Debra Clopton: Gotta Love Those Cowboys!

debra-clopton.jpegHi everyone! Spring is in the air and I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled…my toes stay cold all winter and that makes me grumpy, so I welcome the sunshine with open arms and warm toes. J

For those who don’t know me, I’m Debra Clopton, and I have an ongoing series with Love Inspired called the Mule Hollow series. No, it isn’t historical but it is about Texas and cowboys—which I absolutely love as much as springtime.  I adore watching and reading about all types of cowboys. The dark brooding cowboys with deep dark secrets, the dangerous cowboys that make a girl want to risk everything for love, the confused cowboy who has absolutely no idea what to do with a gal who refuses to stay out of trouble, the hurting cowboy who needs a gal to step in and rescue him.

cowboys-in-silverado.jpgThere are all types of cowboys and I believe a cowboy at heart is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I love the movie Silverado—what’s not to love? You’ve got every type of hero. You’ve got Emmet (Scott Glen) your tough guy with tortured past. Mal (Danny Glover) the good guy who only wanted to live a quiet life but had to step up to save his sister.

silverado.jpgsilverado-kevin-kline.jpgPaden (Kevin Kline) your bad-boy-with-a-heart who is redeemed by love…but it is the one and only Jake who stole the show for me back in 1985 when the movie aired.  

The happy- go-lucky-all-I-want-to-do-is-have-a-good time younger brother who is like the other three cowboys when it comes to risking everything to save his brother’s son and the town from the greedy cattle barren.

silverado70.jpgBut the thing that set Jake apart from the rest of these cowboys was the fact that Jake went into battle with a smile…and oh what a smile it was! Played by an unknown actor at the time by the name Kevin Costner <g> I fell in love the moment the playful cowboy entered the scene. And of course everyone else did too. I will never forget a few years later when I was watching Kevin’s breakout movie (which I can’t even remember the name of at the moment!) and the light bulb in my memory blasted on and I realized I was seeing Jake on screen again! True, it was this movie (the one I can’t remember the name of) that made Kevin a household name. But I loved him before I even knew his name and still think that flirting cowboy from Silverado is his best role…at least it’s the role that makes me smile. 

her-baby-dreams.jpgWhen I created Dan Dawson, the hero of my April book HER BABY DREAMS I wanted that kind of cowboy. I wanted a guy that just made me feel good.  So I created a modern day version of Jake, with a to-die-for smile and a lets-play attitude. I think Dan is the perfect man with which to curl up with on a beautiful Spring afternoon. Although my heroine, Ashby Templeton isn’t buying it. She’s dreaming of marriage and babies and not at all pleased that the only cowboy in all of Mule Hollow who is asking her out is playboy Dan!  

cowboytakesbride.jpgMy next cowboy was equally fun to create. In my July book THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE I decided to switch things up and make my cowboy dream of weddings. All Ross Denton wants is to see his name on wedding certificate and all city gal Sugar Rae Lenox wants is to see her name up on a Hollywood marquee…getting these two together was loads of fun.  So, I hope if you’re looking for a smile you’ll pick up a copy of one of my books. The gang in Mule Hollow promise you’ll leave with a big ole grin on your face.  

You can find out more about me and my books at Thanks for having me here, ladies, I really enjoyed it!


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29 thoughts on “Debra Clopton: Gotta Love Those Cowboys!”

  1. Hi Debra, thanks for being on Petticoats and Pistols. I’m about to get kicked out of a computer lab and be forced to go to work. 🙂
    So I’m just going to say WELCOME, I love your work.

  2. I love all types of cowboys, especially the dark ones with secrets…I’d love to have one of my own!

  3. I just got done reading this book. It was a wonderful story.I enjoy reading all of your books. I will be glad when your new book THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE is out in the store in July .

  4. For quite a bit of my reading and writing life, I didn’t think much of cowboys. Saw mom reading Louis Lamor and Zane Gray. Nope, I was into fantasy and science fiction. Well guess what–a lot of those heroes could just have easily been cowboys. Hmmm. Han Solo in chaps. Hey, he already wore the vest. LOL

    Now, as I’ve expanded my reading loves, I’ve just gotta include cowboys. And P&P is a great place to find them!

