Ice Cream Social and Socializing!

ice-cream-cone.jpgAll right ladies, get you come chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream. Pull up a chair and be social. Only don’t get too close to these sexy men or they’ll melt your ice cream quicker than cellophane under a heat lamp! We’ve sure got us a passel of lookers and that’s no joke. We want you to vote on your pick for best cowboy. Take your time. One thing about it, you don’t want to get in a rush and get all flustered. Hee-hee. Don’t rightly know when I’ve seen such a bunch of handsome men in one place. I will say I guarantee you’ll probably leave here all hot and bothered. This ice cream won’t cool you for long. Might oughta have a second helping.

cowboy-books.jpgThe cowboys are below. Cast your vote to get your name entered in the drawing. The prizes include a hardback copy of “Give Me a Texan,” a bundle of Harlequin western romances, a copy of “Maverick Wild” with a gunslinger beaded bookmark, and some hand fans that feature a handsome devil on the front.

So, go on now. Go vote. Do us Fillies proud.

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When I'm not keepin' all these Fillies in line, I'm practicing my roping so I can catch me a cowboy. Me and Jasper (my mule) are two peas in a pod. Both of us are as crotchety as all get-out.

55 thoughts on “Ice Cream Social and Socializing!”

  1. Yep Yep…I’m voting for Dylan and I agree with AndreaW, cause that smile is so easygoing and sexy as all get out…

    Dang…my ice cream’s in a puddle….;o)

  2. Wow! As I am looking at these really ‘hot’ cowboy photos, my ice cream is almost steaming as it melts. What a hard choice to make, but I keep going back to Holt…that beginning of a smile of his really gets to me…among other things.

  3. Hmm, I vote for neopolitan ice cream–a little bit of each.

    Oh, I have to pick just one flavor…Yikes…can I come back for seconds :o)

    Right now, at this moment I’ll be voting for Sam. yumm, how about a bear hug from a real bare (LOL) of a man!

  4. I’d have to go with either Rafe or Connor.. better yet, both? 🙂 If I really really had to pick to be entered in the contest – Rafe.

  5. My chocolate ice cream has just melted on my computer are you ladies reinbursing for that? LOL My vote is for HOLT he is just hot!! which my daughter’s vote is for WYATT.

  6. My Filly vote is for SAM! Yes, Sam’s the man. I almost had a fit of the vapors when I was getting these cowboys in line for the voting.

    We do have smelling salts on hand for anyone who is overcome by the scenery in Wildflower Junction today!

  7. I’m voting for Rafe. He looks a little innocent in the photo and I bet he’s not. I’d like to find out! lol

  8. Hi Ladies! Looks like you’re liking our first ever ice cream social. And those handsome men have us all swooning! If I could vote, I’d choose Dylan. I like a man who can get his hands dirty and still look sexy as all get out. Besides, he has a very mischievious grin that says he can handle any filly that comes his way.

    Ausjenny, Taryn Raye, and Lori Barnes, Felicia warned you not to get too close but you went and did it anyway! Now all you have is a puddle of melted ice cream. Well, wipe it up and get you some more. We have lots to serve.

  9. Lizzie, yes you can have seconds and thirds. We have lots because we knew what was gonna happen. 🙂

    All of the cowboys look like they can rope and ride ’em. Plus, they probably are awfully good at sweet-talking a lady. Oh brother, what a nice bunch of sexy things! I could really get cozy with Sam in a hurry.

  10. By the way, our prize list isn’t quite complete. Sorry about that. Some came in late. Charlene Sands is going to let a winner select a book of her choice from Charlene’s backlist in addition to a P&P hand fan. And Mary Connealy is giving away a copy of “Petticoat Ranch” and a P&P hand fan.

    So there’s lots of prizes to be had. Just vote to get your name in the pot.

  11. Hi Ladies – glad you could make it to our social! Do you like our choices? What’s not to like in the way of a rugged, lean, sexy cowboy, right?

    I don’t get a vote, but if I did, it’s Holt all the way. He ruffles my feathers!

    I’ve got a handfan and your choice of one of these books for one lucky winner:

    LIKE LIGHTNING/HEIRESS BEWARE (sexy rancher/honorable sheriff) contemps from Desire. You get both if this is your choice!

