The Easter Bonnet

Stacey Kayne

In the 1800’s bonnets were all the Bonnetfashion rave and big business. Every town, big or small, had a milliners shop lined with hats and filled with bins with flowers, ribbons and other haberdashery.  While the hat fad has died out here in the US, Easter still creates a boom in bonnet sales, and you can find Easter Bonnet decorating contests all over the states.  It’s a fun tradition for welcoming in a new spring, but there is more to Easter bonnets than ribbons and frills.  Spring Bonnet

Easter is a time of spiritual rebirth for the devote, and a turning of the seasons, when new growth immerges from the dormant winter soil, flowers blooming, nature bursting to new life.  The Easter bonnet symbolizes this cycle, its usually rounded shape representing the sun, and the colorful trimmings of flowers, leaves and ribbons a symbol of the fresh new life of the new season.    Bonnets

A website I visited (couldn’t find the link) stated that after the Civil War ended Easter was declared the “Sunday of Joy” and mothers and daughters who’d been in mourning for so long, shed their dark attire and celebrated in bright dresses and colorful bonnets, and competitions were held for the most festive bonnets.  

Growing up I always looked forward to a new Easter outfit, and sometimes a bonnet. Easter BonnetMy childhood outfits were usually white with bright pinks, oranges, greens and yellows—I’m recalling quite a bit of plaid.  Living in California, a new swimsuit was always in my basket—and Easter meant our first jump into the pool—and our teeth were usually chattering after ten minutes or so. This year I won’t be jumping into any pools (my boys have already been asking—ah, the thick skin of youth!), but I have a straw bonnet with a pink flower on the back. 

How about you?  Any bonnet traditions in your home growing up?BRIDE & Bunny 

In the spirit of Easter, this spring butterfly bunny will personally deliver a signed copy of BRIDE OF SHADOW CANYON to one lucky poster, along with a GUNSLINGER’S UNTAMED BRIDE beaded bookmark and postcard.  Three runner-up winners will receive a GUNSLINGER beaded bookmark and postcard. 

Wishing everyone a Joyous Spring and Happy Easter! 

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  1. Absolutely, we had family traditions on Easter. My grandmother, mother and I would all dress up in our new Easter outfits including fancy bonnets (no matter what the weather) and attend morning church service. We all then went to my grandmother’s house where our entire family and some close friends gathered to prepare for our traditional ham dinner; while we waited for the food we talked, played games and just enjoyed each other’s company. I have many wonderful memories of these Easter times and still have some of the colorful and unique hats.

    Would love to have that cute bunny come to my home and bring a signed copy of BRIDE OF SHADOW CANYON. Wow! Wishing you and everyone a very safe and Happy Easter.

  2. Im glad hats are coming back in style,when my daughter was small she had cute bonnet or hat to match every outfit she owned,now she has sons an cant do the same,but she sure looked cute in hers,thanks Cute contest an site,Vickie

  3. Hi Stacey!
    When I was little Easter meant a new fancy dress, white gloves and an Easter hat. I looked forward to wearing my new fancy clothes each year. Happy Easter to you and everyone else.

  4. Beautiful hats!They remind me of an Easter Parade.

    Wishing you and your family as well as all of your readers a Happy Easter and a beautiful Spring.I can’t wait for the flowers to start blooming.Rebirth time :).

  5. Its a bit different here as Easter is Autumn. But we did often get new clothes for winter. I dont remember many but I do remember getting a new outfit for a easter wedding. Easter bonnets is more american than Australian. We do have hot cross buns on Good friday. One thing our family did was have easter eggs on friday as we didn’t have the easter bunny. I as we got a bit older i would hide my brothers and he mine. He always found it so one year i just put it under his pillow. He searched everywhere in his room for it and then sat on the bed ready to give up an almost sat on it. He was impressed. This year we are having a cooler weekend after a heatwave which we thought would never end. If aussies can enter please enter me.

  6. I ALWAYS had a beautiful new hat for Easter when I was growing up as a young girls in the fifties. I remember feeling so dressed up in my frilly socks and gloves and a dress with a petticoat that made the skirt stand out. I had my daughter dressed the same way, minus the petticoat when she was small. But, alas, as a teen somehow she doesn’t get into the bonnet, gloves and frilly socks anymore.

    I LOVE the bunny and appreciate being entered into the contest to win it. Thanks!!

  7. My sister and I were less than two years apart and my mother always dressed us alike for Easter. I can remember one Easter we had new blue and white houndstooth coats and straw hats trimmed to match. My father always got us “children’s” corsages for our coats and they were NOT alike. That was so nice. I really love hats and always (now) wear some kind of hat when I shop with my husband–it helps him spot me in the stores (grocery and drug stores included) and people in those stores remember me and get my usual items for me without my having to ask. I am not talking about Easter bonnets, nor am I talking about baseball caps. Just hats that protect from the sun or cowboy hats (I live in New England) or any other type I can think of. They are great for “”bad-hair-days” too!

  8. Hi,

    I remember straw hats with daisies! Loved them!! Now a days don’t bother with the frills!

    My daughter does always manage to dress up for the occasion!

  9. We didn’t have new bonnets, but we did get new clothes for Easter. I love hats! They should bring them back, but not the white gloves and white shoes only after Easter.

  10. Every Easter when I was a little girl, my Mom bought me a new hat to match my new dress and shoes. I have pictures to prove this happened, lol, and to this day I hate hats. Of course she always had a new hat as well.

  11. we got a new easter dress shoes hat,got all dressed up then had family over for dinner and a big easter egg hunt.

    happy and safe easter to everyone

  12. When my daughter was little I always dressed her up in a ruffly dress and a bonnet but now, with my granddaughter/daughter, it is coloring and hiding eggs and a stuffed animal.