  5. Debra, I loved Silverado! All four cowboys made me swoon, but like you, I leaned more toward Kevin Costner’s character. What a man! He was such a charmer. And he’s been that way in almost every role he’s played. I try to watch everything he’s in because I know he’ll do an excellent job.

    Your books look like just what I need to read. I love having guests on here because I find some excellent authors I didn’t know about. I’m going to look for your series.

    Thank you so much for blogging with us and I hope you come back. Wishing you lots of success!

  6. I absolutely adore Kevin Costner !! the movie you were probably referring to was Dances with Wolves. Looking forward to your book coming out in July. Love those cowboys!!

  7. Hi Debra:
    Thanks for writing about cowboys! Kevin Costner was perfect in Silverado, although I’m pretty much partial to just about any cowboy.

  8. Hi Debra!

    I LOVE Silverado. It’s one of my dad’s fave movies and I have fond memories of watching it with him. In fact, you have made me want to go watch it again.

    Your books sound wonderful! I will have to try and find them.

  9. Hi Debra- Welcome to Wildflower Junction! Your cowboy stories sound wonderful! I love any kind of cowboy too! Thanks for being here today!

    Oh and that break out movie with Keven Costner was the one with Gene Hackman where Keven played a double agent? The title escapes me. Or was it the Untouchables? Another movie where he caught my eye..

  10. Welcome to Petticoats and Pistols, Debra. It’s always my first stop on the web…and you did great.

    I love cowboys, cowboy movies, cowboy books…and yours sound amazing. Best wishes always!!

  11. Hello Debra, yep you are right you just gotta love them cowboys no matter how they come. Your books sounds like such sweet and heart warming books I would love to read one.

  12. You’ve come to the right place if you love cowboys!
    You’ve landed in the center of the “Wild West,” which is next door to “Cowboyland.” Long, tall,
    and preferably Texan fits into my “likes,” in fact
    I married one! Thanks for joining us today! I
    look forward to finding your books and sitting
    down to along reading session!

    Pat Cochran

  13. Howdy y’all!My kind of readin here,this is the best books,I love reading about the cowboys,count me in too please,thanks,Vickie

  14. You’re right Debra, Kevin Costner makes a terrific cowboy!

    But out of ALL the cowboy movies…Alex McArthur in Desperado is still my favorite…those blue, blue eyes, that dark hair and that day’s growth of stubble on his cheeks…makes me warm and fuzzy inside (sshhh don’t tell hubby) LOL!

    Great post.
    Pamela S Thibodeaux
    “Inspirational with an Edge!”

  15. Hi Y’all!
    Thanks for such a warm welcome! I think Cheryl got it right I believe Kevin’s believe Kevin’s breakout movie was NO WAY OUT with Gene Hackman. Dances with wolves came later.

    I really liked Kevin Kline in that movie too.
    And of course one of my other favorites is Tom Selleck in Quigly Down Under! You just can’t hardly beat Tom when it comes to cowboy movies.
    Again, thanks for everyone dropping by. And thanks for everyone saying they want to read one of my books.

  16. I love cowboy stories being we have cowboys in my neck of the woods. They sure do look ‘fine’ in their garb. I will read this book definitely.

  17. Hi Debra,
    I like the idea of a cowboy dreaming of marriage and he has to convince the heroine. I think it’s true that it’s not always the woman who is the one who wants to settle down first.

  18. You can NEVER go wrong when writing about sexy cowboys…no matter in the past or present!!! Great blogging!

  19. I enjoyed this post. I haven’t read your books, but this so interesting. Cowboys and babies catches my eye. Gotta try them. 🙂

  20. I love cowboys. I think a hard working man is sexy and I love cowboy hats too. I got asked out by a “cowboy” before and he was such a gentleman. It was probably the only time I’ve ever blushed. There’s definitly something sexy about cowboys. Her Baby Dreams sounds like a great book. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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