  12. I almost went with Holt, but I’m going to have to cast my vote for Dylan. Like the other ladies said, that smile did it! Also, he looks like a real cowboy to me. Darn, my ice cream is melted too! 🙂

  13. Oh my….good thing we have all these hunky hotties to help out with all this melted ice cream 😉 Mmmmmmmmmmm. I’m having a hard time choosing between that cutie pie Dylan and the buffed out snuggle bear Sam 😀 Can’t I have TWO SCOOPS??? *g*

  14. Hee-hee! You little darlings are sure ‘nuf having fun today. Thought you would. Felicia is never wrong about these things. She knows what does a body good. 🙂

    Breaking news — We have another prize added to the list. See, it’s an ongoing party today. (wink) Elizabeth Lane is generously offering a choice from her backlist. She has a lot to choose from as you can see from her website. If you want to take a gander over there, just look on the left side of the screen and click on her name. It’ll take you right there in nothing flat.

    You ladies continue to have a good time. We’ll announce the prize winners later this afternoon.

  15. Miss Stacey honey, you can have all the scoops you want! This is a party. Never let it be said that the Fillies don’t know how to throw one.

    Mr. Dylan and Mr. Sam seem to be getting most of the votes to my way of thinking. It’ll be interesting to see who gets crowned King of the Cowboys.

  16. If you all look at these pictures much longer you are going to be FIGHTING over the hand fans.

    I don’t know if Fillie’s get to vote but right now those abs of Connors seem to be vote worthy.

  17. Miss Mary, you’re a real funny lady. You must not have been to the kind of ice cream social Wildflower Junction will be known for. The Fillies have put social into socializing and how better to be social than to do it with a bunch of sexy cowpokes!! Miss Mary, get you some ice cream and study ’em all you want. Then, you might need to use one of the P&P hand fans we’re giving away. 🙂

  18. Oooooh me oh my!!! Wowzer… The cowboy of my choice is CONNOR!!! I need more ice cream… mine is all melted!!! 😉

  19. Mary, I’ve been to an ice cream social too. It was at church, and well, it was not like this lol. There was no ice cream melting going on. Just between you and me, I like this one a lot better!

  20. They all are so hot but if I really have to pick I am going with Rafe. I like his name along with everything else.

  21. Hi ladies, glad to see you’re still going at it. We can make this an all day affair. No need to hurry or get in a tizzy. These handsome cowboys aren’t going anywhere. They don’t have a speck of work to do today except to keep us all fanning to beat the band!

    Another prize added to the list: Patricia Potter is offering up a choice of one of her westerns. Isn’t this fun? Prizes just keep coming in.

  22. WOW!! I mean this is just so hard, but so much fun!!! I’m going with Dylan-he’s my kind of guy!! Thanks for having such an awesome social! Have a great weekend everyone!

  23. woo hoo! Seconds…. yummy. For a second scoop I’d be takin’ Dylan. I’m not much of a phone person, but I’m make an exception for him. A-yup, that I would.

  24. Dylan gets my vote! He looks like a real just come in thru the kitchen door, kiss you on the way to the shower, get all clean and then be the best lookin one that takes you to the ice cream social!!! Yep, my vote is for sure Dylan!!!!

  25. Ladies i came back to get somemore ice cream it’s hot out side brought me a bib this time i went back and looked at the pictures again . My initial vote was gonna be for Connor so if i get 2 votes i have to throw 1 in for him too even though you can’t see his face what you can see is enough !!! You should’ve passed out the fans when you posted the pix!!

  26. You certainly didn’t make this easy! After much studying of the pics Dylan get my vote. I love his smile.

  27. Not sure but I think Dylan is cornering the Shirt vote while all the others have to split the non-shirt vote.

    I think we need exit polls. I’ll see if Gallup will get involved.

  28. LOL!!! I guess this goes to show that the BEST asset is a great personality revealed through a friendly smile 😀 And you know he’s gotta be HOT with that shirt off 😉

  29. Okay ladies, a recent look at the voting shows that rascal Dylan ahead of the pack. As of right now, he’s racked up 12 votes. Nipping on his heels though is Connor. That boy really got a lot of votes this afternoon! Ain’t this more fun than the law allows? And we didn’t gain an ounce. Imagine that. Somehow we didn’t get around to eating the real ice cream. Or it kept melting too fast one. Miss Mary had a good idea about the fans. Shore can stand cooling off.

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