  13. I love the bonnets and I wish everyone still practiced that tradition but, oh well. Happy Easter everyone!

  14. I don’t remember me or my sister having dresses or bonnets for Easter, but we did have the Easter Bunny drop by and decorated eggs and hunted them.

    I think I only carried over the traditions I grew up with. The Easter Bunny will be stopping here Sunday. Tomorrow we’ll be going over to my husband’s mom’s house and there will be lots of good food, plenty of family and an Easter egg hunt on their approximate 9 acres for all the kids. Then Sunday we’re having Easter lunch when my parents and sister come down.

    Love the butterfly bunny. How cute! Bride of Shadow Canyon is wonderful.

  15. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!!!! When I was a little girl I would have to get dressed up in patten leather shoes, white socks and pastel color dresses with a matching bonnet. I loved those days when you could eat all the candy you wanted and not worry about weight.

    Did you know that the lily now used as the Easter lily (Lilium longiflorum) came to the US quite recently in the 1800’s, when someone, enchanted by its beauty brought its bulbs from Bermuda. This lily bloomed naturally in the late spring, just about the time when Easter comes round, and in a short time, it won everyone’s heart and was placed at the center of Easter floral arrangements.

  16. In my family, the kids get an Easter basket filled with candy, eggs with money in them and a gift from the Easter bunny. We all wear a new outfit to church and afterwards head over to my parents’ house for lunch. I love family traditions . . .


  17. There aren’t any real bonnet traditions in my family. I live in Kentucky, so the Derby Hat tradition is stronger than the Easter Bonnet tradition, & I think people save their hats for May, and go bonnet-less in April…

  18. I can’t recall having worn an actual bonnet, but I might’ve worn a little white straw hat along with cute new Easter dress when I was little.

  19. Hi Stacey,Yes, my sister and I definitely had Easter bonnets and what fun! I remember white ones with colorful flowers and bright pink and yellow ribbons. We got new Easter dresses and white shiny patent leather shoes too. Now I have boys and they don’t care to have new dress clothes for church so they get a game and a book instead. Thanks for the post and the contest.

  20. We really don’t have any bonnet traditions in my family but those of us when were little who want to wear them can. When I was small I loved getting dressed up on Easter too and sometimes I would wear a bonnet but I quickly grew out of that phase. I hope this is a good enough response to your question. Nice Contest idea Stacey! Thanks for blogging with us and for the really insightful bonnet information. Please enter me in your contest and Happy Upcoming Easter!

  21. We did not do the hat thing but my sister and I did get either a new dress or some jewerly in our Easter baskets.
    We would get dressed up and all go to church.
    I love your books and hope I win. Everyone have a great Easter Holiday


  22. Happy Easter to very one. May God Bless each and everyone of you. We should never forget the real meaning of Easter.

    My sister and I always had new Easter dresses, the bonnet thing wasn’t so big then. I must confess I hate hats. I think some are very beautiful (love the first picture) but can’t stand them on my head. I am the same why about long sleeves.

    Would love to be in your drawing.
    Again have a blessed Easter!

  23. I don’t remember anyone wearing a hat at Easter, but I do recall getting up Easter morning and finding a big basket hidden somewhere in the house. The first year it wasn’t there (I suppose my parents thought I’d outgrown it), I was totally devastated. It was worse than finding out there was no Santa!

  24. Growing up I new Easter dress and bonnett. I can remember the ankle socks folded down with lace on the edge and my black patent shoes. After church we would hunt for Easter eggs.

  25. I don’t remember the hats, but I do remember the white gloves and a new dress. I’ve got all boys now, and they get new khakis and polo shirt, plus the Easter bunny always leaves something outside their door. This year it will be new ski ropes, clothes and movies. Not big on candy because I would eat it for them!

  26. Not much in the easter dresses as much as the easter egg hunts. We even had them in the snow which made finding the eggs soooo much easier!

  27. Never did do hats in my family. Just not something any of us really liked. We always had a nice new dress and shoes with lacey sockes. We would do easter egg hunts all day, first at home then at grandmas with all of the cousins.

  28. I’m another one who remembers hats and white gloves from the 40s and 50s! Happy Easter everyone – it’s going to be a white one here!

  29. I’ve never been what you call a hat person myself-most hats just don’t look good on me-but I did wear a hat instead of a veil for my wedding 12 1/2 years ago–I guess what you’d call a picture hat, maybe? I found it clearanced at a mall and thought it so pretty, even though it was so impractical and way too fancy to wear any place I went-I guess I must have known I’d eventually have a use for it, because I carried it around with me though multiple moves for several years before it became a part of my wedding outfit. Not quite an Easter Bonnet as we were married in September–but just as special.
    Now I spend my spare time crocheting chemo hats for the cancer unit of a local hospital.

  30. When I was a little girl my mom always bought me a nice dress for Easter but the only time she ever bought me a hat to go with it was when I was six. It was a white straw hat with a mint green ribbon on it that matched my mint green dress and apron. My mom would then gather my brother and I at the fireplace with our Easter baskets for pictures. Then the dress came off and it was time for play clothes and making a mess eating chocolate!
    Wishing eveyone a wonderful Easter!

  31. For me, when I was growing up I did get an Easter hat/bonnet. And for my son’s first easter we had an outfit for him. Now I just make sure he uses bits and pieces of old ones. lol I love celebrating things.

    If I ever have a little girl, I might buy a bonnet. It would be fun to share past experiences.

  32. When I was a little girl my mom collect old hat/bonnets. She would pin them up to the wall for decoration. Every so often she would pull them down and we would do a fashion show. It was great. I love old hat/bonnets. They are so beautiful. Have a happy Easter everyone.

  33. I don’t recall ever having a bonnet, or a hat for that matter…but always a pretty new dress, patten leather shoes and a cute little purse to match. Then it was off to church then home for a lovely Easter meal and egg hunting with the family.

