Stetsons and Spurs Contest!!


Yea, the Fillies have done it again! Ah do believe this is one of our best contests. Three shelves of goodies! We’re emptying our pantry for your romantic cravings.

Autographed books by all the Fillies

A pretty red bandana

A handsome horse notepad holder

2 in 1 John Wayne DVD

2 John Wayne magnets

The Rifleman DVD

Lovely scented soap

Bookmarks and cover flats

Have you ever seen the like of these prizes? I do declare the Fillies have outdone themselves this time! And it’s all for one lucky winner that will be drawn on June 30th.

Yep, sure ‘nuf it’s one enormous contest that’s guaranteed to leave you breathless and dizzy. Rush over to enter right now. Just don’t trip over your own feet. We don’t want you to be breaking anything other than record time. Hee-hee. 

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When I'm not keepin' all these Fillies in line, I'm practicing my roping so I can catch me a cowboy. Me and Jasper (my mule) are two peas in a pod. Both of us are as crotchety as all get-out.

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  1. You Ladies have really outdone youreslf on this one!! AWESOME!! someone’s gonna be a happy camper!!

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