Tired of RT pics yet?

sig-icon.jpgWe’re back from lunch, and Jenna and I are relaxing a bit before it’s time to start hauling our give-aways down to the room where our workshop will be held. 

This has been RT’s western day.  Helen A. Rosburg sponsored today’s luncheon with an Old West-perfect meal of chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice, beans and corn salad.  Before being served yummy apple cheesecake for dessert, we were treated to a skit about her August, 2008 western, CRY OF LIGHTNING, ROAR OF THUNDER by Medallion Press.   It was really enjoyable, professionally done.  Lucky lady to be able to give such incredible promo for her book!

Leigh Greenwood is giving a workshop on westerns this afternoon, and then ours will follow his.  Here’s a pic of him with Bobbi Smith and Charlotte Hubbard.  Don’t forget Charlotte will be one of our Spring Roundup of Authors coming up on April 29th!!


A few more pics to show you:

Jenna and Kate with a sweet bookseller from Australia.  Her store, Temptation, the Romance Bookstore, sells ONLY romance.  Wow!  How nice, eh?


An independent bookseller, Sara Loftus et al, of the Bookworm’s Attic in West Virginia.  Sorry for the horse in your face when I took the pic, Sara.  Eek!


(And the lady on the end won the horse as a door prize by guessing the right number.  I was *one* number off.  Dang, I wanted that horse!)


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