    Maybe not getting and wearing hats when I was little explains why I seem to think I look funny in them now. I’m taking chemo for breast cancer and lost my hair (what a sight that is…lol), and I can’t stand wearing a wig, so I’ve resorted to hats…but feel out of place in them. Anyway, I think I will try to find a bonnet to wear for Easter…just for the fun of it !!

    Here is a sweet little Easter Poem I ran across:


    RED is for the blood He gave.
    GREEN is for the grass He made.
    YELLOW is for the sun so bright.
    ORANGE is for the edge of night.
    BLUE is for the sins we made.
    WHITE is for the grace He gave.
    PURPLE is for His hour of sorrow.
    PINK is for our new tomorrow.

    A bag full of jelly beans colorful and sweet,
    Is a prayer, is a promise, is a special treat!

    Thank you for a lovely contest and here’s wishing you all a very Happy and Fun Easter !!

  34. I probably wore a bonnet or two as a baby, but I don’t remember wearing any as a child. I always loved wearing dresses as a child. I wanted to wear them to school, to play in or wherever I was going. This always bothered my mother, who was afraid I would flash my undies to all the little boys on the playground. Every day was Easter as far as I was concerned about wearing dresses. It’s funny because I don’t wear very many dresses now. It is nice to see all the girls wearing brand new frilly dresses in pastel colors and little boys decked out in their suits. Have a great Easter everyone!

  35. I have four daughters and I loved dressing them up for Easter. I wanted the whole thing, white gloves, shiny new shoes, frilly socks and bonnets.

    Only trouble is: the little monsters would never leave the hats on!
    I’ve got some adorable pictures of the three older girls all decked out, but they were taken at home, before church. I know, absolutely, I never once got the girls inside the church with those stupid hats on. They all just hated them.
    I’d get them gussied up and go to the car and before we could get to church they’d be whining and fighting with the little white elastic band that held the hat on and off the hats would go.
    One year, I waited until we were WALKING INTO CHURCH, thinking this time, we’d at least make an entrance. Just before I swung the door open, I plopped three hats on three heads, opened the door and WHISK off the hats came and they girls either dropped them or carried them into church.

    I didn’t buy hats that were painful, you know!

    I finally gave up.

  36. I read one time…I think it was about Jacqueline Kennedy and her little pillbox hats, that she was the last woman…at least trend setting woman, who wore a hat.
    The line I remember was:
    Women used to decorate their heads with a hat, now they decorate their heads with their hair.

  37. oooh, all this talk about bonnet traditions *almost* makes me wish I had a little girl. Almost! LOL I’m the youngest of 4 girls and I don’t ever remember getting new bonnets for Easter or any other time. I do remember, tho, that HOly Week was the only time of year (save for Midnight Mass, of course) when Mom and Dad insisted we put on good clothes. I’d love to see pictures of some of the hats you all have been talking about – I imagine they’re fabulous!

  38. When I was growing up Easter meant a new dress and hat to wear to church. I wish you a Happy Easter.

  39. I was never a hat or bonnet person except when it came to my girls which are 22 and 21 now so I don’t think they will be letting me put hats on them. LOL I did get them new outifts that was always a fun time of the year. I miss getting to dress them up, maybe my daughter will have a little girl so I can do that again. Won’t find out until end of May. So keep your fingers crossed. Your books are the best and I love all your beads bookmarks that you have done.

    I want to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!! I hope you all get to spend some good quality time with friends and family….

  40. I remember when I was little we always went on a shopping trip for our Easter outfits. My sister and I chose pretty new dresses with the shiny black shoes and cute little purses. Then we had to match the hat to the dresses. We felt so grown up and pretty on Easter day.

  41. Ah Easter is the best time of year celebration of rebirth. When I was growing up we had the Easter egg hunt, chocolate bunny, new spring outfits and the meal. Also went to church. AS for hats or bonnets I was not that keen on wearing them. But every year my Grandmother would always give me a bonnet and of course I always wore it for her. Now that my Grandmother is no longer wuth us. I really do miss it now. But I have my memoreis.
    Happy Easter Everyone.

  42. Hi Stacey! It seems so strange to be wishing you Happy Easter when it was just St. Paddy’s Day. Growing up in the 60’s, I can remember my mom wearing pill box hats. These were the ones made popular by Jackie Kennedy during here time in the White House. My grandma, aunt and mom would make the hats themselves. In the mid to late 80’s I had a couple of hats for church. Now I have a cowboy hat (which I haven’t worn in years), I love hats..but have decided as I approach my 50th birthday I am not a hat person!

    I wish everyone a safe and loving Easter. God bless and protect you and your love ones.

  43. What a fun blog, Stacey. I loved the part about the “Sunday of Joy.” I have a stack of hats that I rarely remember to wear–mostly outdoor stuff. My favorite is an un-Easterly black cowgirl hat. No hat traditions in my family, but I had a great grandmother who made them for a living. The heroine in the book I’m currently writing does too. Happy Easter to you all.

  44. I can vaguely remember my mom getting me a hate for Easter, which would make my skin start to crawl, because it meant I would be made to wear a dress lol. I was such a tomboy that even the thought of wearing one was enough to make me want to run and hide lol. Now I only wish that hats would look good on me because I love the way they look, a complete 360 right :o) ….. Well Happy Easter to one and all and I hope your “bonnet” is all you wish lol.

