh, and of course we’d sing well.

    Trying to remember my first experiences, I’d have to say The Music Man and the Debbie Reynolds one – maybe Annie Get Your Gun? The Sound of Music was my dad’s favorite – we played Climb Every Mountain at his funeral service. And I recently heard that same song at another funeral.

    Don’t throw anything, but I’m probably the only woman alive who doesn’t get Phantom of the Opera. :::yawn:::

    Now Bye Bye Birdie? Yes! Elvis? Yes! John Travolta – oh yeah, baby. GREASE! Uh huh.

    And I love Hairspray. My daughter just accused me of damaging my grandson by letting him watch Hairspray. LOL Hey, he loves High School Musical and Jump In, so why not?

  18. Yes, I LOVE Annie! I’ve seen it a hundred times and we had the album when my kids were little. I still make them crazy singing Little Girls like Carol Burnette.

  19. Hi Kathryn – I loved Paint Your Wagon. Nothing better than seeing Clint Eastwood… sing! It was a fun movie. So glad you’re here today!!
    Happy trails!

  20. Oh and Mary Poppins, drove my parents crazy. Whenever they babysat my kids, that’s all they watched. My parents knew all the songs by heart and were quite sick of it, after seeing it probably 100 times!!

  21. I’ve heard there is this scary new musical movie called Sweeney Todd. I think Johnny Depp was playing the scary Sweeney.

  22. Hello!
    You named some of my favorites. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is probably my all-time fave…running a close second is Calamity Jane and then My Fair Lady.

    As for Seven Brides, I love that movie and own the DVD. You have made me want to watch it again. I fell in love with the movie as a kid before I discovered romance novels, but I think I fell in love with it all over again once I had read more romances and became addicted to HEAs. I even used to joke that I was going to name my children in ABC order like the brothers…LOL.

    Calamity Jane with Doris Day is another fave. I LOVE the song she sings called “Secret Love.” Of course, I love Doris Day movies anyway, but the fact that this was a western one made me love it more.

    My family doesn’t quite get my love of musicals since most of the ones out there are older than I am. They didn’t make many when I was growing up. Well, they did make “Newsies”…another fave starring the yummy Christian Bale.

  23. Music played a big part in our family’s life. Musicals were my favorite films growing up, Honey
    was in the band and an award-winning stage band in high school, and that continued into our life together. The family enjoyed all the musicals of
    the day and were surrounded by music here at home.
    All four children were in band in elementary,
    middle and high school (two in stage band), three
    going on into band in college. Their favorite
    musicals: “West Side Story” and “Phantom.” We all
    saw “Phantom” when it came to Houston on tour and
    we cherish our subscription to Theater Under The
    Stars. The love for music has passed onto the
    grandchildren: Ashley plays the violin, Julie
    has just auditioned for the music program, and
    Mason has decided to play his mother’s trumpet
    and she has begun basic instruction with him!
    Music is alive and well in our family! And
    I haven’t even touched on our choir history!!

  24. No one has mentioned one of my all time favorites, SHOWBOAT. Ava Gardner singing? Well, no, but she mouthed “My Man” to a fair-the-well. And the beautiful “Old Man River” by the MARVELOUS black actor and singer still rings crystal-clear in my mind and ears.

  25. Musicals… always enjoyable to watch and sing along with! 🙂 It has been sometime since I watched a musical, but you never forget them!!!

  26. Oh, I adore musicals!! I have some songs from them on my ipod.
    When I was a kid I used to watch The Sound Of Music over and over again!:D
    The last musical I saw, was The Phantom Of The Opera. It was fantastic!

  27. Oklahoma,was a favorite of mine as a kid,always had that song in my head,I couldnt spell the state during a test but I could sing it to my self,lol,an South Pacific also was a good one,thanks for being here today,Vickie

  28. Hi Tat,

    Really a neat blog. My first ever I think though I’m not sure what “blog” is. All those musicals! And I remember them all too. I didn’t see “Blazing Saddles” listed but remember the musical background during one of the running indian battles on horseback across the prairie. Seems the whole formal orchastra was aboard covered wagons and the music was stirring! Love ya, DadO

  29. I love musicals but Hubby don’t so if I see them it has to be with someone else. He did take me to see Annie one of the first years we were married. I loved it, Last summer I seen Beauty and the Beast at Disney World that was great I just sat there in grossed in it all. I liked Hairspray and High School Musical I seen that at Disney too. Grease was my all time favorite I could watch that over and over again.

