Big Spring Author Round-Up Is Here!


I’ve announced this before but it stands repeating. The Fillies will be taking a short vacation. For the next six days we’ll have guests taking up the slack. You won’t be left in the cold. No siree. Every day you’ll have several new blogs to comment on. Don’t forget to scroll down and comment on all the authors’ posts. We’ll have two or three drawings for prizes every single day. Yep, this is a big bonanza and your chance to cash in! The list of authors and prizes are as follows:

Monday, April 28 — Debra Clopton and Linda Ford

Tuesday, April 29th — Geralyn Dawson and Charlotte Hubbard

Wednesday, April 30th — Susan May Warren, Janette Kenny, and Carol Ann Didier

Thursday, May 1st — Beth Ciotta and Tanya Hanson

Friday, May 2nd — Kathryn Albright and Joyce Henderson

Saturday, May 3rd — Vicki Bylin

* * * * * *


Debra Clopton — “Her Baby Dreams”

Linda Ford — “The Road to Love”

Geralyn Dawson — a set of the Bad Luck Brides trilogy

Charlotte Hubbard — choice of two copies of “Gabriel’s Lady” or “A Patchwork Family”

Susan May Warren — a $50 gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret

Janette Kenny — “One Real Man”

Carol Ann Didier — “Apache Warrior”

Beth Ciotta — “Lasso the Moon,” “Romancing the West,” and a customized Wild West messenger bag

Tanya Hanson — “Midnight Bride” and a pair of cowboy hat earrings, and a Starbucks or Coffee Bean gift card

Kathryn Albright — “The Angel and the Outlaw” and a fancy note card

Joyce Henderson — “Walks in Shadow”

Vicki Bylin — two copies of “The Bounty Hunter’s Bride”

* * * * * *

Visit every day and get a chance to win these prizes! If you don’t come, you can’t win and you’ll be crying in your milk. Can’t have that, now can we.

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