  45. One of my daughters made a CHALLENGE out of how long she could go without putting on a dress. What kind of weird challenge is that?
    So, she was my third born and I was pretty much broken in spirit by then, so I put up with it.
    Week after week I’d hear, It’s been four months and one week since I’ve worn a dress.
    It’s been six months and two weeks since I’ve worn a dress (she was about seven at the time, at least she could count and read a calendar, huh? — Mommies need to embrace teachable moments, right?)
    I think she managed to wear pants to Christmas somehow, so here comes Easter, coming, coming, coming, I’m not upset, I’m not nagging, I’m a good girl and my cell is padded so no one is hurt.
    She did it. She griped but she put on s dress for Easter. She even didn’t gripe too much, more just for effect than with any real SPIRIT behind it.
    But I can still remember picturing her in church on Easter Sunday morning in some stupid pair of pants, while all the other little girls were all frilly and perfect.
    Ah, nice priorities right? What’s really important about Easter? Dresses? 🙂

  46. When I was little, we lived in Pennsylvania and every Easter would drive to my grandmother’s house in Connecticut. She and her neighbor would have an Easter Egg Hunt on her huge front and side lawns for all the grandchildren and neighborhood kids. My grandmother always wore hats and usually a red hat (she also drove a red Mustang). We’d have a big Easter dinner for 20 and usually also have a big lobster feast the day before.

    I don’t remember much about the Easter bonnets but from pictures I know my sister and I had Easter hats for church. I’ve decorated straw hats with my girls using silk flowers and ribbon and it’s a favorite Brownie Girl Scout thing to make.

  47. I can remember when we were young my sister and I would get new Easter dresses and bonnets to wear to church on Easter Sunday. It seems like it was only yesterday and I am in my 50’s. We would go to church in our new Easter frocks, so proud. We thought we were so pretty.

  48. Stacey, what fond memories you awoke today. I always looked forward to Easter because it was the only time I got shiny new shoes and a frilly dress. I wasn’t a hat kind of girl so no bonnet. My sister and I would get all dressed up in our finery and Mama would take our picture. I felt like I was the prettiest girl in the world. It was special. Those days are gone now. I haven’t bought a new Easter dress in ages. But, I have my memories and no one can take them away.

    Thanks for reminding me of a special time in my life! 🙂

  49. My mother and grandmother always made my Easter dresses, and they were beautiful! Miles and miles of white lace and hand embroidered flowers, with a bonnet and drawstring purse to match. The purse was for carrying my Bible and offering to church. I still have a couple of the bonnets and purses from 45 years ago. Both my mother and grandmother have passed away but I still feel the love that they poured into these things for me.


  51. Wow Easter was even a big deal in my foster home my grandmother would take me out prior to Easter and get me what i thought was the most beautiful dress and hat the hat was usually white with a big pink bow on it and then i got to get a set of white gloves,,,So at the foster home when i got home from my grandmas i got to show everyone my dress and all of my beautiful clothes they thought i was spoiled and that i didnt need anything like that,,,It always hurt but made wonderful memories for me and my grandmother who now is 97 made alot of wonderful memories for me that i will always have,,,Especially at Easter,

  52. HI Stacey! You know I do remember having to get a new Easter dress every year and a new matching bonnet until I was about 8 or so. The bonnet was the traditional basket weave with the silk flowers..LOL I never looked back on those memories until now ;P)
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!! Hugs, Crystal

  53. Loved to get a new bonnet and gloves for Easter. The hat, gloves and socks had the lace trim and I thought I was all grown up. Yep, my mom always made sure we had a new dress and bonnet.

    Remember the little white basket purses? I had one of those, too. I loved that more than the easter basket.

    Not for the contest. Happy Easter everybody.

  54. I was not aware about this bonnet tradition… it is very nice!

    I am also glad that hats are becoming more fashionable!

    Happy Easter

  55. Hi Marjolein! Yep-every post is entered in the drawing—thank you so much for stopping in to participate 🙂 Happy Easter Wishes.

    Hi Shari ~ your Easter Sundays sound very similar to mine 🙂 How neat that you saved your hats. Thank you for sharing!

    Hi Vicki ~ Hats certainly ad flair to any outfit, don’t they? It’s always fun to see a group of ladies from the Red Hat Society–makes me smile 🙂 I too have boys–but they did have cute Easter suspenders when they were little *g* Thank you for stopping in to post!

    Hi Maureen ~ I’d forgotten about teh white gloves 🙂 Thank you for stopping in–Happy Easter Wishes!

    Thank you, Jackie! We only get a couple months of bloom in this desert oasis *g*, and right now the hillsides are BEAUTIFUL, just bursting with color. Wishing you a joyous spring 🙂

    Hi ausjenny ~ Easter is in Autumn-fascinating! I had no idea. Aussie’s can definitely enter–thank you for stopping in to post 🙂 It’s always great to best those brothers 😉 Wishing you a safe and COOL Easter!

    Hi Pamela ~ *lol* I can relate to the teens putting a stop to the cute Easter outfits. Thanks for sharing the fun and frill from your Easters 🙂

    Hi Sandara! Wow, do those houndstooth coats and hats sound beautiful!! And the different corsages from you father–how sweet! Another tradition that slipped my mind 😉 So great that you’re a hat wearer! My oldest is really fare skinned and I put a hat on him evertime we left the house since he was little, floppy hats, buckets hats, ball caps–and he’s still hat wearer 🙂 Thank you for stopping in to post! Wishing you a happy New England Easter 🙂

  56. I also remembering dressing up in pastels when I was younger, but my mom did not wear a bonnet… it is not the tradition where I come from!! I can’t imagine myself wearing a hat that looks like a bouquet 🙂

    Happy Easter!

  57. Stacey, what a wonderful informative and nostalgic post! Oh, my daddy wanted me all gussied up on Easter. Hat, purse. Little white gloves, and sox with lace around the edge. New white shoes, too.

    I clearly remember a ruffly yellow dress with a very itchy slip. I recalll a lot of rainy Easters as a child (even here in sunny SOuthern California) so my mom would hide eggs throughout the house. She did Easter baskets for us until we had homes of our own. Which I still do for our young-adult kids.