  30. Kathryn, your book sounds great and what a fabulous post. I’ve always loved musicals, and yes, of course the happy endings. So I think you are right about them being true to the traditions of romance. I watched a lot of the really old Hollywood musicals as reruns as a kid growing up in England, they were really my only impression of what America was all about- that and of course westerns (yay). Must say it all seemed idyllic.
    I have seen lots of the others mentioned too. And DH loved Chicago. Great post. And now I want to run off and rent a bunch of movies.

  31. Hey Kathryn,
    What a great blog. I’m so glad to see westerns are alive and well and see two of my fellow wildcards, you and Stacey selling them. I watched a lot of musicals as a child as well. I guess that makes me a hopeless romantic too. Congrats on your new book. Rachel

  32. I loved musicals growing up as well and have seen the ones you mentioned. I loved watching Show Boat and State Fair as well.

  33. Great post, Kathryn. We could have grown up as sisters! I’m a huge musical fan – and, having no children, I used to “borrow” one to go see the new Disney animated movies.
    You mentioned Howard Keel. Showboat is still one of my favorite musical movies ever. Then there’s The King & I, Camelot, Oklahoma, No No Nanette, Bells Are Ringing… I could go on for a while. 😀 Thanks for opening a window on some great memories.
    Tracy G.

  34. I LOVE musicals. I also sing along with the Disney movies my sons watch. My favorite one growing up was Wizard of Oz. I was in the musical Oklahoma in HS. I still know all the words. Also, I saw Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway with Bernadette Peters and one of the guys from The Dukes of Hazzard (I don’t remember his name but it was my favorite show when I was a little girl) and it was so amazing. I also love Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera. I sang solos from each of them. I love watching musicals with my boys. I learned my love of singing at a young age from watching them. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it. 🙂

  35. Hi Kathryn: I loved your post today. Musicals are just so much fun. I also really enjoyed “The Angel and the Outlaw.” What a wonderful story! I am looking forward to your next book too.

  36. Hi Linda and thanks for having me here! I remember the Linda Hamilton TV version of Beauty and the Beast. I enjoyed the earlier seasons.

    Cheryl St. John–I’m with you on Hairspray and High School Musical. Just loved the music and dancing. My sons also roll their eyes whenever I play the music CDs around the house to those.LOL.

    Charlene–Thanks for dropping in. I hope the fires out in CA didn’t come close to you this week! Always a worry out there.

    Minna — Nice to have you here. My oldest son is a Tim Burton fan and really likes Sweeney Todd. I haven’t watched it. Sounds to “dark” for me.

    Jennifer Y — Newsies? That’s one I never saw. And Christian Bale was in it? How could I have missed it??? I will definitely look that one up!

    Hi Pat. Your family sounds a lot like mine. We often went to “Starlight Theatre” in San Diego as I grew up, which sounds like your Theater Under the Stars there in Houston. Such an enriching experience. I think you and I were both quite lucky to have it.

    Hi again Joyce! How could I forget Showboat? I loved that movie. I’ve seen both versions — Kathryn Grayson’s and Irene Dunn’s (I believe the earlier one was Irene…) And you are so right–I can still hear the rich baritone/bass of the man singing about Ol Man River.

    Thanks for posting, Colleen! Good to have you here. You didn’t mention your favorite?? Fess up now.

    Stephanie D — Okay- I just figured out POTO with your post. Phantom of the Opera, of course! I may be slow, but I’m still here…

    Vickie C — thanks for stopping by and posting!

    Robert! (aka DadO)– Bravo for you! Your first blog post! I do remember that scene from Blazing Saddles– LOL! It was hilarious. Not a musical, but hey, I’m glad you posted and helped me remember it.

    Brenda Mazur — Isn’t it something how Grease has grown over the years to be nearly an iconic movie of the 70s but about the 50s? I really liked the music from it.

    Michelle Ann Y — I’m with you on the running off to rent a bunch of musical videos. How interesting of you to have that view of the US while in England. Thanks for commenting!

    Rachelle Donnelly — Thanks so much for stopping by! Wild Cards are the best! It has been an amazing ride since we all started together.

    Cherie J — Oh my! State Fair–with Jeanne Crain? … I’m trying to remember her name. I thought she was such a pretty girl. That was a wonderful musical.

    What a treasure trove of musicals! Lots of great suggestions for me to check out! Thanks!

  37. I would love to see Jersey Boys which is based on the lives of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. I also saw Legally Blonde when it was broadcast on MTV. I was surprised that it was so good.

  38. Okay Tracy — I’ve added No, No, Nanette and Bells Are Ringing to my list. I haven’t seen them yet (although I have heard of No, No, Nanette.) Any others you can think of that haven’t been mentioned?