  58. Hi Stacey,
    We don’t have any Easter traditions, so we weren’t decked out in nice Easter dresses and hats.

  59. Hi Laurie ~ isn’t it fun to remember all those pastel frills? Thank you for posting!

    Hi Deanna ~ I agree, I’d love to see more hats 🙂 I always seem to stop in the hat section of department stores. Love looking at all the different styles. Thank you for posting!

    Hi Sandy ~ Ah…fun family photoes 😀 Everything seems to be a little fancier in my youth 😉 Thank you for sharing!

    Hi Stacy ~ thank you for posting! Happy Easter wishes!

    Hi Peggy ~ I recall lots of backyard egg-hunting fun as a kid. Thank you so much for stopping in to post!

    Hi Alice ~ same here–didn’t usually have one, but I remembr looking up at a sea of them, the sun breaking through those soft brims 🙂 Thanks for coming by–Happy Easter Wishes!

    Hi Linda ~ my boys are already complaining about having to wear shorts that aren’t all black *ggg* They’ve outgrown the stuffed animals…but thankful no one outgrows a chocolate bunny 😉

    Hi Jack ~ I too wish this tradition would take hold again. Thanks so much for stopping in to post! Happy Easter Wishes!

  60. Happy Easter Stacy.When I was growing up My sisters and myself always got a new Easter outfit.My mother was a fabulous sewer(in fact it was a treat to get a dress from a store)and she made our new dresses.We’d go shopping for shoes,gloves and of course a new hat.We always attended church on Easter Sunday ,dressed in our new outfit.I’m giving away my age here,but in the 60’s times changed .My mother continued wearing hats for many years.My oldest sister has many old photos of our family,and hats and bonnets were always worn on Easter.I sort of miss those days,the mention of this in your email brings back many warm memories.

  61. My mother, bless her heart, made Easter outfits
    for all five of us girls but hats were not always
    on the “menu.” The four boys always had new
    clothes also. (Thank goodness that Mother sewed,
    even in the fifties clothing nine children made
    quite a dent in the budget! ) Of course, there was always an egg hunt and, sometimes, a big family

    Pat Cochran

  62. Hi Taryn ~ Thank you! 9 acres for all the kids, wow, how fun!! The siblings in my husbands family all had kids close to together and we had 12 littles running around on Easter afternoons which made it really special and fun for my boys–they are the youngsters in the crop and I really miss the excitement that hunt used to generate 😉 Wishing you a fun Easter!

    Hi Kimmy ~ Thank you so much for sharing the info on the Easter Lily 😀 Wishing you a wonderful Easter!!

    Hi Andrea ~ I love those family traditions too! Thank you for stopping in to share 🙂

    Hi Vicki ~ Oh, the derby hat!! Now there is fun tradition 😀 Sending you warm spring wishes!

    Hi Geri ~ thank you for sharing 🙂 Wishing you a Happy Easter!

    Hi Za ~ it is hard to get boys intersted in those frills 😉 My boys are getting a new game and picture history books on WWII and the a music book for his guitar. New clothes are just part of the holiday torture for them *g* Sometimes THAT is part of tradition 😉 Thank you for posting, sending warm Easter wishes!

    Hi Caitlin ~ a lovely post–thank you for taking the time to share with us 🙂 My hubby’s family still has a fancy tradition, but things are more casual when we go to my moms–both are tons of fun. Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

    Hi Cheryl ~ Thank you! So glad you stopped in to post 🙂 Wishging you a Happy Easter!

    Hi Karin ~ what a wonderful website – thanks so much for sharing. Wish I had come across that one earlier this week 😉 Happy Easter Wishes!!

  63. Hi,
    Being an identical twin, my mom would dress my sister and I in the same color dress and hat until about 8 years old. Then we were dressed in the same style dress but a different color. We were always so excited to dress up on this special occasion.

    I now have a 7 year old granddaughter who likes wearing dresses but no hats. As I only have one son and for now have only been blessed with one granddaughter she is so very special to me…the love of my heart!

    God Bless and Happy Easter to all!

  64. We used have to get dressed up and go to church.Now it is all about the little kids and sending something small for easter

  65. Hello,
    We also got pretty dresses, hat, purse, jewelry, shoes etc. Even though my sister & I were a couple of years apart my Mom loved to dress us the same or in coordinated outfits.

    A Wonderful & Safe Easter Weekend to All!!

  66. Hi Stacey!

    I’m loving all your fashion blogs. 🙂

    I never wore a hat, but I always got a new outfit for Easter. The habit has stuck into adulthood. In fact, I’m on my way out today to buy a new dress for Sunday. lol

    Cathy Cook, I remember that poem from church. What good memories hearing that brings back.

    And, “HI” Mary C. I’m finally putting faces with names. I know you from Seekerville and now I know you from you here. Hope you’re being a good girl. I know that’s difficult for you. 😉

  67. Hi Ladytink ~ those old hats had flair, didn’t they? I just love looking at old photos. One of things I love most about writing western historicals is the wardrobe. Thank you for posting–Happy Easter wishes!

    Hi Sherry ~ Thanks so much for posting. Easter Blesssings!

    Hi LuAnn ~ ((hugs)) on the Easter let down. My hubby also recalls the year his parents deemed him too old for such festive fun. My mom is one who decorates to hilt for everything, and we received baskets until our childred took the honor 😉 In my house, so long as you BELIEVE you will RECEIVE *g* Double meaning there 😉 Happy Easter Wishes!!

    Hi Crystal ~ it there’s anything I miss about not having a little girl, it’s those lace ankle socks *g*. Thank you for posting! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

    Hi Lisa ~ how I wish I could get my youngest to wear shirts with collars *g* Thank you for sharing! Happy Easter Wishes!!

    Hi Julie ~ Easter egg hunts in the snow–that sounds like a blast! Thank you for posting 🙂

    Hi Lisa A. ~ we did the same, a home hunt in our jammies, and then the competitive hunt with the cousins *g*

    Hi Karen ~ A white Easter…wow. It is really early this year…right on the tail of St. Patrick’s Day. Wishing you a warm and fun celebration!

    Hi Amber ~ wow, what a special “hat” history you have. I’m really touched by your generosity of crocheting hats for cancer patients. What a special gift. Just beautiful–thank you for sharing!! Happy Easter wishes!!

  68. Hi, Stacey! No bonnet traditions in our family although I’ve always enjoyed reading about lovely spring hats and the little girls (or women) who wear them…

    My daughter enjoys dressing up, and I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to put on a fancy something-or-another for Easter this Sunday. You know, I’d forgotten about the gloves thing–maybe we have some–I’ll have to check!

    My son, on the other hand, would really rather not dress up at all (he’d live in PJs or possibly his jeans if he could). Maybe the promise of Easter candy at the church egg hunt will incent him this Sunday… I can always hope!

    Happy Easter, everyone!

  69. Hi Stacey,
    When I was little, we always had a fancy dress(mom made them all) and hat to wear to church and dinner at grandma’s after. I continued doing this with my daughters. Now, when I have grand daughters, I hope my daughters will continue to carry on the tradition.
    Have a great Easter.

  70. Hey Stacey
    Happy Easter to you and yours. Getting anything done over break?? You know I love your books… you ROCK!
    Love, Danielle

  71. We always had the Easter baskets and the Easter egg hunt. Also, some years we had big family dinners with the aunts, uncles and cousins. That was always fun for the kids.

  72. This has been fun!! Reading about everyone else’s memories has jogged a few of my own. New outfit, white shoes that you had to put away again until Memorial Day, but my favorite Easter memory has more to do with a cat than a hat. When I was a little older I hid foil-wrapped chocolate eggs all over the house for my little sister. She found a bunch of them but I think our siamese cat was bouncing the ones she found around the house for months afterwards! We all laughed about that for years!

  73. Alas, we didn’t have any Easter Bonnet traditions growing up. However, a couple of friends did, and I admired those Easter hats greatly.

  74. Hi Lisa ~ your hat and mint-green dress sounds lovely 🙂 Thank you for stopping in to post!

    Hi Krista ~ boys are a tad harder to “dress up” *g* Thank you for posting! Happy Easter Wishes!

    Hi Penny ~ Thank you!! Wishing you a joyful spring and Happy Easter!

    Hi Rebekah ~ a fashion show with mom sounds like tons of fun. What a neat collection. Thank you for sharing 🙂 Warm Easter Wishes!

    Hi Cathy ~ I love that poem!! Thanks so much for posting it. Hope you find that Easter bonnet! Wishing you joy and healing and Happy Easter 🙂

    Hi Deidre ~ *lol* I love that outlook, “every day is Easter” 🙂 Thank you for stopping in to share it us!!

    Hi Minna ~ What a wonderful webesite!! I really enjoyed all the information. Thanks so much for sharing!! Happy Easter!

    LOL Mary!! Your hat wars bring back lots of memories. Thanks for sharing your Easter drama 😉

  75. I probably haven’t worn a hat since back in the day when our church demanded it. I must admit it was a fun thing to back then but I don’t see myself in one now lol.

    Happy Easter everyone!

  76. Happy Easter to all! When I was a girl we got new outfits and our hair done with along with new shoes and a purse. Then we got an Easter basket. To this day I still get my kids a new outfit and Easter baskets.

  77. I can honestly say I don’t remember any Easter bonnets. But I do remember others wearing them and they were always very colorful which I thought was very neat. 🙂

  78. I don’t remember wearing a bonnet. But I do remember frilly drsses and also feeling quite grown up carrying a little white vinyl purse with one of my mother’s colorful hankies inside. LOL

  79. Happy Easter Yes, growing up we all wore hats to church and especially nice ones on Easter. I remember they always had some kind of flowers on them. And white gloves.
    Enjoyed the comments by Stacey

  80. Mary ~ interesting about the hair for hats quote 😀

    Hi Laura ~ Thanks for stopping in to share with us! Happy Easter Wishes 🙂

    Hi Joan ~ so glad you stopped in 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

    Hi Brenda ~ Thank you 😀 Congratulations on the new grandbaby!!! Thanks for stopping in to share with us. Wishing you all the joys of Easter.

    Hi Rita ~ Thanks for sharing your Easter memories! Happy Easter to you!

    Hi Joyce ~ how special to receive a bonnet from your grandmother–thank you for sharing your memories 🙂 Happy Easter!

    Hi Kimberley ~ I totally agree, feels very strange for Easter to follow so closely to St. Patrick’s day. Jackie Kennedy does bring beautiful hats to mind. Thanks for sharing with us! Wishing you a joyful Easter!

    Hi Elizabeth ~ you grandmother was a hat maker? How neat!! I’ll be looking forward to that book. Happy Easter Wishes!!

  81. My mom has a huge collection of vintage hats from the 1860s to the 1940s. Starting 4 years ago, on Easter we all pick one out, put it on and head to Starbucks. My brother wears one, too. Picture a 6’2″ balding man in a vintage 40’s hat. The baristas love it and we always get lots of comments as we sit on the patio and sip our mochas!

  82. Hi Bobby Jo ~ Thanks for stopping in to share! Happy Easter wishes!!

    Good question, Mary 😉 Celebrating the resurection of Jesus Christ is worthy of all the fancy frills ~ new clothes representing a rebirth. I think for parents, part of the tradition is wrestling our youngens into their holiday duds *ggg*

    Hi Susan ~ Oooh, lobster–yum 🙂 Sounds like a fabulous time. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Happy Easter!

    Hi Virginia ~ it’s always nice to feel pretty 😀 Thank you for sharing your memories with us!! Happy Easter Wishes!

    Hi Linda ~ so glad I could stir some cheerful memories 😀 Wishing you a joyful Easter!!!