    Nicole Price — Thanks for posting! Isn’t it surprising to see someone from a sitcom like Dukes of Hazzard burst out into song on stage? All of a sudden I realize that they have other talents I knew nothing about. I’ve heard Mandy Patinkin has quite a voice.

    Zaharouh — I’m so glad you enjoyed my debut book The Angel and the Outlaw. That story is near and dear to my heart. I’d love to hear from you regarding my next book when you read it.

  39. I love musicals, too. I’ve seen many of the ones you mention. My favorite is Miss Saigon. It’s pretty dramatic and the music is so good!

  40. Hi Jane! Thanks for posting. I haven’t heard of Jersey Boys, but it sounds like it would be good. I’ll have to look for it.

    Kammie– I did see an off-off-Broadway production of Miss Saigon. The accoustics were substandard and so much of the dialogue and singing were lost to me. The story looked very dramatic. I’d like to see it again at some point.

    Great suggestions!

  41. Hi, Kathryn! (Love the name–picked it for our daughter ;))

    I do enjoy musicals! Our dorm put on Godspell in college, and I also loved the music from Chess, Aspects of Love (we were in an Andrew Lloyd-Webber phase), and Into the Woods. And our kids are old enough to watch the Disney movies, some of which have been made into stage musicals–Lion King, Beauty and the Beast…

    Please don’t enter me, BTW–I’ve already got the Angel and the Outlaw! 🙂

  42. Hi Kathryn!

    I love The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and The Sound of Music. I would also love to see Wicked! Thanks for the post! 🙂

  43. I love musicals; the last one I saw was ‘The King and I’ and I enjoyed it very much. I don’t know if it has hit big time stage or not but I saw it in a smaller city in Canada.
    Thanks for taking me down memory lane on some of the musicals such as The Sound of Music.

  44. Kathryn Me and My gal is set in England and its fun. think i went twice cos it was going to be way over 100 and it was cool but i was happy to go a second time.

    I have the songs of oklahoma and the musicman stuck in my head think its time to watch one. I have a stage verson of Oklahoma with hugh jackman with is really great.

    State fair is another country one thats fun.

  45. Fedora – I haven’t heard any of the other Webber music. I’ll have to check those out that you mentioned. I’m partial to my name too. Used to go by Kathy which I didn’t care for, but Kathryn or Kate–I like that.

    Zara – Thanks for stopping by!

    Robyn L – We did The King and I for one of our HS musicals. It was fun. Good music!

    AusJenny – Can Hugh Jackman sing then? There’s another surprise for me! I’d like to hear him.

  46. Hugh Jackman started out in music. I went to Sunset boluvard in Melbourne and i really didn’t like it Hugh Jackman was the lead and he was the one redeeming feature of the show. He has a wonderful voice. He played the Boy from Oz on broadway (peter allen). The stage show of Oklahoma is from London. Hes a great actor and singer. We aussies are quite proud of him (hes good looking also)

  47. Right now she’s a Katie, which seems about right 🙂 I love that there are all sorts of great nicknames for Kathryn 🙂

    And ooh… Hugh Jackman sings?? Must check this/him out 🙂

  48. yep in Oklohoma I think Hugh is better than Gordon McCrea but then I may be bias. I hope you can find a clip of his singing. He has a very good voice.

  49. The winner of the drawing is Lori Barnes! Congratulations!

    Lori, I’ll send you an autographed copy of The Angel and the Outlaw and the notecard as soon as I receive your snail mail address. Email me at kathryn@kathrynalbright.com

    Thanks everyone for visiting and joining in! And thanks again all you ladies at Wildflower Junction for having me! It has been a fun day.

  50. Hi Kathryn!! Sorry I’m so late to chime in–crazy day. Looks like you had a banner day 🙂 What a fun post! LOVE Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!! All the great kid movies used to be musicals, with musical numbers anyhow. Pete’s Dragon was one of my all-time faves.

    A Hugh Jackman musical–I’d watch it 😉

    Thank you for the wonderful post 😀

  51. Hi Kathryn! I really enjoyed your post–it made me think of all the musicals I love, which of course has me humming. I loved Debbie Reynolds in the Unsinkable Molly Brown! Also Grease, Hairspray, Annie…. It’s nice to see them coming back for the new generation–ie. High School Musical and Hairspray.


  52. Hi Tat! You did it again! The blog is wonderful and all the musicals mentioned were great!! If I told you the first musical I saw it would have to be Victor Herbert’s “Red Mill”–That also gives a clue to my age–also as you know all the OLD Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald movies. They had their charm in their own way and day. The latest one out that I just loved was Disney’s Enchanted–you can’t keep an old musical lover down!!!

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