    Hi Tammy ~ what special keepsakes!! I miss those special embroidered treasures of my youth. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Happy Easter Wishes!!

    Hi Linda B ~ thanks for stopping in!! Sending you happy Easter wishes and a basekt full of BOOKS 🙂

    Hi Peggy ~ I’m sorry glad you had that special time with your grandmother. (hugs) on the hurt feelings in your foster home. So great that your grandmother kept up the tradition ~ wishing you both a joyful Easter!!

    Hi Crystal ~ I hope you enjoyed the look back 🙂 Thank you for sharing your memories with us!! Happy Easter!

    Hi Janet ~ I had one of those basket purses too 🙂 Thanks you for stopping in to post!! Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

    Hi Lily ~ thanks so much for stopping in! Wishing you a Happy Easter!!!

  83. Hi Stacey…My two sisters and I always got new outfits including bonnets. Mom actually made the outfits more often than not. I love looking at the old photos…and they are very old now . We always got an Easter basket. Would love to win the bunny but your book even more so:) Happy Easter to you.

  84. Hi Stacey!
    I don’t recall ever having to wear a bonnet for Easter when I was little. Since I only have a four year old son, I don’t have to buy things like that. We are going to try and let him help color eggs this year. My son is autistic so it’s hard to let him help sometimes. He’s going to have alot of fun looking for the plastic eggs. Since he doesn’t like chocolate (I know! What four year old doesn’t like chocolate?) I am just making a basket with marshallow peeps, skittles and push pops. There will be other things as well in it for him. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

  85. Thanks Stacey. its actually a lovely day today. tomorrow will be warmer. but yes it is different for Aussies. This year our state is just greatful for the respite after the heat and a time to rest up.

    mary C. If i had gone to church with no dress or in pants my mother would disown me It wasn’t an option, but i did like to wear dresses. I use to get handme downs from my cousin (who got them from her cousing often) but well made and as they were from interstate no one had seen them. and I use to love it. Judy always had lots (she was 4 years older than me but they saved them up)
    and It was like Christmas getting a new set of clothes. We never had a lot of money but we were not poor in the main sense of the word. Our big day for a new dress was the sunday School Anniversary. I always got a new dress for that and often one that came from a good store not just a cheap dress.

  86. I don’t remember ever wearing a hat or bonnet for Easter. I would love to wear a hat now, but I must have a small head because every time I try on a hat, it swallows my head. LOL

    When I was young and started reading Laura Ingalls books and watching Little House On The Prairie I wanted one of the bonnets like they wore. LOL

    Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong century! LOL 😉

    I hope every one has a wonderful Easter!!!

  87. When I was young I wore hats for Easter and even bonnets! My grandmother made bonnets and when we went fishing or I was anywhere out in the sun she had a bonnet on my head. I think she was raised in the school of ladies never had tans. When my daughter was little I always made her and my cousin’s daughter their Easter outfits complete with matching hats and hair bows. They are grown women with babes of their own now and I my daughter doesn’t even own a dress let alone a hat. LOL

  88. Nope no Easter bonnets or dresses here.
    Kids get to decorate eggs tomorrow night, then the Easter bunny will hide a bunch of stuff and they get some new clothes to were to Grandma’s house for dinner.

  89. I remember growing up every year we’d go pick out a Easter dress usually Pink or Yellow (yellow looks horrid on me!) and the white patent leather Sunday shoes and a white purse I know my girls today would be mortified if i picked out that get up for them but looking back at my pictures I looked really cute in my Sunday dress ready for church. Didn’t do the bonnett thing as I got older!!

  90. I loved Easter as we always got a new Easter dress, a matching hat, matching shoes, and white gloves. Even as my daughter grew, I continued this tradition.

    Have a truly lovely Easter!

  91. When my sister and I were kids our family had Easter traditons. Every Easter we would get new dresses. The night before Easter our family would color eggs. Remember now this was back in the Sixties, we didn’t have the type of dye there is now. This dye contained vinager.
    While we were asleep our parents would hide the eggs all around the house, usually in the livingroom. My sister and I when we woke we found two baskets filled with goodies, and after our parents woke we would hunt for eggs. When we were really small we would keep on hiding and hunting all morning.
    I don’t know why we got brand new dresses, because we usually ended up in shorts.
    In the afternoon mom and dad would pile us into whatever car we had at the time, pickup some KFC and go to Encanto Park in Phoenix. Sometimes our Aunt and Uncle would bring their two boys and we’d make it a real family holiday.

  92. As a little girl I always look forward to Easter. My sister and I always got a new dress, new hat, and new shoes to wear to church. Of course, we also loved dying eggs and making cascarones,(egg shell with confetti in it) and the Easter Egg Hunt! Another big treat for us was getting a baby chick. We would each get a different colored one and keep it for about a week. Then they were sent to my uncle’s farm. We didn’t mind because by the end of the week, we were ready to relinquish our responsibility for them!

  93. I also remember doing the dye with Vinigar, Our church would have the Easter egg hunt the day before Easter. Last year with the older kids we put money in some eggs and hid them that went over great granted it wasn’t alot of money but still it was fun for them.

  94. My family was never into bonnets, but we always make Easter a fun time!!! Everyone have a great weekend and ENJOY Easter 🙂

  95. Wow, Stacey you really have gotten alot of response today don’t remember seeing this meaning comments before.

    My sister and I took our great-niece to have her picture taken today she is 18 months old. She had on her Easter dress and shoes. She was so beautiful until she throwed her fit and wouldn’t pose.

  96. Sorry for my lapse in responses–had to run out for that last bit of shoppping 😉 Thank you to everyone for their participation in today’s discussion!!! I have really enjoyed reading everyon’s comments 😀

    Hi Nathalie ~ No brimming bouguets in your traditions, huh? *g* Thank you for posting!!

    Hi Tanya ~ we had a lot of rainy easters in Central California–it was hit and miss *g* I do the indoor egghunt for my boys, and the outdoor hunt is in the afternoon with the whole family. Fun times 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us!!

    Hi Jane ~ decking out in fancy clothes is one of be BEST and oldest trandtions 😀 Thank you for stopping in to post!!

    Hi Paula ~ I’m so glad we could inspire happy memories 🙂 There’s nothing quite like those Easter frills for me–special times.
    Thank you for sharing some of yours with us!

    Hi Patricia ~ oh wow, Pat, that must have been such fun with so many siblings 🙂 Thank you for posting!!

    Hi Mary ~ I’d like to see those identicle photos 🙂 I bet your mom had a lot of fun dressing up her twin girls. How neat that eight was the a age of getting your own colors—thank you for sharing!!

    Hi Patricia K. ~ it is so fun to add Easter cheer from the little ones. Thank you for stopping in and posting!!

    Hi Michelle ~ I’m also guilty of the coordinating outfits for my boys 😉 When they were two and three they had these blue white and yellow stripped overalls–so darn cute *g* Thank you for your adding to our discussion!!

    Hi Carla ~ thank you! I hope you found the perfect dress 🙂

    Sending Easter Hugs and joyful spring wishes!

  97. Growing up in a family of four children in the fifties, we didn’t get very many new clothes, but we always got a new Easter outfit, and yes, we girls had a bonnet every year and shiny black, patent leather shoes.

  98. Hi Fedora ~ I’m not above bribing my teens 😉 I do try to please…there is some black in their plaid shorts…and they’re a surfer style…but the shirts have collars…they will have to rough it as kids have done all through time during holidays—and take one for the family 😀 ‘Tis their childrenly duty *g* Thank you for stopping in today!

    Hi Gayle ~ Thank you for stopping in to post today! So glad you are continuing the tradtions 🙂

    Hi Danielle ~ So great to see you here!!! (she has teens too *g*, as our boys are firends) Somehow school breaks mean MOM-Overtime *g* Thanks for stopping in 🙂

    Hi RubyD ~ Ya know, in today’s fast-paced world, those big family get togethers ar a real treat 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!

    Hi Keatonkat ~ *lol* Good thing it was a chocolate egg 😉 I remember finding real ones in the flowerbed long after Easter! Thanks so much for stopping in to post!!

    Hi GB ~ So glad you stopped in–wishing you a Happy Easter 🙂

    Hi Jeanne ~ I didn’t realize hats were ever manditory. But I agree…it was a fun tradition. Thanks for posting!!

    Hi Rachael ~ Thanks so much for stopping in 🙂

    Hi Cherie ~ Thank you for stopping in to share 🙂

    Hi Larena ~ I had some bonnet envy as well 🙂 Thank you for stopping in today!

    Hi Marcy ~ Mom hankies have a way of making a girl feel grown up 😉 Ah, the era of hankies…there’s another tradition you don’t see much of these days. Thank you for sharing with us!!!

    Hi Joye ~ thank you for adding to our comments 😀

    Sending y’all HAPPY EASTER Wishes!!!!

  99. Hi Nancy ~ now THAT sounds like a fun Easter tradition 🙂 I hope you take pictures!!

    Hi Estella ~ Thank you for posting–wishing you a very happy Easter all the same 😀

    Hi Martha ~ Happy Easter to you 🙂

    Hi Nancy B ~ I love hearing about all the home-made outfits 🙂 My stepmom sewed some of the cutest clothes for my younger sisters. I used to sew…before my writing days *g*. Thank you stopping in to post today!!!

    Hi Janet ~ I bet he will enjoy it 🙂 My boys are teens and still like to color eggs–something real fastenating about dropping in a white egg and lifting out a vibrant orange or blue *g* Thanks so much for stopping in to post!!

    Hi Jennifer ~ Thank you for stopping to post 🙂

    Hi Missy ~ I had Laura Ingles envy too *g*–wonder if she influenced my choice of writing genre 😉 Thanks for stopping in to post!!!

    Hi Dianna ~ what special bonnets. One of things I remember most about my grandma was that she was always sewing and embroidering. Too funny about your daughter not owning a dress. Thank you for adding to our discussion!!

    Hi Candy ~ Thank you for posting–hope you all have a wonderful Easter at Grandma’s house 🙂

    Hi Lori ~ aren’t those old photo’s the best?! Thanks so much for your post!!!

    Happy Easter Wishes!!!

  100. Sometimes I would have a bonnet…ALWAYS a new Easter outfit. My Mama(Grandmother) and I would wear ours on Palm Sunday. I would always get my basket on Saturday, and I remember many years being sick on Easter Sunday so that Mama and I could not go to church.

    My Mom LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hats, chapeaus, etc. Big flowers always.

  101. When I was young I always looked forward to a new Easter outfit, easpecially a new straw hat. Now I hate how I look in hats, so I don’t bother with them. HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!

  102. Hi Christine ~ So glad you’ve continued the tradition! Thank you for your post!!

    Hi Michele ~ sounds like a lovely Easter! And a KFC picnic in the park, what fun 🙂 Thank you for stopping in to share!!

    Hi Norma ~ oh, I love the baby chick gift 🙂 How great that they had a place to go and grow into adult chickens 😉 Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

    Hi Colleen ~ Thanks so much for posting 🙂

    Hi Sherry ~ It’s been a FUN day 😀 Too cute about your gret-neice….too bad those pretty dresses don’t prevent tantrums *g* Thanks for sharing!!!

    Hi Janet ~ Another Easter Bonnet wearer 😀 Thank you for sharing!!

    Hi Tamara ~ sooo…were you sick from too much candy? *g* Thank you for sharing!!

    It’s been great fun having a peek into everyone’s Easter Sundays. Wishing everyone a safe and joyous Easter!!!

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